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Has anyone ever been diagnosed with an Adjustment Disorder?

Three years ago after i was cheated on by the father of my child I became suicidal. I have always suffered with depression and I voluntarily checked into a mental health unit for 12 weeks to be assessed. I was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder leading to a nervous breakdown. Has this happened to anyone else? What led up to it and did anyone ever give you advice about coping with it?
I'm fine now...best thing that ever happened just wanted a veiw from anyone else whos been through it.

Following the culture-shock of moving to a large city, from a rural area, I suffered from panic attacks and other forms of anxiety. We (counselor & I) suspected an adjustment disorder.
Whatever it was, I had difficulty adjusting to my new environment and found every aspect of the new situation to be very stressful.
Whether or not it was truly adjustment disorder, I can not say. I will say that I was severely depressed, and any further stresses were just too much. With time and counseling my symptoms diminished. I just kept exposing myself with having to deal with the new things a little at a time.  (+ info)

whats adjustment disorder with mixed emotions and conduct?

i was diagnosed with it and im not really sure what it is. explain please?

  (+ info)

adjustment disorder how to deal with someone who has this problem?

how to deal with a girlfriend who has this problem iam going crazy too i try to support her but some times it hard to deal it she is going to a therapist . it just seem like our relationship its getting worse how long it takes to go back to normal .

Adjustment disorders are temporary mental disorders that result from a stressful life change-a breakup or separation, losing a job, an illness, moving. Most people adjust within a short period of time, but others have trouble adjusting and begin to feel self-destructive or depressed. This inability to cope with the stressful change is an adjustment disorder.

Some who have an adjustment disorder choose to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, which can lead to a substance abuse problem. Treating substance abuse and adjustment disorder in the same patient requires a multi-pronged strategy.

Build a support network within your family,girlfriend and friends. Find an outside support group to talk with about the stressful issues you are dealing with, as well as substance abuse problems. Having people behind your girlfriend that you can talk to can keep things in perspective and encourage your girlfriend in her attempts to use coping skills instead of drugs and alcohol.
Take care as Always!  (+ info)

Can Adjustment disorder have something to do with sexual orientation?

It's highly unlikely. It's more common to have unhealthy relationships, get into trouble often, have high anxiety, depression. Not sexual orientation. Best of luck.  (+ info)

What is a good Yoga pose adjustment for Downward Dog if you have a shoulder injury?

What is a good Yoga pose adjustment for Downward Dog if you have a shoulder injury?
Actually I am a Yoga instructor and one of my students has a shoulder injury. I'm trying to think of different variations he can do.

hmm it is not the best posture for shoulder injuries. depending on the severity of the injury, you could use a belt from behind around the hips and pull back, thereby taking the weight off the shoulders?  (+ info)

When the price adjustment concerned, does it matter it is a sale price or a promotion price?

I bought a lot of stuff at an Ann Taylor store on Sunday. Today, I found that they offer addition 30% off. I went to the store and asked for a price adjustment, but the sales guy told me that he couldn't do the adjustment because what they have is a promotion, but not a sale. Does anybody know whether they distinguish between that when it comes to a price adjustment? Thanks.

I would rebuy the items at 30% off and take the other items back on the full price receipt. If you have worn anything just take the new item back and use your first receipt on it. If that is their policy I doubt they will give you an adjustment.  (+ info)

How important do you think it is to get payment/adjustment transactions?

How important do you think it is to get payment/adjustment transactions for a patient correct? How could a mistake have adverse effects for the office, patient, and MA?

Very important


Office -- accounting purposes, loss due to blunders
Patient -- have to pay more.
MA -- loss of credibility  (+ info)

Is there a period of adjustment when switching birth control pills for hormone replacement?

I have been taking birth control pills for early menopause for about a year now. I was taking 30mcg but my doctor switched me to 50mcg because my symptoms are so severe. I have been taking the new ones for almost 2 weeks now and feel some of my old symptoms creeping back again but not as severe. Is this normal? Is there a period of adjustment when switching? When will the new higher dose pills kick in?

Yes, there is a period of adjustment when switching from birth control pills to hormone replacement like can occur when someone switches from one brand of birth control pill to another.

It can take the body 3 months to fully adjust but I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a pelvic adjustment and baby dropped?

I am going to the Chiropractor today to get a pelvic adjustment to see if I can get baby to drop. I am being induced on Tuesday and would love to go naturally but baby is Very high up and I am not dilated much only 1/2cm and my cervix is still long. I was just curious if this worked for any of you are have you seen it work for someone else? Thanks!!! I've read that your pelvis can be out of alignment which means the baby wouldn't have enough room to engage.

Yes. It also made my breech flip to the correct position. It sometimes takes more than one adjustment though.  (+ info)

Have you ever heard of a chiropractic adjustment to get rid of spitting up?

Someone recently told me that they heard of this new thing where you take your baby to a chiropractor and they do a quick little adjustment near their sternum and it cures them of spitting up. Has anyone ever heard of this or tried it before? Any info on how I can find someone in my area to do it? I live on Long Island in NY. Thanks!

I've heard of it, but never tried it. A chiropracter that goes to my church adjust babies for everything from spitting up to plain old fussiness. He adjusts newborns and says all newborns need it because of the birth through the birth canal.......it is worth a shot. Look them up in the phone book and call and ask if they work on infants.  (+ info)

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