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Can it be caused when babies cut teeth?
How long can it take to absess?
Will the infection show up on ultrasound when it's in the jaw?
We've already had an ultrasound yesterday.
Whatever this is, startred growing a week ago.
We see an ent on Tuesday to discuss removing or biopsy

yes it usually takes 3 days to absess and be on ultrasound.  (+ info)

Is actinomycosis in the eye contagious?

Is it =/
Mine looks like this;
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2945649846/

Thanks! :D

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Actinomycosis is usually caused by an anaerobic (disliking oxygen) bacterium called Actinomyces israelii, which is a common and normally nonpathogenic (not disease-causing) organism found in the nose and throat.

Because of the bacterium's normal location in the nose and throat, actinomycosis most commonly appears in the face and neck. And since it is normal for people to carry this organism, the infection is not contagious.
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Actinomycosis in Abdomen without reasonable cause...?

I was diagnosed with abdominal actinomycosis and I had my appendix removed. When I asked the doctor questions about the disease and how I may have gotten it, she simply blew me off. I never had prior surgery to the infection, so I am not sure how it came to be in my intestinal tract. What I have read has only told me that abdominal actinomycosis is caused from surgery to the abdomen, typically appendicitis (which actinomycosis caused me to have). If anyone has any further insight into this, I would appreciate the suggestions.

Leah, don't ever allow a doctor to "blow you off". You have a legal right to information about your health and medical care. Run a search for the Patient Bill of Rights and read it. Ask her again and inform her that "she will answer your questions". If you continue to have problems with her, report this to your health insurance company and, while you're on the phone with the customer service rep, you may want to change doctors.

Actinomycosis is caused by a strain of bacteria called actinomycetales. Actinomycetales are found in many of the body’s cavities, such as inside the mouth and, less commonly, inside the lower intestinal tract. In women, they are can also sometimes be found in the fallopian tubes and uterus.

Actinomycetales are anaerobic bacteria, which means that they cannot thrive in oxygen-rich environments. Therefore, they do not present a problem when they are confined to one of your body’s cavities, such as the mouth, or the intestinal tract. However, if actinomycetales breach the protective lining that surrounds the cavities, they can then penetrate deep into your body’s tissue. Deep human tissue is an environment which is low in oxygen, which means that the bacteria can quickly reproduce and infect healthy tissue.

Actinomycosis is an opportunistic infection. It will not cause any symptoms unless an opportunity arises for it to penetrate into the body‘s tissue. Abdominal actinomycosis occurs when something perforates the wall of the intestine, allowing the bacteria to penetrate into deep tissue.

The intestine can become perforated as a result of an infection, such as a burst appendix which damages the wall of the intestine. Alternatively, it can be damaged through injury - for example, when someone mistakenly ingests a foreign body, such as a chicken, or fish, bone.

Most commonly these infections occur in the mouth, face and neck but the chest, abdomen/pelvis and central nervous system can also be affected. In the GI tract, when infection occurs, it often follow a loss of integrity of the mucus lining of the intestine, as with appendicits or abdominal surgery or any other condition, trauma or situation that causes a loss of integrity ("intactness").

The way you written this -- "I was (1) diagnosed with abdominal actinomycosis and (then 2) I had my appendix removed" -- states that the infection came first and the appendectomy second as a consequence of the infection. This is illogical. Yet you've stated that prior to the infection, you never had a surgery and I believe you. By any chance do you use an IUD?  (+ info)

What type of doctor do I see about a cyst or something on my cheek?

Let me explain that LONG story first. At the end of May I had my bottom two wisdom teeth extracted. Well about a month after the extraction I got a lump along my left jaw line. Thinking it was related to my extraction I went to my dentist to have him check it out. He said that it didn't look like much and to check back in a week or so if it hadn't gone away. A week later the lump was still present and was beginning to feel bruised so I called to make another appointment. My dentist wasn't in that day (or the rest of the week) so I saw a different dentist in the same office. He acted like it was a big deal, but didn't know what it was. He got out books and eventually called the oral surgeon that extracted my teeth to see if he had any ideas. He didn't know without seeing me so he told the dentist to put me on an antibiotic and have me come see him (the oral surgeon) in 5 days. When I visited the oral surgeon, he acted very unsure about what it was and just told me to finish the antibiotic and if it wasn’t better by then to come back. By this time I felt like I needed to go a different route, so I did. I made an appointment with my regular physician to see if he had any ideas. He immediately said it was an abscess, put me on a different antibiotic and instructed me to apply heat for 20 minutes everyday and then come back to see him in a week and he would drain it. A week later I go in to have the abscess drained to find that it's not an abscess. My physician stuck a needle in it and it was solid so he then diagnosed it as a cyst and told me that he could not remove it that I needed to see someone else. He set me to see a different oral surgeon to see if he could remove the cyst from the inside. Well the oral surgeon said that it looked to him like the beginning stages of actinomycosis, and sent me back to my physician for further consultation. I went back to my physician and he said it was not actinomycosis and he is sending me to an ear nose and throat doctor this week. As you can see this has been a very lengthy process and I am ready for it to be OVER! Is my physician on the right track?

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Is actinomycosis in the eye contagious?

This is what mine looks like;
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2945649846/
I'm just not sure if I can go to school =/
I know most people don't get it in the eye, it's usually on their skin. Since it has like goo and stuff, It might spread...

It's contagious if someone touches your eye.
I'd stay home from school.
You can gather germs at school and it can become worse.
Do stay home.  (+ info)

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