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Identify and describe three of the more common opportunistic infections related to acquired immunodeficiency?


1.Thrush is an oral yeast infection.
2.Karposi's Sarcoma is a cancer most commonly found in middle aged Mediterranean men. It consists of skin eruptions & sores.
3.Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) caused by the jiroveci fungus. It is among the most serious of the opportunistic diseases. Most peoples' immune systems protect them from getting PCP.  (+ info)

is a person said to have full blown aids if primary or opportunistic infections occur?

Opportunistic infections will hit people who have HIV, all the time. It need not be full blown AIDS for this.  (+ info)

What opportunistic infections indicate AIDS?

  (+ info)

opportunistic infections may increase the risk of malnutrition in the patient with HIV/AIDS because of?

A. fluid retention
B. further compromise of the immune system
C. reduction in red blood cells causing tissues to not be adequately oxygenated
D. decreased oncotic pressure in the intravascular space

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what are some opportunistic infections associated with AIDS? what are their symptoms?

what infection isn't? AIDS attacks the autoimmune system, which is your body's only defense against infection. With AIDS, almost any infection is possible. most people with aids die of pneumonia, cancer of one kind or another, or a host of other illnesses. most of these infections would normally be suppressed by the body's natural immunity. AIDS prevents this from happening. staph infections and strep infections are comm0n, and often lethal to the patient.  (+ info)

Which of the following organs of the body seems particularly vulnerable to opportunistic infections?

Which of the following organs of the body seems particularly vulnerable to opportunistic infections?

1. lungs
2. skin
3. eyes
4. stomach

All of the above. The staph that lives on your skin everyday is only looking for a way in; when it finds it, it's considered opportunistic and the infection begins. Any organ is susceptible to infection, thus washing the hands is more important than most really believe.  (+ info)

Aids patients have a major problem with infections by virsues and opportunistic pathogens. Give three examples

cryptococcal meningitis, candida esophagitis, pneumocystis pneumonia  (+ info)

.Explain why opportunistic infections are common in AIDS.?

We have bacteria and other pathogens constantly trying to cause us disease. Some pathogens live in our throats, some on our skin, some lie dormant in our cells, many exist in our guts. It is our immune system that constantly fights off these disease causing bacteria, viruses, and fungus. If you limit the ability of the immune system to do its job then these pathogens will take hold and will cause disease because our bodies would not be able to fight them off.  (+ info)

How many deaths occur in the world each day? How many are AIDS related?

It occurred to me as I was looking at the latest iPod models. Apple's link to (RED) products, which support AIDS relief in Africa, claims that 5800 people die from AIDS in Africa... every day. I'm not an activist or anything, but this concerns me, and here's why:

My last trip to the museum of science in Boston revealed that a person dies on earth every six seconds. There are 86400 seconds in each day (25x60x60) so that means 14400 people die each day. For 5800 people to die in Africa, each day, alone seems impossible. That would mean that 40 percent of worldwide deaths occur in Africa, add that to the fact that those 40 percent die of AIDS. Either the problem is worse than we thought, or the (RED) advertising campaign is padding it's numbers in the worst way possible.

Can anyone verify this?
sorry, I mistyped some math, I meant to say (24x60x60). There are not 25 hours in a day.

Believe it or not, that is an accurate estimate. 2.9 million per year worldwise, an average of 7945 people die each day from AIDS. That works out to 331/hour or 5.5 per second. The majority of those people that die are in fact in Africa.

2136000 die each year in Africa/Middle East from AIDS.
5852 per day
243 per hour
4 each second.

The problem really is worse than you thought. In industrialized countries, the number of infected is lower because of education and protection. In third world countries, their is little to no education, fewer resources, and more rape.
Industrialized countries have fewer deaths because of available immune treatments and healthcare. Third world countries don't have nearly as many options. So while at home everything seems hunky dory, if you take a look at the big picture it really isn't.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if anyone suffering from an Aids related illness is ever refused a drug because of cost?

I observe that the Government and NHS are extremely tight-fisted when it comes to paying for English people to obtain drugs.
I wonder if there is a special dispensation for Gays?
You know: like there is for Scotsmen!
Hi Mindy
You are right about the pen-pushers!
Every year 20,000 English people are allowed to go blind because Brown won't pay for treatment!
But he'll use English taxpayers money to pay for the Scots to have the eye treatment!

VINCEY BABE! Welcome back!
I work for the nhs and h8 to tell you, but yes this is the case quite often - seems to be whether your face fits with certain consultants? disgusting but true!  (+ info)

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