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Kinetic contrast MRI for pituitary adenoma?

I have an adenoma on my pituitary gland that was diagnosed through an MRI. Now I am being scheduled for a kinetic contrast MRI to get more information and would like to know what the difference is and what it will entail. Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi. I'm not a doctor but have an opinion. I think you will find the experience very similar. This time I think you will have a needle put into a vein of the arm. Some time during the scanning the contrast solution of the needle will be injected automatically. The solution is known to be harmless. You may experience a warm/cold sensation.

This contrast solution makes it easier to identify possible pathology. In the case of a tumor the contrast solution will "hang around" in this area and "enhance" the image.
The amount of enhancement and rate of enhancement will help the doctor to decide on the type of adenoma. It may also be easier to see how large it is.

Please ask your doctor for medical information.  (+ info)

Anyone out there had a liver adenoma?

Anyone had a liver adenoma? Anyone gone through a surgery of getting a liver adenoma removed?
I'm kind of alone here and i'd love someone like me to talk to!

No, I haven't. But I pray that your surgery goes well, you heal quickly and have very little discomfort. I hope you have family with you? If you already know it is an adenoma, noncancerous, you are blessed. You are taking a proactive stance in your health, and removing it before it can be something worse.  (+ info)

Thyroid nodule, what mean colloid cyst, hypofunctioning thyroid adenoma?

the test result say "Cold nodule, differential includes a colloid cyst, hypofunctioning thyroid adenoma, and malignacy. Already do my biopsy, but i still thinking about this test becose is the only one i can read. Do a really need surgery??
Thanks for any help!!

An adenoma is a tumor which is usually benign (harmless, except it's interfering w/your thyroid functioning) or malignant which means it is cancer. In either case an excisional biopsy will remove the tumor and then it will be sent to the pathologist for review.  (+ info)

Surgery for suprasellar pituitary adenoma?

I was diagnosed with a suprasellar pituitary macroadenoma (which is on my optic chiasm) with a size of 1.4 x .9 cm. If surgery is required to remove it, which surgery will I have? Is it still small enough for transsphenoidal surgery or will I have to have a craniotomy?

You can still have a transpheniodal surgery.

Just make sure you get a very experienced surgeon who is experienced not only in macroadadenomas but the type of tumor it is (be it prolactinoma, Cushing's acromegaly or whatever) as they all differ and some are more difficult to remove than others. For example, a Cushing's tumor tends to be jelly like.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Has anyone had Adenoma on their pituitary gland. Any medication or advice to get rid of?

My endocrinologist says about 15% of the adult population has some form of a pituitary adenoma, with the vast majority being tiny benign microadenomas that do not cause any problems and would never be found except as incidental findings now that CT & MRI scans have become so common.

You need to talk to an endocrinologist. There is nothing the average person can do to change the size of an adenoma they might have. You can not even monitor the size of the adenoma without having MRIs done once every year or two. good luck  (+ info)

Pituitary Adenoma, Endocrinologist & Hematologist/Oncologist tomorrow how to speed things up?

I have been sick since 2002 No one had any real clue why until last May when the adenoma was found accidentally. It is not cancer but they still have not figured out exactly what all this is affecting. Not exactly a brain tumor, but the hypothalamus is still kind of important!

Someone will eventually do something about this. But I really do feel like all the Doctors are dragging their feet just because they know that this will not kill me quickly.

My life has been completely transformed by this. I am still white, female, mom/daughter/sister. Those are just about the only things that have not changed. I completely understand every single lyric from The Black Parade, especially that song “Blood”(grab a glass because theirs going to be a flood).

I know something will eventually be done. I have learned how to sometimes harass a Doctor into action. This is just going so slow. I am so ready for this to be over. Any suggestions how to speed it along?

My husband has the same problem. Still no diagnosis yet, but symptoms never go away and stay away. I think it is all just a money game. They work with each other sending you to each other to keep collecting money. Just get plain mean and tell them you need answers now! Enough is enough. Cause a scene at the doctors office. I hope you get your answers soon and get well.  (+ info)

What is a vesicular adenoma?

Is there a treatment for it?, is a cirugy an option?, what causes this vesicular adenoma?

An adenoma is a type of tumor, a cancer. Vesicular refers to fluid filled cysts on the tumor. This can be in many differnt organs of the body. Impossibe to say what the treatment would be without knowing locations, size, stage of the tumor. Need to talk to the doctor for specific information. Yes, there are treatments, including surgery, but you ( or the patient) need to discuss this with the doctor for specifics.  (+ info)

Anyone out there has an experience with fibroid adenoma?

  (+ info)

Anybody ever had or has a brain tumor. I havea pituitary adenoma. How long until you got back to "normal"?

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what are the signs and symptoms of pituitary adenoma?

Generally a test of prolactin levels will help identify this, a simple blood test.

It can alter arterial angioogenisis in the retina or secretions of the uterus. It can affect your hormones, neurotransmitter, and immunoresponses generated by the body.

It often produces milk from nipples in women and can produce breasts on men it the amount of prolactin levels are too high.

It may cause high blood pressure or be an agonist to cancer due to it's angiogenic abilities.

With too much prolactin, it makes it easier to find the potholes in the road by the feel of the bouncing of your own breasts.

This would be for a microadenoma or macroadenoma of the anterior lobe of the pituitary, it does have other functions though and it's location near the optics can help identify visually its size, if it gets large it usually has affects on optic neurology.

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