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This is a question about stab wounds. Experts please answer?

If you are stabed at the at the dorsum right lumbar region by a 3 or 4 inch knife what are the organs that will be damaged and what is your survival rate(1 to 10) and how long will you have to stay at the hospital? Thank you.. and sorry about the medical terms if they are not right...

your survival rate is 6 to 10 (10 being you will live 6 being you will probably die if treatment for it is wrong) go to the doctor, and organs will be liver and possibly lungs  (+ info)

If someone was shot in the arm and had a few stab wounds, how long would they be int he hospital? :S?

That depends on SOOO many things.

A single stab wound could kill you (consider that slashing the wrist is a common means to commit suicide). On the other hand, if none of the wounds cause excessive bleeding, a day in the hospital could be enough (for stitches).

If you are bleeding, the severity of your condition depends on how quickly your wounds are treated.

If the bullet is lodged in your body and contains lead, it could cause lead poisoning.

There is also a unique condition where a gun shot could cause a shock through your bloodstream which causes brain damage.

Damage to bones and muscles could also lengthen your stay.  (+ info)

Self Inflicted Stab Wounds and Safety?


For reasons I cannot get into I feel it is necessary that I inflict a stab wound onto myself. This will thereby help me prove something about myself and my capabilities. Basically if I can do this (properly) I can do anything.

My question is: is there a part of your body that is relatively safe to stab. I was thinking the arm but I'm not sure. I cannot find any information about this anywhere else. I do not want to die.

Thank you.

Typically the safest place to stab yourself would be the arm, without any fatel reprocutions, you should aim for the forearm. This is mostly muscle tissue, and should have no permanent damage. Do not thrust too deeply, as you do not want to severe a muscle. A short, quick thrust should be enough to achieve the emotions you are looking for. Also, do not use more than a 2'' blade; ahhh, and boil the blade in water, and clean with alcohol. You do not want an infection.  (+ info)

Why do stab wounds hurt me?

So I was watching Pokemon in my skin tight rubber pajamas (Pokemon makes me wet myself) the other day, and I decided to experiment with extreme juggling. I needed to test out my invincibility (I got my invincibility in the mail the other day), so I started stabbing myself with a steak knife. Now it hurts and there's some strange red plasma resonating from these slits in my skin? What's going on?

That's poke power, pokeman gains super poke power by poking himself with metal objects.
The red plasma stuff is the physical representation of your power manifesting, you want more of this to show the world your super poke power, so keep stabbing yourself  (+ info)

if i suffered nerve damage (stab wounds in my hand and neck ) would it be more dangerous to use ecstasy?

  (+ info)

Question about stab wounds?

What is the probability that you would die with a stab wound at the back below the ribs and what are the organs that might be damaged?

  (+ info)

stab wounds to stomach - variation in treatment to somebody with..?

excess skin around the waist?

if you have a stab wound could it still be treated? would it be less tricky to solve? or more?
would it not be so bad as there is extra skin to penetrate before organs are effected etc?

I'm so tired of it. Honestly. I have a fold of it, 18, and can't live a normal teenage life because of it. My childhood years are waning & fast, and I can't stick to appointments over & over that are going slow. I want no patience answers or "it will be okay" answers, or anything like that. 18 years is patient enough to want to stop having an issue with the waist, I seriously am going nuts here.
I lost all the weight & some. I still have the excess skin : /

Of course your wound would still be treated and yes depending on the length of the instrument used in the stabbing your internal organs may well not be damaged. If you were stabbed with a sword however this would not be the case.

For goodness sake pull yourself together, if you are 18 then you have your whole life ahead of you, stop wallowing and start losing those "folds". You will only lose the "folds" when you lose the weight. Even women who had had 2 or 3 babies manage to have vaguely flat stomachs given time, this is not beyond your reach but you will have to work at it, you cannot expect to lose these folds instantly.

Presumably you are under medical supervision as you say "I can't stick to appointments over & over that are going slow " but weight loss is slow, around 1lb per week is is the ideal. You have to learn to be patient. It goes on slow therefore it has to come off slow. Quick fix diets do not work that is proven. Exercise is important, you need to burn calories. Eat less, move around more. Target your stomach muscles particularly.

Edit : you may need surgery to remove the folds if you have lost significant weight? Your doctor can advise you.  (+ info)

Are stab scars something to be ashamed of?

A few years ago I received three stab wounds, I've got three distinct marks on the right side of my abdomen about six inches above my waist. I was told they will never clear up. I'm worried about when I go on holiday this year or want to take my top off or even when I'm intimate with a new partner what people will think of me. I never thought about it much because I was never topless and my ex-girlfriend was with me when I first got them.

Personally, I like scars. I think they are a sign of strength and willpower and they make for excellent conversation. My husband was electrocuted by a power line when younger and blew off a toe, they had to strip skin off his legs to cover under his knee and everything. It's really not bad looking but kinda cool. His legs are covered with scars and the skin is soft. He never wore flip flops or shorts until he met me and now he's not self-conscious. So I really wouldn't worry about it! If a girl thinks its nasty, then you don't want to be with her. Period.  (+ info)

stab wounds/gun shot wounds?

help i'm having writers block..., what is the medical term for when they have to burn the wound with a hot piece of metal to stop the bleeding.... "we have to __________ the wound.......

cauterize  (+ info)

Will putting chapstick on small scrapes/wounds help it to heal faster?

Basically self-explanatory. These arent big deep wounds. Just small, possibly a tiny stab, surface scrapes.
And if it wont help the process (or even slow it), why is it used on lips? Just to prevent further chapping?


It most likely won't help and could even slow the healing process. Chapstick has ingredients that are considered harmful for healing.

The best way to promote healing is to wash with warm soap and water--even over tripple-antibiotic ointment in some studies.  (+ info)

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