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what part of the body does the term adenoma refer to?

adenoma is not a normal part of the body.
It is a growth of the glandular tissue.  (+ info)

I was just disagnosed with Pituitary Adenoma?

I am a male 31 years old, the condition began by left eye troubles, my prolactin levels were very high 683 ng/ml the normal is up to 17 ng/ml, endocronologist made do an MRI on sella to discover a pituitary tumour with dimensions 2.1x2.2x2 that the mri report said it was a pituitary adenoma, my endocronologist gave me dostinix drug to reduce the prolactin level and treat the pituitary tumour, i read about dotinix side effects and i am afraid to take it ... is it safe and will i tolerate this treatment ?

dostinex will significantly reduce the size of the tumor. there's nothing scary about it, just a few headaches, cramps. my girlfriend takes it for the same reason. don't worry about it man.  (+ info)

When told you have invasive adenocarcinoma, moderately differentiated arising in tubular adenoma extending to?

involve the cautery after having had a polypectomy , exactly what key words am I looking for to see if this thing has metastasized, and which organs it might potentially have migrated to? and why would the diagnostic report read 2 icd codes, ie 153.9 malig neop colon unspec and 211.3 benign neoplasm of colon. Is it just me or is the medical industry so rusheed that they are not able to answer questions like this????
Panda, sure hope you get this one,
Thanks to all

From what you wrote it's impossible to say if the tumor has metastasized. It only says you had a benignant polyp (tubular adenoma) which went malignant. From my experience as pathologist, colonic polyps are going malignant pretty often. Moderately differentiated means the tumor is not very aggressive like a low differentiated one.
For metastasis, you will have to undergo an CT scan or MRI looking for lymph nodes involvement and possible metastasis in liver, lung, peritoneum.
The diagnose is reported with 2 codes because you have in the same time a benign tumor (tubular adenoma) and a malignant one (adenocarcinoma).
Good luck  (+ info)

my daughter has a pituitary adenoma she is 6?

and i am scared i don't know what to expect has anyone been through this. i need to know about the surgery and the risks i've done research on the computer but dont know anyone who has been through it please help

Hello...sorry about your daughter. I understand these tumors are usually easily removed with surgery but you need a good Dr. for this--a surgeon who is a pituitary specialist. Go to www.pituitary.org and look at their Dr. listings. The biggest worry is what happens afterwards. The pituitary is a very imporant gland since it is the master gland. If there is damage to the pituitary from the tumor pressure or from the surgery then she will need to be on hormones for her entire life. Growth hormone (injectable and vital to growth and overall health), repro hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone), cortisol (the most important hormone---insufficiency is life threatening!), thyroid, etc. All these are necessary and even with these synthetic replacements she will never feel 100%, though she may not even remember what it feels like at her age to be 100%. Go to this website to monitor symptoms from hormones that maybe lost or maybe lost after surgery http://www.goodhormonehealth.com/symptoms/gland_hormone_symptom_table.html. Best of luck to you and your daughter.  (+ info)

what is serous adenoma, ovary & evrything about it..?

case study only

  (+ info)

what is a pituitary adenoma?

I need some information on what it is, if it can kill me, and what treatment happens. Im 21 and reasonably fit, and was told that i have this and then i kind of stopped listenin to the doctor because i was so shocked.
Any advice is useful, especially if you've been thru it and can tell me about ur experience.

A pituitary adenoma is a tumor of the pituitary gland. It can have various effects, depending on the type of tissue it came from and it's size. It may secrete a pituitary hormone (prolactin is the most common, but it could be almost anything produced in the gland) or cause problems only due to it's size (it can put pressure on the structures around it, sometimes it can even cause problems with vision by putting pressure on the optic nerve).
There are various treatments for it, both medical and surgical, depending on it's type, size, and location, but I can't tell which would be best for you without knowing much more, your doctor is the best person to talk to about it, he should have the information.  (+ info)

if you have benign adenoma can it effect youy pregnancy?

as long as it is benign, there should be little problems, maybe diarrhea? they are like polyps in your colon right.
if you are preg now, once you have the baby and have recovered, i would go in and have them removed, to be on the safe side. it took about 45 min and yah i had cramps after but i know they are gone, and cant develop into something nasty later.


you should be find, just check with your doctor if you have anymore questions.

good luck hone  (+ info)

I was diagnosed Cushing's disease last year due to a pituitary adenoma, due in for surgery in April... ?

I'm scared, the surgery is going to be performed in Mexico using the transphenoidal method, my adenoma is 6 x 5 mm, located on the left side of the gland, the carotide vein, is near the adenoma, what should I expect?
I heard there is an alternative to surgery, by using gamma knife, is it appropiate to be used in my case?

The surgery is done thru an endoscope which goes up thru the nostrils to a natural passageway. The surgeon can move the instrument down to the pituitary adenoma near the carotid vein & remove the tumor.
You may need to take medication after the surgery.

If you Google "transphenoidal" click on 1st site "Surgery"
They have a video you can watch of the removal of a pituitary adenoma.

You can also google mayo clinic>>diseases>>Cushing's disease

Good luck  (+ info)

Question about adenoma/prolactinoma (Pituitary Tumor)?

is it possible to have an adenoma/prolactinoma and still have normal periods?

I have the headaches, the lactation, the nausea and the blurred vision, However my periods are still normal. I am getting a blood test and an MRI as ordered by my doc, but Is it possible to have regular periods and still have this condition? thank you
Why doesnt anyone actually answer the question asked? ........ is it possible to have normal periods and this condition, thats all I want to know

lactation is influence by prolactin. The menstraul cycle in influence by FSH. You can still have a normal cycle with a prolactinoma. The headaches and blurred vision is very troubling. You should have the MRI as soon as possible and make sure you have a neurosurgeon examine the MRI because regular physicians/even some neurologists don't know neurology.  (+ info)

As a pituitary dwarf with a benign pituitary Adenoma, and am producing HGH, is the Adenoma secreting or no ?

What's important is the level of HGH...Care to reveal #'s?  (+ info)

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