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What happens when an injury cuts the dorsal root of a spinal nerve that carries feelings of pain?

you just never feel any pain.
:(  (+ info)

Can tingling on bottom of foot/big toe be the result of healing from a pinched nerve injury?

This sensation used to be much worse last week (when I consulted drs. , but since then has eased up greatly, while following her natural healing suggestions. Will this tingling go away when it is completely healed- just so I'm not stuck with it every morning? Ty.

It's possible, But nerves once damaged, can be permanently damaged. How much is really hard to tell. Stay with your doctor's plan. Keep in touch with him/her.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get a radial nerve injury by lifting somthing to heavy?

yes  (+ info)

"Funny bone" striking this bone is actually stimulation of (or injury to) which nerve?

Striking the "funny bone" is actually stimulation of which nerve?

The Ulna nerve  (+ info)

is acupuncture effective in treating radial nerve injury in dogs?

my dog recently suffered a radial nerve injury and has paralysis of her shoulder and right leg. I am trying to find a way to restore function when I have been told that there is little hope of function restoration

YES! Acupuncture can help all sort of aliments in people and especially good for animals....my friend has an old dog that was crippled with pain and their vet told them to put him down. they went to an acupuncturist and the dog was good as new, pain free and walking just fine. So my answer is a strong YES, to help your dogs restoration to health....good luck and take good care of your buddy!
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I had hip revision in april and have suffered nerve injury as a result with foot drop. Any solutions?

Mu surgeon has told me to wait six or eight months befor it clears. If not I might need surgery. I have yet to ask him what this would entail. i'am having a nerve test in a couple odf weeks

This is not an uncommon result of the procedure. The reason that the doctor is telling you to wait is the nerve regenerates about one inch per month. So you have to take the measurement of where the procedure was done down to below the knee. That is going to take a while before you know for sure. That is why the EMG test. This will tell the doctor if there is any regeneration going on or if the nerve might be caught in scar tissue. Good luck!  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me if an ulnar nerve injury can be mistaken and it is acually a cervical disc herniationc5-6?

yes because symptoms can be similar  (+ info)

If you had a lesion to your Abducens nerve, how would this affect your eye movement?

If this lesion cut off that nerve then you would not be able to abduct the eye. This means that the affected eye will not be able to look outwards.  (+ info)

Does any body else have urinary incontinence due to a pinched nerve or any other back / spine injury.?

I got hurt on the job lifting a patient, the pain ran though my body causing tenderness and numbness in certain areas. Since that night I have had some urinary incontinence. Has any body else had this problem?

The orthopedic spine surgeon I work for tells patients who come in with herniated discs that if they become bowel or bladder incontinent, that is an emergency, and they need to have surgery right away to relieve the pressure from the nerve. The longer the nerve is irritated, the longer it takes to come back and function normally, if it comes back at all. I would have your doctors office contact your insurance company, and get surgery scheduled ASAP.
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Can a previous nerve injury cause headaches years later?

For approximately 6 weeks now, I have had a constant headache. I was treated initially for a sinus infection, it cleared up, headache continued. Went to see ENT, no signs of ear infection or sinus infection. He referred me to a neurologist who stated I had migraine headache because the headache was concentrated on one side of my head. MRI was done, results were normal. I still have the headache, most of the pain in the back on the right side, now into my neck, shoulder and down my arm and tingling in my fingers. I try ice packs, Topamax, Fironoil, BC, everything for headache, I have tried. I was involved in 2 auto accidents (2003 and 2005) both injuring the right side of my neck. I also had CTR on the right hand which had nerve complications, and right shoulder surgery 2years ago. Can someone please suggest something I haven't tried.

In answer to the question is yes, I think so. I am suffering similar symptoms to you. What type of injury did you suffer and how did it happen? I think mine is to to my back and whiplash that I suffered about 9 months ago. I have been in pain ever since. You may want to try a pain clinic or massage therapy.  (+ info)

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