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if i have an incomplete abortion what will the doctors do? what if its a continued pregnancy?

well, i had a medical abortion 2 weeks ago, and having strange symptoms. incomplete abortion would be if the fetus wasn't completely expelled and parts are stuck in my uterus. from what i read continued pregnancy has happened to girls where after they had an abortion done the fetus was expelled at all and the fetus is continuing to grow.

they will go in and take everything out if there is no fetal heart rate. it's almsot like having a still birth.
c-section  (+ info)

what are the signs and symptoms of an incomplete abortion? a continued pregnancy? thank you.?

I had a medical abortion about two weeks ago.

Excessive bleeding, passing body parts, fever stomach cramps, flu like symptoms! If in doubt go back to the clinic or drop in at you docs, this can be fatal  (+ info)

what are the tendencies why a woman having an incomplete abortion?

sometimes happens, even without reason
tell docs next time  (+ info)

i had sex after an incomplete abortion and now i smell this bad smell what should i do?

You should have gotten a course of antibiotics if you are still taking them and have no fever you are probably okay, but I would definitely go back to your aftercare appt.

If you have any more questions or want/need to talk about it drop me an email.

It is entirely possible to have an abortion and not feel guilt because you knew it was the right thing to do.

~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion and I have a 13 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.

Abortion: There is a Consensus
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what happens when somebody has an incomplete abortion?

It needs to be completed. If it was a natural miscarriage, that means going to the doctor / er and getting a d&c. If it was a planned abortion, that means calling, then going to the clininc who did the work and having a second d&c.  (+ info)

what is an incomplete abortion?

I had an abortion and then a few months later found out I was still pregnant, when I was 5 months along. Going by dates- this pregnancy was not terminated. I had the baby, she is 10 now and i'm glad she's here, but isn't this weird or uncommon?
She is perfectly normal. I had vacuum abortion and was told I might of had twins. I couldn't have gotten pregnant afterwards because there is a time frame of when you can have sex again.

It happens. For other examples of this, see:


People need to remember that abortion is known as a "blind procedure." The doctor cannot see into the womb as he cuts and scrapes out the child. Sometimes this results in a punctured uterus, a damaged bowel, or a punctured bladder--and sometimes in a "missed" baby. Thank God for the miracle of your daughter's survival.

Anyone needing more information on abortion should check out http://Abort73.com  (+ info)

my dnc has been done a/f incomplete abortion,becoz baby was smaller then expected date?

my dnc has been done bcoz of in complete abortion i want to ask u guys that wht precaution should i take after dnc and how much gap should be given to concieve for next baby???

You should talk to your doctor about when you can try to conceive after having a D & C   (+ info)

Is D&C required for incomplete abortion?

Is D&C required for incomplete abortion?
Is D&C required for incomplete abortion?(In the case where only some products of conception are obseved in scanning) or is there any other method to remove the left particles other than surgical method?
actually i had abortion through medication and i came to know that it is incomplete(not sure)..and i even doubt whether it is complete,bcoz i had bleeding for more than 1week(heavy bleeding).can u please help me....

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missed nd incomplete abortion.?

my doctor told me that i am having a missed and incomplete abortion.but he did not tell me what actually it meant.and what is the reason for this abortion.and in the future will i have to face the same thing.so if anyone know anything about it i will be grateful if she will share her knowledge.and i would also like to know when next i can again start trying to conceive

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missed and incomplete abortion.?

my pregnancy was detected as 7Wkes and 1 day.but mine went as a missed and incomplete abortion.i want to know how long bleeding will continue.and when will i again be able to plan.one more thing i would like to know is even if every month i have my periods my cycle don't follow the same pattern.if one month it is 26 ,the next month it will be 29.so am i having irregular periods.and the bleeding that i am having right now as part of abortion can be considered as periods.

ok well first if ur cycle is 26 days one month and then 29 the next thats only a few days difference so its not very irregular... if u had an abortion or whatever as its hard to tell really what u are saying and u want to know when the bleeding will stop I would def talk to ur dr about that.. if uare meaning a miscarriage at 7 weeks then thats different then an abortion... best of luck!  (+ info)

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