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affective disorders ?

can you give me some situations which show a sign of affective disorder? a type of affective disorder is bipolar disorder.

Depression is an affective disorder. Some of the signs are change in appetite (over eating or loss of appetite), difficulty sleeping (insomnia), sleeping too much, irritability, emotional lability, vague sensations of pain or discomfort, restlessness.  (+ info)

Can someone help me with Schizo-affective disorder and Bipolar disorder with psychotic features?

I believe I was given the ability to hear voices for a reason. Something big is going to happen. This was done to me on purpose but I think it backfired on them. Do any of you hear voices? Could I and people like me be on to something? Is this the next stage of evolution or a horrible turn of fate?

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Whats the difference between schizo-affective and depression with psychotic features?

Just wondering how you differentiate between schizo-affective and depression with psychotic features?

Schizo-affective disorder is a mood disorder with schizophrenic tendencies, a person with SAD may hallucinate, have extreme paranoia(schizophrenia symptoms) and have major ups and downs (mood symptoms) for months on end.

A person with psychotic depression is always in a depressive state, but may experience an episode of psychosis, they could be hallucinating one day and be perfectly fine the next (but still have depression, of course). But a person with schizo-affective disorder will experience psychosis for a longer period of time.  (+ info)

In psychotic disorders, does the psychosis generally cause the delusions, or are they separate?

For instance, could a person believe that his boss was trying to kill him, would that be a result of hallucinations or something else? If a person has Major Depression with Psychotic Features, are their delusions mainlly a result of low- self worth/ feeling overly guilty about things, or is it usually because of the psychosis?

A person fearing someone were out to hurt them would fall under paranoia. Hallucinations include things that are heard or seen or felt such as bugs or voices. Delusions are exaggerations of real life instances such as someone believing that they are best friends with a famous person when in reality they are just a big fan. Or them believing that they will make millions writing a song. They may write, but it is probably unlikely they will become a millionare. I would say that delusions and hallucinations are a result of psychosis. The feelings that you mentioned are signs of depression, but are not necessarily delusions and definitely not hallucinations.  (+ info)

How do lithium drugs work in the treatment of psychotic disorders?

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Are those who were born prematurely more prone to psychotic disorders later on in life? Does any one know?

Was only wondering if it's a contributing factor to such an illness.

I've never heard that to be true.  (+ info)

Can mental disorders turn someone from bright/normal to dumbed down/psychotic?

I started out being a happy bright kid. Always did well in school and in life. I encountered many difficulties in life, and eventually got over them, but somehow ended up experiencing extreme anxiety and depression in my adolescent years. It went away only to resurface within the last two years, and I literally went from bright, speaking affluently with wonderful selections of vocab, to speaking about world events and generally being sophisticated, to a total mess, where at times I couldn't even put a paragraph together without darting on 5 different tangents, and forgetting what I said, and having my mood shift erratically.

I couldn't really see it coming until it got bad, and then I thought to myself, I don't know what I have, but I'm not normal anymore, how I used to be.

Can mental disorders really do this, even if you're not born with them?

Also, is there help to completely reverse or heal what has happened?

It's scary stuff. It really is.

Yes, you can manage and/or heal what you are describing, but you will need to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation, possibly take medication, and spend some time in therapy.

What you are describing can be a number of things. It could be challenged coping skills, anxiety and depression. Perhaps bipolar has manifested, too (teen depression and anxiety is common). It could be post-trauma peeking out, or maybe it's mostly limited to feelings and memories that you need to work thru. In other words, there are lots of possibilities. It's unlikely any will take care of themselves without professional help.

My own guess... bipolar because I've experienced what you are describing.  (+ info)

Has anyone gone to Mayo Clinic for sleep disorders? Was it affective?

I am being referred to Mayo Clinic for a sleep disorder ( RLS) has anyone gone there for treatment and was it affective? Did you get the same information that you would have from your specilist at home?

I went to standford's sleep clinic since it was supposed to be the best place in the world for it and I have "insomnia," and my parents were upset about it. It was a pretty bad experience, I discovered one of the glues they used was toxic, and I was kept awake all night by electodes on me generating a field, not being permitted to move at all, and people running down the halls screaming or something.
Afterwards I was diagnosed with sleep apnea since I was unable to sleep for long peroids, and reccomended some drugs.
I had been living with someone who had sleep apnea for about 2 weeks prior to this, and thus I knew what sleep apnea was. (When you lie down your windpipe collapses so you choke hence you can't sleep, and this guy was up almost all the time and really messed up by sleep deprivation).
Because of that it was pretty clear to me this diagnosis was false (and possibly a catch all to diagnose people that don't sleep after you pay for lots of expensive tests). Standford has one of the best sleep labs so I'd wager some of this is applicable to your story.

Sorry about the other question. I wanted to give it a serious answer, but with Qs like that, they tend to get mobbed with short 2 line answers, and by the time you get a real response done 8 are ahead of yours and no one ever reads it, so I basically cheated, put 1 line in, and then edited to say the full thing :P It's done now.  (+ info)

What is the treatment implications for mood disorders,anxiety disorder, conduct disorder,psychotic disorder?

medication + sleep/behavioral/nutritional/cognitive/one on one therapy  (+ info)

What are the most effective medications for individuals with psychotic disorders, and why?

Do you know which disorder?

Test yourself first then tell me!
http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv  (+ info)

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