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Abdominal Pain?

I have had abdominal pain off and on for about 4 months. It feels like gallbladder pain, but I had my gallbladder removed about 9 years ago. Any suggestions as to what it could be? I'm not sick or debilated by this but it is uncomfortable at times.

Call your doctor please!! I am having my gallbladder out next week and my doctor and I talked about everything about what can happen after having your gallbladder out. My best friend had an ovarian cyst and we had the same exact pain... so PLEASE call your doctor and get checked out!
Make sure you haven't eaten anything fried or with a lot of fat... that can upset your stomach for up to weeks since you don't have a gallbladder to process it.

Good luck!! :)  (+ info)

abdominal pain??

my gf suffers from horrible abdominal pains during her period...can anyone tell me any home remedies as so as to ease the pain???she tried painkillers but most of the times dont work at all!thank u

have her try using a heating pad across her tummy for 15-20mins at a time. wrap the heating pad in a small towel first-don't apply it directly to the skin.

playtex makes a heating pad she can safely wear all day that sticks to the outside of her underwear. it's called Menstrual heat therapy. it's about 4.00 for 3 pads at any local store. i use them alot and i've found that the heat is a life saver....  (+ info)

Abdominal pain?

I'm having alot of pain in the upper right abdominal area, it starts out really subtle and then over a few seconds flares up to make me almost buckle over it stays constant at gut wrenching pain for about 10 - 30 seconds and then fades away as quickly as it started. it usually goes away slowly after I drink some water. Any idea what this is?

Hey dear, I am sorry if its wrong it usually happen's after a series of binge drinking session's and mostly in empty stomach.. main reason's are no or less fluid's in the body ..... try drinking water ,water lots of in regular interval's ... trust me it vanishes in 24 to 36 hour's and will never peek in ..... don't forget to eat something healthy and stay away from alcohol .... for a while ..... eat lot's of fruit's like melon's,pineapple and oranges ... it will definetely help ... t c  (+ info)

Abdominal PAIN!!!?

For about a month I have been having abdominal pains.
They come and go all over the stomach.
*I pretty much always have a bad pain on the right side ( where appendix is) I have had mine out
* The pain has recently come on to the left side too
* Pains up and down the right side of abdomen that come and go
* The pain near appendix is at its worst just before I empty bowels and after
* There has been blood in my stool three times
* I barely have to empty bowels. I mainly only empty them every four days because I dont need to go ( I dont have to strain/ push when I go/ it is all very easy except for pain near appendix
* Pain on inner top right thigh (not all the time)
* most of the aches in stomach are dull
* It hurts to push in on certain areas
*no appetite - after 1 bite i am full

I have been to 3 doctors and they are all baffled. One has ordered a colonoscopy but he doesn't think it will achieve anything.
Has any1 been through this?? Or know what my symptoms represent??

Have the colonoscopy and an endoscopy. You need to have a thorough examination of your digestive system. Bloody stools are not normal and should not be taken lightly. Persistent pain is also something to take seriously. As for your bowel pattern, that is okay as long as that is normal for you. People dwell on the fact that everyone should be going every day or every other day. But in your case you go every 4th day, which is fine..as long as your stools don't cause you discomfort while going.
However, when there is blood in the stool, that isn't good..especially visible blood. Get it checked out!!!!!! The colonoscopy will examine your bowels while the endoscopy will examine other areas of the system. You can also have an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy performed as well.  (+ info)

abdominal Pain?

I have posted before, I am having very late periods , (8 days) that last(2days). I am always feeling sick, I went to Atlantic city and noticed that if i am walking or moving for 2 mins constant The pain is constant going. IT started in my right , then left side. Now its in my lower mid section. I have a buldge in my lower abdomen. I took a test yesterday came back neg. what could be wrong, or has anyone have any advice. I have no insurance because i turned 19 my only hope at this time is hospital....I do have unprotected sx with my boyfriend of 4 years , and are very aware of what could happen and would welcome it.

1. Filll in a diary of your cycles and mark the worst days
2. Start regular painrelief (i.e Paracetamol 1g TDS) , do not just wait for the pain to get worse
3. Notice if there is any offensive (smelly) brownish/greenish or yellowish discharge
4. AVOID unprotected sex until you get on top of it
5. mail me back when you have more information([email protected])
POSSIBLE explanations:
- endometriosis (unlikely in your age,but you never know)
- chronic pelvic infection (chlamydia more likely)
- painfull ovulation with haemorragic cysts formation
- bad luck
Take care
Panos  (+ info)

What types of abdominal pain are associated with anxiety?

I've been having anxiety problems for a long time now, and the severity varies greatly.
But recently, I've been under a lot more stress due to school and other things.
I've been having abdominal pains the past few days and was wondering if it could be anxiety.

Are there certain types of abdominal pain that are more likely to be caused by anxiety?

Kristin, sorry about your ongoing difficulties with anxiety. I have experienced a lot of that myself.

Here's a little info.

Your body is where emotions are felt. That means that you can feel physical sensations related to your emotions anywhere in your body.

And certain parts of our bodies are closely linked to our emotions. The digestive tract is one of those areas.

We even have lots of expressions that give evidence of this:
- butterflies in my stomach
- gut reaction
- go with your gut
- don't have the guts (to do something)
- feeling gutsy

Doctors are now saying that somewhere between 85 and 95% of all ailments are stress-related.

So I'd say, yep, the abdominal pains you're feeling could be caused by your anxiety. Your body is telling you that to be healthy, you need to calm your anxiety.

And I know you didn't ask for advice, but I just can't help myself here. Definitely go to a medical practitioner to have it checked out.

And, learn some calming methods - for your tummy's sake and the rest of you too.

I recommend the book Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety by Robert Gerson. And I recommend learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Those two things have helped me enormously.  (+ info)

Is lower abdominal pain and excessive hunger a first sign of pregnancy?

For the past week I have been having lower abdominal pain on and off. It isn't unbearable but it is a little uncomfortable. I ran for a bus yesterday and the pain got a bit worse and hurt to sit down. I also have noticed I am hungry a lot more and eat a lot more too.
Could this be a first sign of pregnancy?

Yes, definitely could be! I know at the beginning of my pregnancy I was hungery all the time. It only lasted about two weeks though & any weight I put on then has come of already & i'm only 16 weeks gone now.  (+ info)

How do you know if you have abdominal pain or just a stomach ache?

When my tummy hurts, I don't know whether it is a stomach ache, a pain in the tummy or abdominal pain.

This is easy, you divide your abdomen. Your abdomen from the belly button down could be uterus and ovaries. Belly button down and only lower right, appendix. Abdomen and upper right(ones own right) under rib cage, could be gall bladder. After you eat, if you get any burning and any regurgitation could be too much acid in your stomach. Try not sitting down at least 1-2 hrs after eating.

Also gallbladder pain comes more often after you eat greasy foods, fried foods.

Overall see a doctor to see what is going on. You may need antacids, or something for heartburn etc.

Hope this helps some  (+ info)

What causes lower abdominal pain in women?

I've been having lower abdominal pain, spotting, and nausea for about 2 weeks now. I've been on the birth control MIrena for over a year now. I have no clue to what's going on.

it could be lots of things but you should never play around when it comes to your reproductive system. esp if you want to have kids in the future. you could have a cyst or a condition called endometriosis. call your dr  (+ info)

What could be causing right lower abdominal pain?

I have a very sharp pain on my right lower abdominal right above my hip bone. Very rarely does it hurt unless I push there it sends a haorrible sharp pain in that area. Im just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what this pain could be?

  (+ info)

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