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Difference between adrenocortical and cortisol?

What is the difference between adrenocortical and cortisol?

Cortisol helps the bodies use proteins, sugars and fats and is produced in the adrenal cortex. However, adrenocortical is having to do with or made by the outer layer of the adrenal gland, which produces steroid hormones.

There is an adrenal gland on top of each kidney.

Basically, adrenocortical is anything that is produced by the adrenal gland. Whereas, cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex.  (+ info)

Need help diagnosing this medical case. TOPIC? Adrenocortical problems! Medstudents or Docs..HELP!! =S?

I need to present this case in my class a wk from now, but i wanna be certain my diagnosis is the right one. I'm workin' on it myself, but just needed to be sure i was right. In addition to the diagnosis, if u cud co-relate the signs and symptoms it'd be appreciated =D
A 37 yr old fem is admitd 2 the internalmed ward 4 evaluation of increasing weakness,episodes of diziness and nausea & vomiting that r stress and xercise related.She also says she has craving 4 salty foods, like potatochips & salted peanuts.
Clinical findings:
BP = 90/65
Pulse = 110bpm
Upon physical exam,pigmentation of buccal mucosa and palms of hands were observed.
Glucose == 60mg/dL
Creatinine =1mg/dL
Amylase =100units/dL
Liver Function Tests = normal
ACTH = 250picograms/ml
Cortisol = 50ng/24hours
Q1What is the most probable diagnosis? (plz give reasoning, not just random guess..lol)
Q2. Discuss the development of signs & symptoms,meaning give reasons 4 them.

Adrenal Insufficiency and Adrenal Crisis

Reasoning here at this link: http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic16.htm  (+ info)

Which disease is the hyperfunction of the adrenal glands?

Cushing's Syndrome  (+ info)

Have you/or anyone you know been diagnosed with Adrenocortical carcinoma?

I need some information please. My grandpa was diagnosed with this, and I would just like any information on it. Its a rare cancer found in only one or two persons per one million population.

And, yes, I have looked on google and stuff about this, for about an hour or more.

I just mainly want to hear of stories I guess.

In 2002 they said he had it, then they said it disappeared, and now, in 2010, they said he has it. I dont know. But yeah, he has had it for about seven or eight years, and he is over fifty years of age, going on sixty. And his son, my uncle, also has it, but the doctors told him (my uncle) not to worry about it.

Well I was asking to get more information on the subject, not so it could "help me", I think that would have been the obvious


I honestly doubt you will find somebody on here who has come into contact with this form of cancer. As you say it is rare.

Can I suggest a website, http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Home.aspx

This is a specialised cancer website in the UK. It also has a forum where you might find more information

I hope you find what you are looking for and your grandad is peaceful  (+ info)

When is the best time to take MethyIPREDISolone Tablets so they are most effective.?

was prescribed MethyIPREDNISolone Tablets and would like to know when is the best time of day to take them so they would be most effective. Prescribed 6,5,4,3,2,1 per day and then off for arthritis in the foot, heel area, and small bone spurr. Don't understand the pamplet that came with them but sounds like the best time possibly would be to take when adrenocortical activity is at its time of maximal activity which is 2AM to 8AM .............would this be correct????

anytime earlier in the day is good
if u take them at night it can interfere with ur sleep  (+ info)

Cushing's Disease ???

A patient with Cushing's Disease due to pituitary hyperfunction. the imbalance in his cortical hormones can lead to a secondary disease calles what?

A. hypersensitivities
B. Chronic Hypoglycemia
C. Grave's Disease
D. Adrenal Diabetes

Dose anyone know???


pituitary hyperfunction(tumour)---->corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) ----->ACTH----->{Adrenal cortex}--->cortisol==>Cushing's Disease

When cortisol blood levels become excessive, this turns off CRH release in a negative feedback loop. Cortisol is necessary for normal brain, immune, muscle and blood sugar function, and blood circulation.
Too much cortisol causes abdominal obesity, high blood sugar (“adrenal diabetes”), muscle wasting, bone loss, immune shutdown, brain (hippocampus) atrophy, poor wound healing, thin wrinkled skin, fluid retention and hypertension  (+ info)

Endocrine System... Help?

Why does hyperfunction or hypofunction of one gland often affect the other endocrine glands?? Also... What is the interrelatedness of the endocrine diseases?

  (+ info)

Immediate relief for pinched nerve in lower left back. And should I be worried that they put me on steroids?

About two weeks ago i started getting this awful back pain in my lower left back right above my buttocks. I went to my normal doctor who said i should just take ibuprofen for 5 days straight. Then he said if that didn't work go to a chiropractor. 5 days past and it wasn't completely gone but got better so my mother insisted on taking me to the chiropractor. When he saw me he said i had a pinch nerve and gave me adrenocortical steroids (MethylPREDNISolone Tablets, USP). He said i'm not allowed to take ibuprofen while on the steroids.

I'm in so much pain and i've tried everything from the creams to the liquids. And to make matters worst i've been sleeping on my right side so much that i've got a stiff neck. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night. Please help me...i'm meeting my fiance's mother today.

No, you shouldn't be worried about being on steroids. Steroids are a legitimate medicinal category with a lot of valuable uses. Anabolic "muscle building" steroids are just one kind. The biggest use, and the one you're on it for, is to reduce swelling on and around the nerve. You should look into stretching exercises too; those tend to help relieve pressure by relaxing a tense muscle that could be holding a nerve too tightly.

If it still hurts after a while on the steroid, you should talk to the chiropractor about spinal decompression. It essentially stretches your back in such a way that all pressure is relieved, and your spinal column is allowed to fit back together naturally. Sort of like a "reset" system for your back. A lot of massages tend to include it, and you can even do a version of it at home by just hanging from your feet somewhere, or lifting yourself up in a chair by pushing up on the arm rests. It's not the same as you'd get from a chiropractor, but it helps.

For instant relief, try a simple massage. It won't fix the problem, but it can help reduce the pain. Just rub circles on the area that hurts; unless that makes it hurt worse, in which case give the steroids more time to work.  (+ info)

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