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How long does it take for a medial nerve injury to heal?

This past Monday, I was to have blood work done. The lab tech hit my medial nerve instead of my vein. Now I have pain, numbness, tingling, and swelling going down from my elbow, down my forearm, and into my index finger and thumb. How long does this type of injury take to heal? Will it heal?

I think it will take a week or so to heal, I had the same roblem  (+ info)

How best is to treat sciatic nerve injury in children?

My child who is a year and eleven months old now was given a fancidar injection in his buttock of the right leg last February. It seems that injection injured the sciatic nerve or some kind of nerve, and since then he has to drag his right leg when he walks. Though he has been receiving some physiotherapic treatment it appears the response is not as it should be, hence my question: How best is it to treat sciatic nerve injury in children?

I am not a doctor. I do know that Fancidar is a sulfa-based medication (a sulfonamide) used to treat malaria.
Nerves grow (and heal if possible) very slowly.

Here, in the US, there have been initial good results in studies of injecting white blood cells near the injured nerve to help regenerate the nerve. I don't know if that is available to you in your location.

When you don't know what to do, treat the symptoms.
Learn the exercises that the physiotherapist is performing on your child's leg and gently continue the exercises at home.
Even if it is just moving the joints without help from the child who may be unable to help move the leg very much.
Put warm soaks on the area to stimulate blood flow to the injured nerve area. And pray.

My sister-in-law's mother did this to her when she had muscle weakness, and after two years of home therapy, she gradually regained strength and muscle use of her legs again.
I hope this happens for your child.  (+ info)

How long does sciatic nerve injury last?


I run quite a bit and have recently suffered an injury in my right leg. The pain is never in one spot and it tends to hurt more while walking and any other physical activity. It is worse some days other than others, but I have had this for about 2 weeks now. I love running and want to get back into it, but I am not too familiar with this type of injury. How long does this usually last? Should I still try to run on it?

No, don't try to run on it. I suffered a bulging disk between lumbar 4 and 5 by doing too much running on the jogging trail and got sciatic pain. I did lunging exercises to help, took Aleve when necessary, started taking 100 mg. of Vitamin B6 daily to strengthen nerve insulation (by recommendation of my chiropractor) and bought a Teeter inversion table so I could perform spine decompression to release pressure in the lumbar region of my back. I got relief after a few weeks.

Teeter inversion site:

http://www.teeterhangups.com/home.html  (+ info)

How can I help a nerve injury in my wrist?

I was recently doing yoga, and I think I pinched a nerve in my wrist. From my pinky to the beginning of my wrist tingles a lot, and it is really bothersome. Anyone else ever have this happen? How can I fix it? Aside from the obvious rest? Thanks!

my doctor perscriced me predisone or u can stabilize it ...put a wrist band one or something,but not too tight  (+ info)

Can an injury to the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve due to surgery heal?

I recently had piriformis and sciatic nerve surgery. My surgeon seems to have either injured or severed the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve during the procedure. The back of my thigh has been numb with a burning feeling inside the leg since the surgery over two months ago. What are the chances that this will heal?

It's if severed I don't believe so,,,but then again,,they have been doing hand transplants  (+ info)

does nerve injury mean the same as nerve damage or spinal cord damage?

I had injection in my neck. Had complications. I signed a waiver for nerve injury. I have spinal cord damage. Does that mean the same thing?

Unfortunately, injury and damage are the same when it comes to such things..... probably wasn't a good idea to sign the waiver, but if it was the only way you could get the injection, then the risk had to be taken. Still, i don't think you should be forced to pay for getting this thing better yourself - seek good legal council quickly!! Anything involving the spinal cord demands VERY specialized and expert care if you are to stand the best chance of recovery - and that's expensive.  (+ info)

First aid for a brachial plexus nerve injury?

I need to do a powerpoint for my sports medicine class and the injury that I chose is a brachial plexus nerve injury in athletics. What is the first aid steps before taking the person to a doctor?
I attempted to google it but nothing came up.

  (+ info)

how long does it take to get over a nerve injury caused by an injection?

On September 8th I got a shot for a migraine and the nurse hit the sciatic nerve. It felt like lightning going down my leg into my foot? I am still in a lot of pain still.

Don't know how long it may take to get over it, but I'll suggest some things that may help.

I developed a bulging disc between lumbar 4 and 5 by running too much on the jogging trail. I'll tell you what I did. You'll have to decide what is applicable in your case.

1) My chiropractor recommended taking daily doses of 100 mg. of Vitamin B6.
It strenghthens nerves. I noticed an improvement in 4 to 6 weeks.

2) Aleve is a good NSAID medication that is sold over the counter.
The doctor can prescribe a stronger form of the drug in the name Naproxen.
The doctor can also prescribe Tramadol which is a narcotic and good pain reliever.
Back ice packs are a good idea also.Usually they can be placed around the waist
area for the best relief.
(They connect with velcro) You can buy them at most pharmacies
-- example at the site below:

3) The lunge exercise is good for sciatic conditions.
An example is at the bottom of this site:

4) I bought the Teeter inversion table. You can invert yourself partially
or completely for spine decompression. It feels great.
It costs a few hundred but I like it.

5) I purchased the Rebuilder 2407 Electronic Stimulator (information at the site below).
This product was intended for a variety of ailments including nerve damage due to diabetes but I found it helpful when the electrical attachments are placed slightly to the right and left of the spine where the bulging disk occurs. In my case, just slightly lower than waist level to the right and left of the spine.
They want $699 for this, so it's something to consider even though it's a little expensive. I bought the more expensive model since it had the AC adapter associated with it rather than just the battery (and so it supplies more power). It definitely makes you feel good when you use it at 7.83 Hz.


6) Also, a good massage from someone with experience in sciatic conditions can really help too.
  (+ info)

Has anyone experienced nerve problems after an injury resulting in osteoarthritis?

About 7 years ago, I had a broken ankle which now has resulted in osteoarthritis. About a month ago, it felt like bugs were crawling on the top of my foot. They weren't & I'm not on drugs. Now if I touch the back of my ankle, I can feel it in the front. Should I be concerned? It doesn't hurt; it's just annoying.

It is possible that the arthritis or calcium deposits from your injury press on nerves from time to time causing this effect. You always have the option of seeing a Dr. and having xrays to see if the arthritis has progressed or bone spurs, calcium deposits are now there.  (+ info)

I got a deep cut on the bottom of my foot and now one toe is numb. Nerve injury?

I stepped on a sharp rock and got a deep cut in the bottom of my foot near the toes. It required stiches. Now the left, bottom half of my second smallest toe is numb. Did I cut a nerve? It is just the swelling? Just curious.
The cut is right above the ball of my foot between the middle and pinky toes. It was deep enought to require stiches.

It could be either one. A deep cut would have an increased chance of damaging the nerve. I would know better if I knew where on the foot you were cut, which toe and where on the toe is it numb. Let me know an I will see if I can get you a better answer.

...ok. well based on your new information it sounds like if you did get a nerve it would be one of the common digital nerves. If the cut was off the ball of you foot closer to the toes then you would get a nerve that innervates just on half of the toe. If the cut was more on the ball of the foot then, if it was damaged, you would have gotten it before it branches in to two nerves and both sides of the toe would be effected.

...so now even if you did damage the nerve but not completely sever it, you may still have a chance for nerve regeneration.

It will be interesting to find out....

good luck!  (+ info)

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