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I've had a long thoracic nerve injury which has caused a winged scapula. How long till it gets better?

do some simple exersizes for your neck which will help your sholder blade injury.bring your chin down toyour chest then raise slowly upwards as far as you can ,do this 4 or 5 times about 5 times a day .it should take a week to 10 days to ease off..good luck.  (+ info)

how long does a knee injury take to heal from nerve damage?

Each case is different, and depends on how extensive the damage is in each case. It can take months.  (+ info)

how much can i get from a workers comp lawsuit back injury with a pinched nerve and sciatica?

1st thing is to get the best medical attention you can...back injuries only get worse as time goes by. 2nd get a lawyer who deals with workers comp and follow his/her instructions. The Insurance carrier for your employer will try and force you into a settlement to thier likeing. You are entitled to a comp lawyer at no cost to you....get one now..The lawyer will get you a more than fair settlement.  (+ info)

An exercise-related nerve injury that most commonly occurs in the foot is called a/an?

A. pronation.
B. supination.

C. neuroma.

D. orthotic condition

The question you are asking is very vague.The only one of the 4 that has anything to do with a nerve is (C) neuroma.Pronation is when you turn your foot in,supination is when you turn your foot out...and an orthotic condition has do with the structure of your foot.   (+ info)

Searching for surgeon -- tendon transfers due to C5 nerve root injury or deltoid disfunction.?

My son had a car accident. Wood fence entered neck severing carotid artery and fracturing C3, C4 and C5. Caused nerve damage, muscles have attrified, causing deltoid disfunctions. We've been informed by Louisiana State University - Shreveport Trauma/Ortho surgeons that there is no one locally to perform this type of operation. We need help finding a surgeon somewhere. Please....

  (+ info)

has anyone ever had a braccial nerve injury if so please reply?

Brachial relates to the arm and plexus pertains to a network of nerves. The brachial plexus forms a network of nerves that conduct signals that control the muscles of the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand and fingers. M son was diagnosed with this problem at only 5mth old. He has since had surgury, and is gradualyy gaining move back, fingers crossed, not much help but there is a site you can visit
Good luck.  (+ info)

Could a bad left knee injury be causing pins and needles/prickling sensations all over my body. Possible nerve

I get the sensation of little droplets of water hitting skin. Not just around the left knee area but right leg, right arm, both feet, both hands, back, etc. It is very sporadic. Nothing painful. I was wondering if there may be a major nerve running down my left leg which could cause this feeling. These sensations began a day or two after I re-injured my knee.
Any comments appreciated.

no according to everything i have reshearded there are no nerves in your legs to cause pain to your upper body all leg pain comes from tour back  (+ info)

My friend sustained a crushing injury to the right arm, he has residual nerve damage and some muscle paralysis

He said he will not be able to wave goodbye anymore with the right arm. Which 2 major muscles are paralyzed?

it is more likely the nerves are damaged i had a double discetomy in my neck in 2004 as 2 discs were crushing my spinal coloum my injury occurred in 1991 it took them that long to find out what was wrong with me .it can take up to 2 years for nerves to recover if they have not in this time the truth is they never will i should know i am completly numb down the left side from the top of my head to my toes .good luck to your Friend lets hope he makes a full recovery nothing is impossible  (+ info)

i have sciatic nerve injury due to injuction at left buttock how it repair?

If your sciatic nerve has been damaged as the result of an Intramuscular injection, you need to make sure that you see a Dr. Often, the pain will settle after a few days when the inflammation to the nerve has settled. However, sometimes the pain lasts longer.
There is nothing that you can do yourself to help this process apart from taking pain-killers.  (+ info)

What is a thumb digital nerve neuroma? Can it be caused by a laceration injury? What is the treatment?

A neuroma is basically a swelling or growth around a nerve, and your case it is on your digital nerve by your thumb. Yes it can be caused by a laceration injury, as scar tissue congregates around sites of injury. You can have it treated surgically by having it resected, but you may end up with loss of sensation to that distribution of the nerve. Have a hand surgeon look at it if it is painful to you.. if it is not causing problems, leave it alone as another surgery means more scar tissue.  (+ info)

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