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How to conceal keloid acne?

Ok, so I don't have bad acne but when I do I usually get it on my cheeks and it's keloid type acne. I have one little bump that will not go away! The pimple healed but not the little keloid is just there. I've tried using my Physician's Formula concealer to cover it and my Revlon ColorStay Foundation as well, but the little dark bump is still there and annoying. Any suggestions?

laser treatment

above all use powder on top of concealer and foundation

and just play it off as a mole/beauty mark if it doesnt work  (+ info)

How do i restore colour to my acne keloid?

Its flattened and reduced in size but i want to get the colour matching my skintone......any non-surgical remedies?

best answer 10ptz!

sadly with keloid scaring there is no natural way to re introduce colour to it.   (+ info)

Is there anything that can be done for keloid and acne scars?

Micra derma brasion! i dont know the spelling tho!  (+ info)

Cryosurgery for acne keloid in nyc ?

Hi, I'm looking for a doctor to treat my small acne keloid on my face. I search the internet but i cannot find one anywhere. Can anyone recommend a doctor that performs cryosurgery? Thanks.

I can't give you a specific name but you should research the dermatologists where you live. Find one who has prior experience working with keloids. If you haven't already you may want to consider steroids treatments before cryo. Cryo causes discoloration of the skin pigment at the treatment site and if it's on your face then you will bring a bit of attention to it. Just a thought. Good luck  (+ info)

Can Retin-a be used to treat facial keloid acne scars?

  (+ info)

hypertropic/keloid scars on my chin (bumps) after acne..what should i use to get rid of them?

Try Mederma, it's a cream that's supposed to help scars fade and you can find it at any drug store. You could also look for a nonbrand cream for scars, just look for the ingredient Onion extract. Vitamin E and cocoa butter work as well, but I found them to be not nearly as effective as the Mederma.  (+ info)

will aloe vera gel work for keloid acne scar? if yes, how long will it take to see result?

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What can you do to get rid of old keloid scars?

I had horrible severe acne that left me with keloid scars. The nutritionist doctor said that after a year the keloids settle in and you can't really do anything about it. I've had these keloids for about a year and a half to two years. What can i do or use on my keloids that will minimize their appearance or get rid of them?

my ex brother in law had one on his back..they had it removed..you can have a doctor remove it..but his was from falling out of a tree..and with acne that will be most likely on your face..i would suggest a plastic surgeon for that if they can fix clef lips..they surely can do something about that..but it will not be cheap  (+ info)

Acne Keloid - if there is any natural way to cure it?...any effective home remedies...?


I am 26 yrs old lady and having acne keloids on both shoulder area, area below neck. I am really fade up with it.
I am facing big problem due to that.This is since 4-5 years.
I am not able to wear any cloth except cotton and no embroidery, as it starts etching.
Also, now-a-days it pains any time in the day.
There is one keloid on left side below neck, if pressed, small part of my backside head starts paining…
Means, these are penetrating into deeper layers of skin, may be causing nerves getting blocked with these keloids frm inner layers.
I have tried all pathys like allopathy, homeopathy (currently using it), ayurvedic,steriods,medicinal tubes, etc….

I am very much afraid whether this will turn into serious problem in future.

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Keloid scarring from acne... can i get a tattoo?

ok so i have wanted a tattoo for a long time now, and i have seen one i would like for my forearm. the problem as my title shows is i have had sum pretty bad acne which led to keloid/hypertrophic scarring. this occurred about 3yrs ago maybe a bit longer, i have had scratches, cuts and spots since and nothing. sometimes i get raised spots if they are really deep but apart from that nothing. The tattooist i have been to and know personally has said about doing a tester in black seeing as though my design im wanting is in black. i have been to a GP and he said that he wouldnt because there is a bigger risk. I cant get in contact with my Consultant Dermatologist at the moment and all i've read online are the same quote from america that says tattooing is class as trauma to the skin. ive known people with some keloids getting tattoos, like my brother hes had two big tattoos on both his forearms and has had no reaction to them.

if anyone with keloids could give me advice or anyone with advice at all is welcome.

Whilst your GP is a great first port of call, I would wait until you've seen your dermatologist.

I have some keloid scarring from acne on my arms and after a conversation with my dermatologist, I decided against tattooing that area, but all scarring is different and your dermatologist may think that it would be okay for you to get a tattoo there.

If you've had scratches and cuts in the area before you should be okay, but I would still check with your dermatologist. I always check with mine before I get a tattoo anywhere, I'm prone to acne everywhere and I don't want any tattoo's I get to cause problems with my acne so all the tattoo's I've had so far have been dermatologist approved ones and there are certain areas I just won't even ask about because I'm not willing to risk it even with my dermatologists okay.

Talk to your dermatologist and get some more tattooists opinions. There are lots of artists here, but none of us can see the scarring so none of them can tell you whether they would be willing to work on the area or not.

Maybe posting a picture (I realise this may not be an option, I definitely wouldn't be putting my keloid scars on the internet for everyone to see) would help some of the artists on here give you a more well-informed decision.

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