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difference between EBS and ACRODERMATITIS ENTEROPETHICA in 3 month old female?

You will need to define EBS and check the correct terminology regarding ACRODERMATITIS ENTEROPETHICA. Thank you  (+ info)

I have ACA lime diseases over more then 50 jears, how is your experience?

ACA is Acrodermatitis Cronicia Atrophicans

I have lyme disease,and there are various new treatments now and some more on the way,you can see the sites below for more information..  (+ info)

A bit TMI but very painful!?

Okay, I am 14 weeks along and have been taking the prenatals since I found out, which was at 4 weeks. They didn't always stay down those first few weeks, but I haven't had morning sickness now for a bit.

Onto the other fun part of this: I was born with congenital zinc deficiency (also called acrodermatitis enteropathica). As a child it caused some really horrible rashes/blisters that I was thankfully too young at the time to remember.

Now, I would think that taking this prenatal, I wouldn't have to worry about my zinc levels. However, I woke up last night with these HORRIBLE scaly rash things (I think the term is papulosquamous if I remember my medical records at all) on the INSIDE OF MY THIGHS.

If they felt like this when I was a kid, I think I understand why my mom said I screamed for the first 6 months of my life!

I guess if there is a question in any of this...it's do you think it's at all possible to be having a zinc deficiency issue when I'm all pumped full of prenatals? (I believe it's the brand Pro-Natal Plus but I don't have the bottle on hand this second)

In my opinion, it is very possible that you are experiencing a Zinc deficiency similar to that which you experienced during your childhood. Even while taking prenatal vitamins, it is important to remember that your body doesn't absorb all of the nutrients in a vitamin, and much of it is passed from your body via urine. Also, you'll want to take into consideration that a large portion of the vitamins and minerals you consume while pregnant will cross the placenta and be absorbed by your baby BEFORE that nutrition benefits your body. If your baby is using up your supply of Zinc (especially if you aren't getting enough for both you and baby) it could easily leave YOU deficient.

You may want to discuss this in detail with your doctor. He/She may prescribe a Zinc supplement in addition to your prenatal vitamin, and/or may suggest changes in your diet.  (+ info)

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