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Infectious/deadly diseases?

Can you list me some highly infectious diseases?

I've been thinking about doing Zygomycosis or Pneumonic Plague for a Biology presentation, though I want to see what else there is that I might have missed.

Iron Clad - The most highly infectious & deadly diseases are viral in origin AND spread by aerosol route, such as by coughing, sneezing, or breathing in. This includes epidemic hemorrhagic fevers such as Lassa fever, Ebola, and Bolivian hemorrhagic fever. Some past types of flu strains have caused deadly influenza. Among bacteria, plague, cholera, and tuberculosis are included. For parasites, malaria must be number 1 with schistosomiasis # 2.. The Zygomycoses you study often cause invasive disease, characterized by angioinvasion and tissue destruction, in immunosuppressed patients. In the past, smallpox virus was near the top of the list.  (+ info)

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