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yellow fever?

does any body know facts about yellow fever?

Yellow fever virus, a flavivirus, is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes. Illness ranges in severity from a self-limited febrile illness to severe hepatitis and hemorrhagic fever. Yellow fever disease is diagnosed based on symptoms, physical findings, laboratory testing, and the possibility of exposure to infected mosquitoes. There is no specific treatment for yellow fever; care is based on symptoms. Steps to prevent yellow fever include use of insect repellent, protective clothing, and vaccination. Yellow fever occurs in tropical regions of Africa and in parts of South America. Yellow fever is a very rare cause of illness in U.S. travelers. The last epidemic of yellow fever in North America occurred in New Orleans in 1905.  (+ info)

Yellow Fever?

Did people's eyes really turn yellow?

The yellow in the disease name refers to the jaundice that affects some patients.
Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne flavivirus infection endemic in tropical South America and sub-Saharan Africa. Symptoms may include sudden onset of fever, relative bradycardia, headache, and, if severe, jaundice, hemorrhage, and multiple organ failure. Diagnosis is with viral culture and serologic tests. Prevention involves vaccination and mosquito control. Treatment is supportive.
Please see the web pages for more details on Yellow fever.  (+ info)

Yellow fever?

The cultural effects of it. I know the facts already, i just need to know the rest.

There are two ways to answer that question-

The cultural effects of an epidemic or the cultural effects of the endemic presence of that disease.

To use a historical example -

New Orleans had waves of Yellow Fever sweep the City and kill or drive off residents until the epidemic had past on more than one occasion.

People were literally terrorized because they knew the disease and could see their neighbors and family members die of it.

Endemic Yellow Fever was so bad in early 1830's Texas that land sold through the newspapers in New York by the Allen Brothers who founded Houston often reverted to them after the new settlers arrived within a year because so many died of Yellow Fever and Malaria.

In the Texas Revolution the Allen Brothers obtained a Letter of Marc, rigged a ship and became "legalized pirates" of Mexican vessels.

The rag tag Texas volunteer Army attacked a huge Mexican Army at San Jacinto, following Texas forces at Goliad and the Alamo being completely wiped out to the man, defeating the Mexican Army and taking scalps.

If you study the culture, the mind set, the view of life of those early Texans, you can see the ever present odds of death in any given year from Yellow Fever and Malaria were very much a part of the bold undertaking of the Texans that ultimately lead to the Independence of Texas from Mexico.

When a 1/3 of the population dies off each year you have a very different cultural setting where people are very bold in what they do and death is a regular visitor to all ages.

My own great-great grandmother died of Yellow fever in the Trinity River bottoms near Anuach Texas just after the civil war (1865). The wagon train, on it's way from New Orleans to Houston, left my great grand father, then a boy, with two men, to build a lean-to until she died then bury her.

This changed my great grandfather's life dramatically leaving him an orphan. He went from the child of a wealthy family before the civil war to an indentured servant at age 10. Such change in circumstances were frequent due to Yellow Fever.

It is difficult for people today to get the feel of ever present deadly diseases like Yellow Fever in the past.

The potential threat of Avian Bird Flu may change that.  (+ info)

Where is the yellow fever vaccination injected?

Hey all.

I just wanted to know where the yellow fever vaccination is injected. I don't have a problem with needles or anything I've just watched the bit of Pearl Harbour where all the soldiers get their yellow fever injected and the had to bend over and get it injected around the bum area!

Just curious to know from people who have been vaccinated in the past because I've got to have mine when I go to Kenya next year.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, yes I think I have had Stamaril (yellow fever vaccine) in the past. It's given subcutaneously ( layer of fat between the skin and the muscle) into either the outer surface of the upper arm buttocks, top of thighs or abdomen. You can request where.

You need to have it at last 10 days before you go to Kenya. Have fun, I love Africa.  (+ info)

On what exact date was the yellow fever declared over in Philadelphia?

I have to do a project for school on the yellow fever and can't find the exact date of when Philly officials declared the epidemic over. Does anyone know? It was something 1793.

I believe it was officially over the following summer so that would make it 1794. There are no accurate records of the number of deaths and many people fled the city. I really don't think you're going to find an exact date.  (+ info)

What are the actual chances of getting yellow fever in Dakar Senegal in December?

I am pregnant and do not want to risk getting the vaccine for yellow fever now. But my husband and I have a trip planned to Dakar to see his family that he has not seen in 6 years. I am not sure what to do because I have not had the yellow fever vaccination, but if we don't go now I don't want my husband to have to wait any longer to go. Any advice would be appreciated!

You need to discuss this with travel doctor and NOT yahoo. My info says vaccine is needed but I am not pregnant and you are. If you don't get the vaccine, you should bring a needle kit because they may insist you get the vaccine at the border and at the very least you don't want to use their needles.  (+ info)

What is the causative agent of yellow fever?

What causes yellow fever? What are the symptons, and any other interesting info, thanks very much!

Caused by a virus carried by mosquitos. Good article at en.Wikipedia.org . Enter "Yellow Fever." Gives symptoms and other facts.  (+ info)

What are some long term and short term solutions to yellow fever?

I have to do a presentation on yellow fever and i need to know the short and long term solutions to yellow fever.

Firslt visit the WHO website and the CDC website. no one is going to do your assignment for you.
The CDC website will have the infection control guidlines to managing the disease in both long and short term.
The who will also have some of the info you need as well as stats.  (+ info)

What kind of foods did Americans eat during the Yellow Fever Epidemic?

I have to find 6 food recipes from The Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1793.

Try searching "American diet" or "American recipes" with whatever date you want. You can round it off to 1800, maybe. I doubt if food changed that much in 7 years.  (+ info)

What body systems does yellow fever effect most?

I'm doing a school project on yellow fever and I need to know this please, thank you

Yellow Fever causes damage to the liver, kidney, heart and gastrointestinal tracts. You can look up more info on webmd.com, cdc.gov, and the world heath organization websites.  (+ info)

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