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Did anyone ever have a nerve block administered before?

I have a thoracic herniated disc impinging the anterior chord and was supposed to have surgery but the surgeon is having second thoughts, so i have to get a second opinion from another one of his collegues and then they will colaberate on each other's opinions and facts, it has been 2 years with this injury and it is getting worse, they want to give me a nerve block first and if that works then they will know surgery will work, but if it doesn't then I am screwed more or less, just wondering how the nerve block works.

a needle in your spine injects a pain killer. i had one for a knee replacement in june,09.  (+ info)

Can cutting calories affect healing? I mean will eating 1500 cals/day slow down healing of an injury?

Injury such as a broken bone, injury to a nerve, or even something like the flu?

it can, because you can be cutting out nitrients to help those things, nerve cells don't grow, so an injury is an injury. Take a multi vitamin  (+ info)

Is there any relief for pain caused by a severed nerve in the leg?

My fiance sustained an injury to his left leg (he was stabbed in the back of the calf while in the army), and during surgery to repair damaged arteries, a nerve was accidentally severed. He now has constant tingling in his leg from the stab wound down to his toes, and it hurts all the time. It is worse when he has been very active, and sometimes he has trouble falling asleep because of the pain and tingling. Does anyone know of any long-term medicatons that could help or any surgeries he could have done to eradicate the tingling and pain?

will unfortunately there isn't much that can be done. heating pads and soaking in a tub in warm water for 15 minutes a day can help ease it. even if he had to to do many surg4eries to fix it i doubt it will really go away. he should try maybe a muscle relaxer or or some thing like that. maybe increase calcium intake. warm baths for 15 minutes in maybe some Epsom salt. and warming it up before exercise maybe. some massaging it maybe to help relax it.  (+ info)

What are the 7 methods of identifying facial nerve during superficial parotidectomy?

Superficial parotidectomy is the most common surgical procedure done on the parotid gland. There is a fear of facial nerve injury during the procedure. It is sais that there are 7 methods of identifying the nerve during the procedure. If any one knows kindly explain.
Thank you

This web page doesn't specifically answer all of your question but it might be helpful to you. For a better answer you need to ask a professor of surgery.

http://www.edu.rcsed.ac.uk/HowIDoIt/Superficial%20parotidectomy.htm#c  (+ info)

What is the best online resource for diagnosing nerve pain?

I have skin pain on my right side lower abdomen and pelvis. I have no rash nor blisters. The pain is spreading from my lower back to the front of my pelvis. It feels like a scrape but there is no visible signs of injury or redness.

Try www.spineuniverse.com

This is an excellent site to find out lots of info on pain, plus can lead you to other sites for other help.  (+ info)

nerve injury?

Nerve injury due to an epidural block. Anyone know any new pain meds or any specific doctor to help? Right now the only help would be stem cells...which we all know is still in a fight to be allowed.. 11 years of dying pain here!!! Nothing has helped, and am at wits end....
from surgery scar tissue had attached itself to the area operated and the nerve got caught into it. And with the epidural the doctor tried to get through it, so the nerves got sethered and never healed itself. So it never connected together, they are like either burned or dangling, and will never attach. Have been to many many doctors, no one knows what to do anymore...medications do not work...Have gone through all walks of life..Just wondering if there is something someone is missing...any help would be appreciated...We have nothing to lose anymore only something to gain...

I would suggest a neurologist or a pain management doctor. What types of treatments have you tried? A spinal cord stimulator could be a good treatment for you if you have not already tried it, I have nerve problems in my leg, and my spinal cord stimulator has been one of my biggest helps. You usually just have to keep going around to different doctors until you find one who is able to help. Sorry I'm not a huge help, you can get more information at www.ans-medical.com on spinal cord stimulator's. Good luck!  (+ info)

Elbow injury caused impact to Ulnar nerve. Will it heal on its own?

Yesterday, I fell and smacked my elbow against the ground very hard. I definitely hit my ulnar nerve, as I felt the typical "wave of fire" on the outside of my arm leading up to my pinky and ring fingers. The pain eventually subsided and I iced my elbow shortly afterward, for two periods of one hour each.

I have full mobility of my fingers. The skin sensation is perfectly fine. However, there is a lasting slight numbness inside the two fingers and a little in the palm edge. Is this just a side effect of the nerve still being swollen? I can bend my elbow OK, although there is a little tightness in my elbow and of course the area around my elbow still feels a bit raw since the injury just happened yesterday.

I've read up on typical ulnar nerve damage and injuries and it sounds like mine is below average in severeness. However, I've not been able to find out anything about how long it takes for the nerve to heal. I'm of course hoping I've not torn any ligaments and that the nerve is properly aligned--just swollen from the trauma.

Given my circumstances, should I wait a few days before making a trip to a local clinic? Are my chances of self-recovery very high? Thanks!

Nobody is quite really sure on how long it takes a damaged nerve to heal because everyone is different.

Nerves regenerate at a rate of about 1 millimeter/day...The only nerves that can regenerate are the nerves outside of the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves...If the nerve is too severely damaged or stretched, it may never heal.

It can sometimes take a week, to months, to years or even never at times...For instance, I have nerve damage on my Left-Forearm on the Radius Lateral...Due to an invasive surgery and a reconstructive surgery after the invasive surgery, and it's been about almost 2-3 years since the invasive surgery and about a year for the reconstructive surgery and I still feel a shocking sensation on my Left-Forearm.

Normally, nerve damage should typically fully heal depending on the condition about 1 year after the injury.

But if you are very concerned or if problems persist you could go to the clinic/doctor and request some form of Physical Therapy.  (+ info)

Muscle or nerve injury?

Firstly, while I was doing my last set of wide-grip pull-ups 4 days ago, I suddenly felt something weird on the left side of my upper back (something moved inside the muscles which felt either like passing electric current or the tearing of cloth). I didn't feel any pain on that part afterwards but did feel a little uneasiness whenever I rotated my left shoulder. Was it a nerve or a muscle injury?
Lastly, I continued working out afterwards, but a few hours after my workout was done (until this moment), I felt (and still feel) some pain on my whole left lat whenever I raise my left arm for several seconds (as in holding up a bottled water or typing). Do I have a torn lat muscle or an injured (or swelling) nerve? I did some research on nerves and found out that the latissimus dorsi is supplied by the sixth, seventh, and eighth cervical nerves through the Thoracodorsal nerve (whatever that means...hehehe).
So, can anyone give me any good opinions regarding this matter? Thanks!

well you should go to the doctor cause it could get worse I think you might have pulled or did something with the nerves cause if it was a muscle pull you defiantly would have felt it latter cause a while ago when i was doing a clean and jerk I pulled a muscle in my shoulder pretty badly and it hurt like hell after but you never know it could be a muscle. Just get it checked out. The last thing you'd want since you work out is an injury you'll have to live with forever.  (+ info)

Injury to my shoulder, May have nerve damage ?

I would like to know if anyone out there has had this happen to them with their shoulder injury?
I fell Aug.10, 2007 and broke my joint ball socket in 3 places , tore very big 2 Ratoter Cuffs and my Bicept muscle was just about tore off. I have had 2 surgeries one was open cut and the other was the M. U. A. it was done just on Feb. 18th. to tear all the scar tissue out. I have still been unable to raise my arm up high!! Can only now touch my forehead. Can not raise it out up or to the side up. Now I went to the Doctor this past Monday and he thinks that my shoulder muscles are so Weak this is why I can not move my arm up? BUT ..... on the other side of this I could have nerve Damage???? He is giving me 2 months to see how I do with my Physical Therapy ( witch I have been doing since Oct.07) . I what to know if anyone has had this happen to them with the same kind of th injury I had???? Or close to my injury? If I do not inprove I do have nerve Damage.!

I sustained damage to my radial nerve after slipping on ice and falling on my left elbow.

You know you have nerve damage when you have a "zapping" or burning pain that neither Advil or Tylenol or Alleve will take away. It's distinctive.

The pain will keep you from full mobility, not a pronounced weakness. That's your injured muscles/ligaments/tendons.

Good luck with your therapy!  (+ info)

How is the heart rate affected by a spinal cord injury?

Will the vagus nerve be affected or is it something to do with the spinal cord?

It depends a bit on where the injury occurs.

The vagus nerve shouldn't be injured by a spinal cord injury (it comes down with the carotid artery, fairly anterior to the spinal column). The vagus nerve is parasympathetic, secretes acetylcholine and slows the heart rate.

The sympathetic nerves in the thoracic area (I forget the details)... these ARE likely to be severed by a high thoracic spinal cord injury. These secrete norepinephrine and tend to accelerate the heart rate. They also maintain blood vessel tone pretty much everywhere.

So if you cut the spinal cord in such a way that you lose sympathetic function but the vagus is intact... what would you expect to happen to the heart rate?

Good luck!  (+ info)

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