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Alpha Thalassemia?

I was diagnosed with alpha thalassemia a couple of years ago and I know this affects my health. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was anything i could take(herbal-wise or modern medicine) or do in any way to make me feel better day to day. It is not so severe that i need blood tranfusions.
LOL, no I am not depressed, just wanted more info on my condition.

The only possible site of any use I could find was the one below. You can mail them and ask for specific advice...I hope you find what you want.  (+ info)

is alpha thalassemia an immunocompromising disorder?

I just need to know and can not find anything.
Thank you
im just curious because I know my son has alpha
thalassemia and I Was wondering if this disorder is the cause to some of whats going on with him. Sleeps more than normal, doesnt eat well, allergies, sick often.
My pediatrician told me not to worry, but I just wanted to see if they were linked.
Thanks for the help!!

Alpha Thalassemia is an inherited disorder, not an immunosuppressed disease/disorder.
It affects the production of normal hemoglobin (a type of protein that carries oxygen to the tissues of the body). Basically, is it a type of anemia ( some people refer to this as low blood). A basic explanation.
There are a number of different forms of anemia.
** It is caused by mutations in the " alpha " chain of the hemoglobin molecule.
** Normally, there are two " alpha chain genes " located on each # 16 chromosome, for a total of 4.
** The " alpha " chain is an important component of fetal hemoglobin ( which is usually made BEFORE birth) and, hemoglobin " A " & hemoglobin " A2" ( which are present AFTER birth).
** How these " genes" are changed or altered, determines the type of " alpha thalassemia" in a child.
It is most commonly found in Africa, the MiddleEast, India, Southeast Asia, southern China and, the Mediterranean region.
I hope that this is helpful and here's a great web:
http://www.lpch.org/DiseaseHealthInfo/HealthLibrary/hematology.thalapth.html  (+ info)

What exactly is Alpha-Thalassemia? I'm very nervous!?

I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and my doctors office just called me and told me that my blood work shows that I have Alpha-Thalassemia and they want me to get more blood work on my next visit. They also want my husband to come in to see if he is a carrier. What exactly is this? I'm very nervous!

Here is some info on it:  (+ info)

my 4 yr old boy has sickel cell trait + alpha thalassemia. Is there any treatment?

He looks so pale with dark circles under his eyes. He is very thin, and always tired. He sometimes has pain in his bones that wakes him up at night or doesn't allow him to wake during the day. his condition is getting worse. please help

After doing quite a bit of research, I was able to find out that there is no cure for your son's problem. It is treatable with blood transfusions, iron chelation therapy, and bone marrow transplants. Success rates are dependent upon the severity of the disease. The good news is many people are living well into their 40's and 50's with this disease. It is important to protect your son by getting him a flu shot every year and the pneumonia shot. If you go to this link, you can find valuable information about the types of treatment available. I am so sorry that he is suffering. Don't give up. Keep researching every web site you can find on the topic. There is help available, but it is going to fall on you to find it. Good luck.  (+ info)

alpha thalassemia disorder??

i just discovered not too long ago that i have a disorder called alpha thalassemia. i dont feel retarded or anything.. so what does it affect ? what exactly is it ?

Thalassemia may or may not affect you right away. It is not related to the brain, so your mind is fine. It has to do with the making of blood cells, and may affect your spleen. Type it into your search engine - you'll get direct information - or try Wikipedia (same difference - I get Wikipedia whenever I use my search engine).  (+ info)

i just found out i have alpha thalassemia,what does it mean and what are the implications?

Try this web site for full information
http://www.ukts.org/pages/alpha_gen.htm  (+ info)

Anyone with Alpha Thalassemia Trait??

I am 18 weeks pregnant and i just got my blood test results back i received a letter saying i MIGHT have inherited Alpha Thalassaemia Trait and the hospital want to see my husband for blood tests to see if he is a carrier too. I am really worried as i know he is a carrier cos when he was little he went private and got tested and it came up that he was a carrier but unsure whether its Alpha or Beta. I rang the hospital and asked them why my letter stated MIGHT as its made me panic thinking am i or arent i a Alpha Thalassaemia Trait, they said until they test my husband if both of us are carriers will be further investigated for DNA and counselling how it might affect our baby. I asked when i could find out if my baby has it or not and they say baby will be tested between 5-8 days after its born, but if we are both carriers it will have a 25% chance it will have Thallasseamia.....It has really made me worried and concerned has anyone experienced this before??

I have Thalasemia Alpha-Traits (minor). I found it out when my son was born. It explained so much why I was not so good at sports in school and why my mother had asthma.

My wife, on the other hand, was not a carrier. When my son was born it was a 50% chance he is infected. If not, he would have been a carrier. It turned out was infected.

He seem to be healthy now and growing like a weed. I was told by my Dr. to be careful not to buy multivitamines that contains iron and foods that are iron fortified.

The thing about this form of Betathalassemia is that it affects the way your blood cell carry oxygen in your blood stream throughout your body. Rigorous work will tire you out easily as is in my case. I loved sports in high school but could not participate because I could not keep up with the others. Hopefully the odds will be with your baby and he/she will turn out normal.

If the baby is infected then you know you will love him/her no matter what. Just that you are more informed about his condition. Check out other websites on Thalassemia.

Best Wishes  (+ info)

can you have Both the thalassemia trait AND sickle cell trait?

I have the sickle cell trait and I want to know if it is possible to have the alpha thalassemia trait too.

YES & its called sickle cell thalasemia.
but the anemia will be milder as the thalassemai cells has more Hemoglobin "F" that does not polymerize i.e. it does not sickle.
Inded the new treatment for sickle cell anemia is to give a drug that induces Hemoglobin "F" formation ,i.e. making the cells having thalassemai so that they wont sickle.  (+ info)

My 18 month old has an increased platelet count. What is the significance/ What disease is it associated with?

She has alpha thalassemia trait, but they are referring her to a specialist because they feel it is something more. I just want to know what is going on before her appointment.

I caution you against inviting speculation. Speak to her pediatrician and ask these questions. Please.  (+ info)

About Thalassemia?

Hi i am a Singaporean and I have Thalassemia. I am not sure whether it is Alpha or Beta but mine is a minor case. I just wish to ask if a couple both with Thalassemia are able to have healthy children? Mine is a minor case in which my doctor says i am a 25% carrier. My boyfriend just found out that he has Thalassemia too but he is Alpha Thalassemia. I heard from people that couples with Thalassemia will not get healthy babies at all. Is it true?
I thought that we can still have a 25% chance of getting a baby totally healthy, 50% chance of getting a baby who is a carrier and another 25% chance of a baby being fully affected.
Is there any Thalassemia organisation in Singapore for me to call and find out more?

Alpha thalassemia is usually incompatible with life...however there could be minor cases like in ur bf who is either a silent carrier, will be totally asymptomatic( does ur bf have anemia??) or have alpha thallasemic trait and the type associated in asians such as ur bf is the the one with unfortunately high rate of infant mortality, especially if u are alpha too...so u better get that checked out...first get the type of thalassemia you have checked out...  (+ info)

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