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is lauki juice good for kidney problems like albuminuria?

i have the problem albuminuria(protein going through urine)since two years.will there be any remedy for this?

It is of absolutely no benefit. Your health is too precious to submit to 'fads'. The remedy is proper control of causative conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Drugs such as angiotensin 1 converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers generally reverse albuminuria to some degree irrespective of whether or not you have hypertension (which is what they are most commonly used for). If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.  (+ info)

terms and how they relate to urinalysis testing?

what are these terms and what do they have to do with urinalysis testing: hematuria, pyuria and albuminuria

Hematuria, is the presence of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the urine.

Sterile pyuria is urine which contain white blood cells (pus) while appearing sterile by standard culture techniques.

Albuminuria is a pathological condition wherein albumin/protein is present in the urine.

These terms suggest nephritic syndrome.  (+ info)

a patient enters a hospital after a motorcycle accident. he complains of midback pains. xray reveal both rib?

a patient enters a hospital after a motorcycle accident. he complains of midback pains. xray reveal both rib and pelvic fractures. his emergency room examination includes urinalysis. which of the following findings from the urinalysis would most likely suggest trauma to the kidneys from the accident. but not to the urinary bladder?


albuminuria :)

Albumin is protiens from the kidney and uria meaning urine. So together, it means, Protiens in Urine and that's related to the kidney.  (+ info)

what is this condition?

If i have had a sore throat that went away, and now am swollen with no appetite, what do i have if my urinalysis came back as both blood and casts are present. There is no glycosuria, but there is albuminuria.

  (+ info)

Diabetic with kidney issues- help?

I've had Type 1 diabetes for almost 19 years. Since beginning nursing school, my blood glucose levels have been running VERY high (stress-related and hard to adjust for!)
My last A1c was 9.5 and my Micro Albumin level was >300 mg/L, indicating albuminuria. My U-Creatinine level was >139 mg/G (very high), and my GFR was 69.7 mL/min, indicating stage 2 (mild) kidney damage. I'm very concerned, of course. My doctor took me off Lisinopril about a year ago and I'm wondering if going back on it will help the albuminuria....? I do not have high BP. Also, should I be eating a low protein diet? My Total Protein was 7.6 g/dL (normal). Thanks in advance for any advice!!!
Thanks. I've already contacted my Dr., but I just thought I'd check on here to see if any "medical folks" had any advice until my appt.
Does anyone know anything further about whether ACE inhibitors can help reverse this or a low-protein diet?

You are doing the right thing by seeing your doctor. To answer your question in the meantime, I would limit the amount of protein you consume until your visit.
I have stage three kidney disease and my doctor advises me to limit my daily intake to reduce further damage.
I'm not a doctor, but cutting back on the protein until you are told otherwise won't harm you, and it may help.
Best of luck to you!  (+ info)

Urine Questions?

1) Analysis of a urine sample reveals the presence of plasma protein, a condition called:

Dysuria, Albuminuria, Pyuria, Hematuria, Uremia?


2) Molecules secreted into urine as it is being formed in the nephron include which of the following?

Water, Nitrogen Containing Waste, Salts, Hydrogen Ions, All of the Above?


3) A sudden fall in urine volume is:

Uremia, Dysuria, Oliguria, Anuria, Pyuria?


4) Visualization of the urinary system via contrast dyes and X-ray examination is the test called:

Intravenous Pyelogram, GFR, Hydrolithotripsy, Cystoscopic Examination, Creatinine Clearance?


5) Which of the following signs and symptoms indicate the need for examination by a physician?

Dysuria, Blood or Pus in Urine, Edema, Both Dysuria & Blood/Pus in Urine, All of the Above

1.) Albuminuria

Albumin is a protein that is in your plasma
It's not Dysuria (thirsty), Pyuria (pus in the urine), Hematuria (blood in the urine)

2.) All of the Above

I included a link at the bottom of this that talks about what the kidneys filter. All of those are mentioned there :)

3.) Oliguria

Uremia means high wastes in the blood, it's what happens when someone's kidneys fail
Dysuria, again is thirst
Anuria is no urine output at all
pyuria, again is puss in the urine

4.) Intravenous Pyelogram
I actually just saw one of these done 3 days ago

5.) All of the Above,

Being thirsty all the time can be a sign of diabetes, blood or pus in the urine is always a concern , maybe an infectino, edma can mean the body is retaining water. That's why I picked all of the above.

Hope that helps :)  (+ info)

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