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damaged nerve injury in wrist?

i have dequervain tendonitis, and a medical student gave me a cortisone injection on a nerve, so now the nerve is damaged, and my family doctor is saying there is nothing he can do; do this type of injury recover at all?

only time will tell  (+ info)

Has ay one else got a brakell (sorry about spelling) nerve injury?

tell me how you live with it? how does it effect you?

I ma little bit confuse regarding your question..Please describe in brief..  (+ info)

Can glasses restore sight to a person with 20/500 vision due to optic nerve damage from an injury? Thank you!?

  (+ info)

In nerve damage from an injury, what exactly is axonal loss?

You have axons in your nerve cells, and what happens is the brain sends messages to the rest of the body and it uses the axons in the body to do this. They act like a fiber optic cable carrying outgoing messages to the body. When they are damaged the messages get lost or not sent at all. You can also experience loss of sensation in that part of the body. But sometimes depending on the amount of damage the nerves can repair themselves. Talk to a Neurologist.  (+ info)

How long does a damaged nerve in a penis last?

I have been suffering from a pain in my penis for 2 months now, i have seen gp's, urologists and been to a&e. All have said i have a type of injury after being masturbated too hard by girlfriend. The latest view is that it is a trapped/damaged/ruptured nerve in my penis. DOES ANYBODY KNOW A CURE?

lol...try putting ice on it but it will hurt like hell. then when it gets frozen, it will fall off and you wont have this problem again, because you wont have a penis! im sorry...i have no other advice.  (+ info)

nerve injury may paralyze the muscle is supplies.?

How would you explain to a patient the importance of moving the disabled muscle passively or contracting them using electrical stimulation?

all you can do is explain the possible benefits, and try to give them hope, there is always hope, God is still in the miracle working business  (+ info)

How do i treat an elbow injury?

I have some kind of mild elbow injury. I seem to have messed up the "elbow nerve". I think it is from using a row machine with bad technique. It didn't hurt at all during my work out but a few hours later it started and has gone on all day.
What should i do to make it feel better? Rest? Certain exercises? Ice? Heat? Can anybody tell me more about what this injury might be and maybe something i could do to prevent it if i use the row machine again?

Your best bet may be to not use the rowing machine anymore. You may want to try some other form of exercise.

I would suggest an anti-inflamatory to help with the nerve pain (nothing else will help with true nerve pain); something like Advil or Aleve.

Also, use ice and/or heat. Whatever makes it feels better to you. You will just have to experiment there.

Rest whenever possible can help. Good luck. :)  (+ info)

Is there any kind of Herbal or Natural pain medicine for Diabetic Nerve Pain?

My Mom has Diabetic Nerve Pain in her feet due to trauma and slight injury from stepping barefooted on small hard objects. She is a heart patient and a lot of the pain drugs prov en to help stop the pain she is not allowed to take! Are there any natural or herbal treatments that anyone knows of?

Capsaicin puts the heat in hot peppers. It manipulates the body’s pain status by hindering pain perception, triggering the release of pain-relieving endorphins and providing analgesic action. Commercial capsaicin-containing creams such as Zostrix, Heet and Capzasin-P are used topically for arthritic and nerve pain. Creams containing .025 percent capsaicin can significantly reduce osteoarthritic pain when applied to joints four times daily. A higher concentration of .075 percent works best for peripheral nerve pain — such as that from diabetic nerve damage, HIV and pain following cancer surgery. When using topical capsaicin products, be sure to avoid touching your eyes and other sensitive areas.  (+ info)

peroneal nerve injury?

I need to find some info on peroneal nerve injury and how to treat it. Also need to find out who can cross reference it with iliotibial band syndrome to make sure im treating the right thing.

treatment of nerve injuries are the job of a neruo surgeon and not of laymen.  (+ info)

what is a resonable settlement amount for nerve and disc damange?

injured on the job while carring mail. Hit by private owned vechical and left with "cervical syndrome and lumbar radioculopathy. This is a permenant nerve damange and disc injury. What should be a reasonal settlement amount. Surgery is not an option. It can't help of reverse damange.
I still work but with limintations.

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