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Would combining the pill with the rhythm method be effective?

My girlfriend and I are going to stop using condoms soon, we are both STD free, so no worries there, but I'm thinking that perhaps finding out when she would regularly ovulate and using condoms during that time, but not during the rest of the month. I realize birth control is around 99% effective, and I know she's using it properly, so I figure using the rhythm method with it would be even better.

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What are some effect home remedies or herbs/vitamins that will help arrhythmias (heart beating out of rhythm)?

I heard olive leaf extract can really help arrhythmias, (the heart beating out of rhythm) , is that true?

Western medication is good, but alot of the time, causes side effects. Do you know of any home remedy or vitamin, natural substance to take that will help this problem?

Thanks for all your feed back. God bless you.

My heart used to do all kinds of strange things after drinking diet soda. Even after I stopped drinking it completely, there would still be occasions that scared me, as my heart would do little flip flops, or feel like I was on the downside of a roller coaster.

After a little research, I started taking omega 3, ubiquinol, and potassium/magnesium aspartate. Within a couple of weeks, the episodes stopped and I've not had another since.

Omega 3 - Take two 1000 mg gelcap daily. (Can take a 3-6-9)

Ubiquinol is like a concentrated form of CoQ10, but at a fraction of the price. I take 50 mg, one time daily. That's the equivalent of taking 400 mg of coq10, which is very beneficial to your heart.

Potassium and magnesium are also vital to proper heart function. Also very inexpensive.

the best price I've found is at vitacost.com.

Hope this helps.

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What does EEG report "Dominance of responsive 10 to 11 cps alpha rhythm. No focal or paroxysmal changes" mean?

My bf had a EEG test. The report says "Dominance of responsive 10 to 11 cps alpha rhythm. No focal or paroxysmal changes are recorded." What does this mean?

He is probably suffering from Passive aggressive personality disorder. He has all the symptoms (I know it well).

Please help me. Thank you.

the EEG was normal  (+ info)

How do I get in the rhythm of working out at home?

I'm always thinking of ways to stay in shape and stuff, but i can never follow through. And if i do actually do it, it doesn't last for over 2 or 3 days.
How can I create a system that I actually WANT to work out.

It's so hard to have the discipline to work out at home, I've tried and failed so many times! Get your partner or children to do it with you or if you live on your own get a friend to do it with you, taking it in turns to do it at each others houses. It's so much easier to stick to it if you are not doing it by yourself. Or forget working out altogether and go for a walk or bike ride instead, that's what im doing!  (+ info)

What is the best way to correct circadian rhythm?

If you've become a night owl?

I do a bunch of work at different times. Usually it leaves me staying up all night when I'm off, throwing me out of step with my friends and pretty much the rest of the world as far as doing errands and stuff.

try some melatonin. it's frequently used by travelers to combat jet lag. Get the 1 to 3 mg. pill sizes. take one about an hour before you want to sleep.  (+ info)

How should you use a sun lamp for a circadian rhythm disorder?

I have DSPS. I recently purchased a sun lamp. At what times should I use it? I currently fall asleep 12-1 and aim for enough sleep to wake up for 6:30.
Is there a time besides in the morning to use it as well?

Turn it on right when you want to get up, 6:30. Sunlight, or the lamp, trigger your brain to wake up, essentially setting your circadian clock on when to be alert and then tired when bedtime comes.  (+ info)

Why is our normal breathing rhythm interrupted by one deeper, louder breath before returning to normal?

For example, I am sitting at my desk breathing normally, then all of a sudden, I breathe in deeper and louder, then my breathing returns to normal quiet rhythm?

Does this happen to everybody and why? Also, does it happen in cycles and subconsciously?


It happens to everyone...

It is the bodies natural way to makeup for such small breaths we take...

We feel comfortable breathing in much smaller breaths, and breathing out even smaller breaths...

So when our lungs get deflated or inflated enough, we inhale or exhale quickly to make up for it...  (+ info)

Are accelerated heart rate and warm feet when lying down a sign of illness?

Whenever I lie down (say on a bed) my heart beats faster and my feet slowly begin to get warmer and warmer. I eventually fall asleep but by morning, my feet are really hot and I sometimes even experience a 'pins and needles' effect in them. This completely goes away as soon as I get up. This always happens, night after night. Should I be concerned? What is this?

Not necessarily. Just the blood pumping more blood to the feat.  (+ info)

How long does it to return to a normal sleep cycle after disrupting ones crycadian rhythm?

Ive worked day/night rotating shifts for 9 years and have returned to a 7am to 4 pm work schedule. Am wondering how soon i can enjoy the benefit of a normal nights sleep.

It usually takes 14 days to completely rejuvenate a sleep cycle.  (+ info)

Can sleeping on an electric mattress pad affect the rhythm of your heart?

I know this sounds kinda crazy, but I seem to have heart fluctuations when I go to bed. I don't know if it's caused from stress, or possibly because I am sleeping on an electric mattress pad. Could this be possible? Only serious answers, please. Thank you, kindly.

Just like some people stop watches due to the electrical activity in their bodies, some have problems under electric blankets. I used an e. blanket for years and then one winter, I started having problems with a racing heart. Turn off the e. blanket and it went away. I certainly think it had some effect on me and ever since, if needing an electric blanket, I turn it on to toast up the bed and then turn it off just before getting in. It stays toasty all night from your own body heat. If you feel you are having a problem, please, consider the option of just shutting turning it on early and shutting it off when you get in. For all I know, it could just be a short!  (+ info)

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