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Repost- Threatened abortion, Positive Outcomes?

Please read my story, I am 21 years old and I am scared to death on what will happen.

1 week ago, I found out that I was pregnant. I am not to far along but according to the due date calculators online I am about 5 weeks.

On Saturday, I started to have light bleeding around 5 in the evening, and I had some light cramping. They were not even close to how bad my menstrual cramps are and how bad I bleed when I am on my period. The bleeding started to pick up after I noticed I was bleeding, so I got really nervous and knew it wasn't normal to bleed when you were pregnant so I went straight to the ER around 11 at night. They gave me a pelvic exam, ultrasounds inside of me, ultrasounds on my stomach, took my urine and took my blood. Blood tests showed, I am pregnant, but they think I am about 2 weeks pregnant because of how low my HcG is. When they gave me my pelvic exam, they said that my cervix was still closed and that was a really good sign. They couldn't really see anything in the ultrasounds because it was to soon. The nurse also gave me a rH immunization just to be on the safe side just in case the baby didn't have the same blood as me. Then I was sent home, and was told not to come back unless my cramps are unbearable and/or I am filling more than 1 pad a hour and I was put on 72 hrs of bed rest and not to lift heavy things.

I AM STILL BLEEDING, but I am only filling about 1 pad a day if that... but when I go to the bathroom its like a string of blood that comes out, and I don't know if that is just the flow of the blood or what. I haven't worn pads since I was 13 so I don't remember how it looked. I don't have cramps anymore either.

Does anyone have any idea what may be going on with me? The doctors said I have a threatened abortion which is making me really nervous! Has anyone else had this problem and still had a healthy baby??

I have a doctors appointment on Friday for a check up to see how things are.
Forgot to add, I haven't really had any symptoms of being pregnant besides for a missed period.
***What do you mean by clots exactly???

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Is a threatened abortion common?

A couple weeks back I ended up going to the hospital because of heavy bleeding, no pains, just blood and clots.. They ran blood work and did an ultrasound. They couldn't find anything! I told them that they day before I lifted something that was 38 pounds and it hurt... I ignored it. They thought I may have torn something sooo small but nothing came up. So they told me it was a threatened abortion.. I was lost. Never heard of that term before.. Everything is fine now, and of course I won't be lifting anything heavy. I guess I sometimes don't "feel" pregnant and seem to forget.. I was just curious if other people have heard of it. They only gave me a small non useful paper about it.

With my first pregnancy, I started bleeding at 6 1/2 weeks. I was convinced I was miscarrying! It turned out most friends and relatives I spoke to said "Oh, I had that/knew someone who had that etc and they were fine." I went for an early scan at 7 weeks 3 days and they found nothing!

I was also given a leaflet... I was told the most likely causes was probably my cervix bleeding, which can happen easily as it's softer and more fragile during pregnancy... so even gentle intercourse could cause bleeding. So yeah, I've heard of it and know at least six other people who experienced first trimester bleeding who didn't miscarry. I guess it is quite common!

ETA: I just read other answers and would be interested in learning how to avoid lifting over 10lbs when I have a 24lb son who I have to lift at least 12 times a day just to get him up and down from naps, in and out of his highchair etc!!  (+ info)

anyone have any info on threatened abortion?

Ok.. I went to the ER yesterday because I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and I woke up early yesterday morning spotting and passed a blood clot.. I had all sorts of tests.. like blood work and a vaginal ultrasound.. my HCG levels came back at around 15,000.... I was diagnosed with threatened abortion which I looked up online.. and it said that there's a chance of a miscarriage until the 20th week now.. I go back tomorrow to get more blood work done.. I am just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience and still carried their baby to full term? Please message me back with any information!
I was also curious if anyone who had to have the repeat blood work 48 hrs later.. do they tell you the results then? Like if your HCG levels were higher or lower? or do you have to wait on a call?

I had bleeding at 9 weeks and passed a clot. The bleeding lasted only a couple of hours but I did go the ER and was convinced I miscarried. The ultrasound taken there showed an embryo still intact with a strong heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the ER doc assigned to me had a terrible bedside manner and said the chances of a spontaneous abortion were now 50/50.

The good news? I am 34 weeks pregnant and decorating the nursery :)

Bleeding is actually very common during early pregnancy. It could be because of sex/orgasm, from a polyp on your cervix, or just "one of those things'. Many women experience an episode and go on to carry healthy babies to term. If you happen to miscarry after this episode, it's most likely because of a chromosomal abnormality that would not allow the embryo to live. No fault of your own. I know it is scary, but you've got to allow yourself to hope for the best. Stay relaxed as much as you can. That is the only thing within your control... the rest is out of your hands.

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Did you have a healthy baby with threatened abortion?

I am 11 weeks pregnant and my doctor diagnose me having a threatened abortion. I was bleeding for 3 min last night and stop. Then went to the e.r. the next day. When I left from the e.r. I started to bleed again and now this time it haven't stop. The doctor have did a ultra sound on me and find the baby small and that scared me. The doctor also said about my hormones is not very high. He said by Monday if it does'nt go to 3000 something is wrong and i am scared to death if some thing is wrong with the baby. I am having spotting and bleeding now.. I want to know if this is normal. Will it harm the baby?

The best thing to do is relax, I know it's easier said than done. Bleeding is not usually normal. Sometimes women bleed after having sex, and their pregnancy turns out fine. Some women spot throughout their entire pregnancy. However, you are only 11 weeks and the baby will be small for quite some time. Your HCG levels should double in 48 hours (blood test). If they don't chances are you are starting to miscarry. (If so, I am sooo sorry) Just watch for blood clots, anything that looks like tissue coming out of your vagina. If you have cramps that feel like menstral cramps, or severe backpain, these are other signs to look for. Make sure if you continue to bleed you let your doctor know.

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Why would someone choose an abortion over putting up for adoption?

If your life is threatened from fullfilling the pregnancy, i can understand abortion becoming an option, but I've heard so many pathetic excuses like "it will ruin my figure" etc.
So many people out there want kids and can't have their own. Why wouldn't you have the baby and give it to one of these caring couples who have been waiting for years before killing it?
As for unborn baby not being a baby, type it in to any search engine. Thousands of sights to disagree. How does it make a difference of inside or outside the womb, a baby is a baby. And by the way a zygote is only a zygote from the time it is fertilized , untill as a blastocyst, it is implanted in the uterus.

some mention once they see the baby. You don't have to see the baby before it goes to the adoptive family or at all.
Thanks for those who leave offenses out of this. I'm looking for rational reasons, although I know this is a sore subject for some.
To: I do not like stupidity:
It can ruin their carer? your career is not ruined from a baby. you take time off, ussually paid and then get back on track shortly after.
-it can mess up with their school plans: sometimes, depends on what they are going to school for.
-they do not want to be pregnant: guess they shouldn't have had sex. Different if it wasn't by choice to have sex.
why rent your body to a parasite that you don't want?: Nice to know you compair a baby to a parasite. I hope you don't have kids.
These are the petty excuses I was talking about
to Natelie:
you seem to be very sexist against men, not all men are like that. Mine isn't. I am using the account under my husbands name as we share this and share everything, like it's supposed to be. Some men actually want kids, just as some women actually deserve them.
I know what it's like to carry and loose, but would never abort.
Why is it just up to the woman? As long as the man is not a run out, shouldn't he have say too?
You seem overly offended, you sure your not trying to make it right in your own mind?

Because they are selfish. They weigh their own interests against the life of their child, and their own interests win out. By the way, 480 American physicians recently testified that abortion is NEVER necessary to save a woman's life:

Anyone who doubts that the child in the womb is a living human being needs to take a look at this:

Photos and Video of Abortions, Including 1st Trimester Abortions:

Photos and Facts About Prenatal Development:

By the time most women know they are pregnant (3 weeks after conception), their baby's heart is already beating. Virtually no surgical abortions are committed before 6-7 weeks, at which point the child has recordable brain waves and tiny fingers and is beginning to move in the womb. The average age of an aborted baby in America is 10 weeks. At 8 weeks, if an unborn baby's palm is pricked, he will open his mouth and pull his hand away. An ultrasound of an abortion of an 11-12 week old child shows the baby frantically trying to escape the suction instrument, as her heartrate doubles and her mouth opens wide. You can see this documentary (narrated by former abortionist and former head of NARAL Bernard Nathanson, MD) here:
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Heavy bleeding at 13 weeks pregnant- told i have threatened abortion. Can anyone explain?

Last night at about 2 in the morning after having intercourse, I began to bleed heavily and passed about four clots.The last of these was about the size of my hand. I went to the emergency room. The did an ultrasound and blood tests. Baby's heartbeat was normal. Gave me a shot of Rhogam for my Rh factor. Told me I have a "threatened abortion" and that the blood was coming from my uterus. Can anyone elaborate on this and tell me what I can and should expect? Everything I've found on the internet is pretty vague. I'd just like to know what I should do for the baby's sake and also what caused it..Thank you very much.
Yes, I was told to see my OB first thing Monday morning. I just wanted to see if I could get any information on the subject before I went in tomorrow.
Well, I went to the doctor today. I was told that I have placenta previa. Everything with the baby was fine and everything involving my condition should be fine. She reccomended I refrain from intercourse but did not put me on bed rest. Thanks for all your answers.

Threatened abortion is just that... you are in danger of losing the baby. You need to see your OB as soon as possible. If the pregnancy is still healthy enough, he will probably check hormone levels, put you on some oral progesterone,and have you stay on bedrest until your second trimester.  (+ info)

is it possible to still have baby while having a threatened abortion?

I found out one and a half weeks ago that I was pregnant again, I have had two very normal and problem free pregnancies. But 4 days ago I started to bleed a bit and went to ER where they told me I was having a threatened abortion, the bleeding was very little and have not bleed since and have had no cramping the ultrasound and bloodwork was consistant with only being maybe 2 wks pregnant. They found the gestational sac and yolk but no baby, is it possible that I am just to early to see the baby and could have a full term pregnancy????

for sure.. i had a positive pregnancy test but i wasn't sure what that meant because i had just had a miscarriage not too long before.. (maybe 4 weeks) so i got an ultrasound to either prove or disprove i was pregnant and it wasn't just something left over from the miscarriage causing the test to read positive.. anyways, i got the ultrasound and they could determine that i was 4-5 weeks pregnant by like you said, finding the sac.. but i had to go back in 4 weeks because they couldn't see the baby because it was so early. i went back for the other ultrasound and seen my 7 week old baby on the screen with its little heart beating..

after this i started to bleed very heavily.. like worse then any period i've ever had.. and even then everything was normal.. by baby was healthy and happy and there seemed to be no apparent reason as to why i was bleeding so much.. so bleeding doesn't ALWAYS mean miscarriage.. and i'm now 28 weeks pregnant and my bleeding has stopped and my baby is VERY active (sometimes too active, ugh!) so i don't think you should worry yet! its very possible i'd say that everything is a-okay!  (+ info)

Went to the doctor for my first OBGYN apt yesterday and now I'm labeled as Threatened Abortion! Help?

I went to the doctor at 10 wks 6 days pregnant. Had a pap test, she even felt on my utreus. I told her I felt like everything had doubled compared to my frist pregnancy. Felt more tired, more sick than usual. She wants to give me an sonogram to check for twins. She does the sonogram and it shows just the utreus and you can see the fluid sac in it but thats it. She told me it could be really early in the pregnancy still (maybe my dates are wrong) or an early miscarriage. She orders me to have the HCG levels checked that day and go back sunday to the hospital and have the HCG test checked again. On my paperwork for the bloodwork it says Threatened Abortion! I'm afraid of what will happen. I never had any bleeding at all since i been pregnant, light cramping, but I fell so pregnant though. Has anyone been in the same situation as me? How did it turn out? Any advice will help! This will be my second child, the first one was a healthy 10 lbs 2 oz boy, no probles with him at all!!

The words "Threatened Abortion" is a term many ob/gyns use for Miscarriage. I had a similar experience I went for my ultra sound and they seen nothing but an empty sac and told me it wasn't a viable pregnancy so we scheduled a d&c and they did some blood work well the blood work showed my levels were rising so we did another ultra sound (this was about a week after the 1st one) and there she was! She was the size she should of been and is now a healthy 19 month old!  (+ info)

What do you think? Threatened misscarriage/abortion?

LMP is March 16.I should be around 9 weeks based on this.

BFP on April 21

I have also had my levels checked and they have been 85,141,273,476,3103,8393,11,143,and 16,000 on Tuesday.

I also had three u/s sounds so far. The first around level 3103 showed nothing.

The one around 8393 showed a small sac.

The one around 11,143 showed a slightly larger sac but nothing else inside.

I have had some mild spotting and mild cramping throughout. Also, some dark red, mucusy clots, small.

The dr labeled me threatened misscarriage because they were not able to see anything in the last ultrasound. There should have been something there besides just a gestational sac.

My symptoms began after April 25 with sore boobs, fatigue, and some m/s. My boobs are not as sore right now and I have no m/s. There seem to be less symptoms.

I am so lost right now. I don't even know what to think. I am scared because I have to wait until the 29th for another u/s.

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i am 18 weeks pregnant after a threatened abortion.can i have sex at this time?if so which position suits?

i wouldnt just to be on the safe side until i asked my dr...certaintly they will tell you what you should do. you dont need to go in, just give them a ring.  (+ info)

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