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wrist injuries ?

Sprain my wrist but it is still aching. If you press on the wrist
it aches, and it is swollen.down from the thumb and right
around the wrist.I thought it was just stoved.But now I am
beginning to wonder.some swelling around the wrist .

what did the xray show? the ER should have splinted your wrist and given you follow up information.  (+ info)

Are wrist and thumb injuries a major problem for linemen when playing football?

I am working on an engineering project where we have to come up with a problem and solve it. But first, we have to justify that the problem we come up with really exists as a problem in the real world. I need to know if wrist and thumb injuries to offensive and defensive linemen is a justifiable problem that, when solved, would decrease the risk of injury.

I remember when I played tight end, and broke my thumb. In practice when I would get in a 3 point stance and put the weight on my hand it hurt very bad. So yes it can pose a problem. Because the line man might have to shift all his weight to his legs, which might make him unbalanced and also make him tired much quicker. Just screws up timing  (+ info)

What is the best way to use the keyboard which will prevent wrist injuries?

How can you prevent wrist injuries from using the keyboard. What is the proper technique to use to prevent wrist injuries.
what about the allignment of your wrists? Does anybody have a link that explains everything?
Its my left wrist that is causing some pain. I only use my right hand for the mouse so its from typing not from the mouse

I have my keyboard lower than the hands for typing=it helps me  (+ info)

Can hand grippers cause Carpal tunnel syndrome or provoke wrist injuries?

I've been using hand grippers for a few months, until today I staggered upon an article saying they can cause carpal tunnel or other wrist injuries. Is this true? If so how long would it take? I also noticed that the veins on my forearms are very noticeable now, which the article said is due to poor blood circulation cause by the gripper. If I stop now would it go away?

sorry I can not help you directly with this one man.

I must admit that I never had CTS but I did a bit of research on the topic and found 2 resources that deal only with carpal tunnel syndrome

here they are:


It won;t hurt if u checked them out, maybe you will find your answer there but I recommend that you check with a doctor beforehand because CTS can have various causes, like

- Injuries, including prior wrist fractures
- Medical disorders that result in constricted blood vessels, like Raynaud‘s disease
- Medical conditions that result in fluid retention or inflammation, including diabetes,
rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease and hypothyroidism

Hope it helps  (+ info)

What kinds of injuries are common in archers, particularly in the wrist?

I ask because I am an amateur archer. I shoot competitively.

Today we were shooting at 15 meters, and towards the end of our practice session I felt a twinge in my wrist (The wrist that I draw with) right after my release. The next round I shot my wrist felt weird, kind of like there was a kink in it.

Needless to say, I stopped shooting and called it a day.

Probably an arrow through the wrist, haha.

Really, it could be an issue from over-using or over-stretching your wrist. Ice it, and if the problem continues, see a doctor.  (+ info)

What injuries cause tendon pains in the wrist?

i thought i might of had carpal tunnel. i saw a doctor and he said i did something to my tendon in my wrist. Im relieved. I am taking 3 advils a day for 2 weeks (im fourteen) after every meal. I ice it regularly. It is feeling better but can it be anything other than a pulled tendon? what are the possibilities? will it ever fully heal? thanks !

Could have hurt a growth plate. It may be a joint problem too.  (+ info)

Can dogs tuck paw under arm without having wrist injuries in the future?

Is it safe for a dog to tuck its paw under its arm with out hurting its wrist???

Most thurough answer will get best answer.possibilitieses of winning will get thumbs up.

Most dogs do it.
Don't see a lot of dogs in wheelchairs or on crutches so presume it doesn't hurt!  (+ info)

If you break your growth plate in your wrist, are there any permanent injuries?

As in does your wrist stop growing or something?

Will, there are a number of factors here. If you break a growth plate in most cases it is just stabilized with a cast. In more severe cases the area might have to be surgically stabilized. If you totally destroy the growth center then what will happen is that the bone will stop growing. So a lot of this depends up your age. If you are an older teenager the chances are the growth centers are closing if not closed.  (+ info)

Will exercising the wrist help to prevent carpal tunnel and other wrist injuries/conditions?

If yes, what types of exercises?

  (+ info)

What are hand and wrist injuries, abnormalities, fractures or disease?

Hand abnormalities include Dupuytrans Contracture, arthritis, and fungus of the nails.
Wrist abnormalities are ganglion cysts and misaligned bones.
Hand and wrist injuries are breaks and strains.
Arthritis is the disease.  (+ info)

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