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Accelerated Junction Rhythm and Arterial Ectopic beats with pause...WTF?

A few months ago I had catheter ablations done as I had SVT and since then I have notice a lot of ectopic heart beats, periods of tightness across my chest and sometimes I get a pain in my heart that last about 1 – 2 secs. I just had an ECG done the other day and it came back that there was Accelerated Junction Rhythm and Arterial Ectopic beats with pause. What does that mean? Should I be concerned about it? Should I stop exercising until I see the specialist again? Thank you

AJR is when the junctional node of the heart beats early this is not a serious prob but does show the conduction is not right. PACs r harmless every1 does it its when the heart beats early but normally.  (+ info)

accelerated junctional rhythm???

what does this mean and is it dangerous? I had a large part of my sinus node removed in a ablation of my heart 2 months ago. I now am experiencing chest pain and tighness in my thraot.

get in to your er or doc now. Who cares what it is, the symptoms are scary...any chest pain in somebody with that history is ominous.  (+ info)

How long do accelerated braces take to straighten teeth?

Have you had accelerated braces, are they painful?

Is it weird to have braces at the age of 18?
My teeth aren't that bad, its mainly the lower ones that are a little "bent".

i've never had accelerated braces, but i'd imagine they'd be slightly more painful than the normal ones. however, it's more a numb ache than a pain. it's only painful when you try to bite at first, not so much just sitting in your mouth.

and, no, i know plenty of adults with braces! you are never too old to get pretty teeth!  (+ info)

How effective is the rhythm method on Contraception?

My wife in unable to take the pill and neither of us care for condoms(we have been married six years.) I have read that the "rhythm" method is quite effective(I know not foolproof) and am wondering just how effective is it and how to use this method.

If your wife has a fairly regular and stable cycle, and you both have the fortitude to avoid vaginal intercourse on those days she is likely to ovulate- then it can be quite effective. You can also use the ovulation predictors sold now to help you pinpoint or confirm the time of ovulation as well. Normally folks use those to increase odds of conception, but obviously they work in the reverse as well. However, I feel I ought to point out that there are still yet other forms of contraception beyond the pill and condom. Why not check out an IUD. There are two types, a copper and the Mirena. Although the Mirena does have low dose hormones, they work in the local area and can often be tolerated by ladies who do not tolerate the ordinary birth control pill. The copper version contains no hormones whatsoever. Both are as effective as the pill, and a copper IUD will last up to 10 years. A Mirena lasts five. Aside from the IUD, there is also the diaphram. That is a barrier method, and your wife would need to be fitted with one. However, with a spermacidal jelly, that too is nearly as effective as the pill. Conscientiously used, it is a very good, non-hormonal method of birth control. I would suggest either of these two as far better than the rhythm method. Although on paper it looks very good, it is very easily upset. Should she get ill, relying on temperature measurements would become impossible. The other thing is to monitor the vaginal secretions at the same time. Ovulation mucus is thinner and stretchier than usual, more "wet". Again though, that too is hard to guage reliably. Honestly, I think you should consider either the IUD or diaphram. Both are much more effective and reliable, and both can be easily removed or eliminated when or if the time comes you wish to start a family, without changing your fertility chances at all.  (+ info)

What is the difference between HEART RATE and HEART RHYTHM?

People with atrial fibrillation can be treated to control the heart rate or the heart rhythm.

Heart rate, is how many times the heart beats per minute, but what then is heart rhythm?

Please include your source if possible.


Rhythm is the way in which the heart beats. Normal Sinus Rhythm is the normal rhythm, AF is an abnormal rhythm. Trying to control the rhythm means cardioversion (with drugs or AC shock) to get the heart back into sinus trhythm.

Controlling the rate means leaving the heart in AF but controlling the rate with drugs or with AV ablation and pacemaker insertion.  (+ info)

What is Coronary Sinus Rhythm in resting ECG?

What does it mean if one gets the result of "Coronary sinus rhythm" in the resting ECG test?

It means that the heart was in a rest phase, you were relaxed and the heart was beating at the resting rate somewhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute, the resting heart rate in an adult.  (+ info)

Does your heart ever feel like it is going temporarily out of rhythm?

Very occasionally i have noticed that out of the blue my heart rhythm will suddenly go out of rhythm, like it is beating irregularly, not necessarily fast or slow just not in rhythm,.
I have known this to last anything from just a couple of seconds to up to about 10 secs. I Have no Heart problems that i am aware of. Has anyone else ever had this?

This happened to me before I got my pacemaker. I have a condition called 3rd degree av block. There are three types of block, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree av block, 3rd being the worst. Please go to a cardiologist. Eventually, instead of irregular beats, my heart started to stop completely. I had 13 heart attacks before the doctors finally figured it out. I was diagnosed at 24 I am now 41. Good luck.  (+ info)

Cardiac rhythm device question is it always suppose to hurt ?

Where the cardiac rhythm device is implanted I have sharp stabbing pains all the time as well as inflammation, is this normal? My Dr said if it is too bad, go to ER,not a good reply to his patient. Has anyone else had this happen?

Having a device implanted is kind of like getting a new filling in your mouth. Initially it feels like your whole mouth is full, gradually over time you should not even notice it is there. With a pacemaker or defibrillator this is usually about 3 months but may go longer for some. It is not unusual to have swelling for that period of time, If you had a Hematoma (swelling in pocket due to blood pooling) it may go even longer. This happens occassionally when patients are on blood thinners.

There is a lot of variation between patients however. Smaller patients with less muscle mass tend to be bothered by them more then heavier or well muscular people.

Sharp pain all the time is somewhat unusual and if it persists, you may want to ask your doctor again.

Inflammation, - reddnes, swelling, possibly feeling warmer then surrounding skin could be a sign of infection and if it is more then 10 days since your implant, this could be a sign of a serious infection.  (+ info)

Does anyone practice the rhythm method of birth control?

I'm curious. I have noticed since I went on the pill a decade ago I haven't been able to lose weight. I'm HUGE. My husband & I aren't that active so I really could chart out when the best time would be. We do hope to have children so it wouldn't be a problem but we aren't planning on it soon. What do you think? I am charting my periods. I need to research the rhythm method.

This method is on average less effective than a condom. Fertility based birth control methods are only about 80% effective at preventing pregnancy, even with the help of a doctor, and condoms are 85% effective, at least.

If you've experienced weight gain with your current birth control, discuss a different option with your doctor.

Unless you want to be parents, I wouldn't recommend the "rhythm method" to anyone as their sole form of birth control. If you want to read about the different methods, however, click in the link in my sources box.  (+ info)

How can I cope with my circadian rhythm disorder?

I've had insomnia for most of my life and I just came across this new term of circadian rhythm disorder that I just diagnosed myself with... Help I don't get enough sleep!!

Like any self diagnosis, it's better and far more accurate to seek a professional instead of simply giving yourself a proper medical degree.

There are several reasons for insomnia ranging from diet to mental disorders. If you're having that much trouble sleeping, inform your doctor, get a sleep study done and find out what really is the problem.  (+ info)

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