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What are systemic diseases that cause alveolar bone loss?

I have been slowly losing bone in my jaw over many years. I do not have gum disease. My dentists are perplexed. Despite getting my teeth cleaned 4X a year, they have not been able to control it. I do have a significant open bite, but x-rays do not show evidence of a traumatic occlusion. I have recently seen an endocrinologist to explore systemic causes of bone loss. I have so far ruled out sarcoidosis and osteoporosis. Are there any other diseases I should be screened for? I did find out that I was vitamin D deficient so am taking vitamin d supplements. There are no signs of inflammation on my gums. They are pink and firm.
No, I am not on fosamax. I had a dexascan and my numbers are fine. What type of autoimmune disease causes you to be allergic to your own teeth?

It could be wisdom teeth coming in combined with lack of calcium/vitamin D that could cause the jaw to recede which together cause teeth compression and bite disortions. A bite disortion will cause the teeth to bite down crocked causing jaw resession from the teeth as well as could cause loose teeth or even pockets of jaw bone to disappear around the teeth roots. I had this situation and I am trying hard to save two incisor teeth. 1000mg Vitamin D daily. 1000mg calcium daily. Exercise is most important for your body will only process food that the body demands from continued exercise. Stop drinking coffe or soda. No more candy/sugar. Drink Orange Juice in morning, milk in morning and night. Rinse/Brush after each meal, and before bed. Hydrate your body with water after exercise. Change the pillow case you sleep on at least each week. Might also change pillows for this could be a nightly source or irritation.
Shower before bedtime too.  (+ info)

How many millimeters is considered more than 50% periodontal bone loss?

I have periodontal disease. My insurance only covers treatments for pockets where there is greater than 50% bone loss. How many millimeters in depth are pockets where is there is greater than 50% bone loss?

Over 4 millimeters is considered periodontal disease.  (+ info)

Can I stop bone density loss if it is caused by prescribed medication?

I take thyroid meds and now have osteopenia T score -1.5 Can this bone density loss be stopped or will it definitely develop into osteoporosis? I will need to take the thyroid medication the rest of my life. I'll see my doctor on Friday to discuss it, but in the meantime, I hope someone out there can put my mind at rest. Thanks.

You can't stop it altogether but you can certainly slow it down. You should be taking calcium daily and at least 1000 iu of vit. D daily. You might also wasnt to consider taking a bisphosphonate such as Actonel, Boniva or fosamax. They are prescription as well.  (+ info)

What do I do about the bone loss where my front teeth are?

I have periodontal disease and try to be so careful about brushing and flossing and going to the dentist, but nothing seems to work. I have pockets again and my front teeth are spreading due to bone loss. My dentist wants to put crowns on my teeth (the teeth would be all connected) The four front teeth. I don't understand this and don't want to pay $4000 for something that doesn't work. How does this prevent more bone loss? He said it will but no guarantees. I can't afford implants so forget that. Can barely afford this.

  (+ info)

How do I prevent bone density loss on a 3 month fruitarian diet?

I'm going on a Fruitarian diet for 3 months, just for weight loss. But I don't want to lose any of my bone mass?

take a calcium with vit D supplement. you can also get calcium chews. its too bad you not eating vegs with your diet because broccoli has calcium too. if you are going to drink orange juice you can get the kind fortified with calcium  (+ info)

I can no longer where dentures because of bone loss, Any ideas?

I think when a dentist tells you, to start thinking of dental implants, because of bone loss, that Health Insurance should then cover it. What do you think? Mine said, only if there was an accident.

I have always been amazed at how insurance companies get away with separating dental and eye care from other medical issues. In my opinion, bone loss is a disease process that should be covered. Now, guess who cares what I think????  (+ info)

Do I need to worry about bone loss in my jaw?

I'm having two bottom teeth pulled next week before I put on braces. I'm 26 and have been reading a lot about how tooth extraction causes bone loss and may effect me later on in life....Is it really a serious problem?

I had 4 teeth yanked before I got braces when I was 13 and no problems here yet. The leading cause of bone loss is poor flossing. When plaque and the like get deep down under the gums, it eats away at the base of the tooth where the bone is. A good dentist will do a test where they use this measuring poker and prod the base of each tooth and measure it on a scale of 1-6, 6 being the worst. If you're a good flosser, you most likely have nothing to worry about. If you're not a good flosser, look into getting a water pik. It may not be as good as flossing but its better than doing nothing.  (+ info)

What causes rotting bone and tissue around the left sinus and eye socket, complete loss of nasal septrum ?

Have thick yellow discharge with blood and nerve damage on left side of face with dumbness. Chronic headache, severe throat drainage. Bone scans show numerous defects. Said to light up like a X-mas Tree. Have had 7 surgeries and seen 3 ENTs, rare diseases specialist and oral surgeons. I had artificial bone graphs on that side for implants several years ago.

There is a disease called Wegener's granulomatosis. it is very rare and is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body's natural defences to attack it's own tissue. It sounds like you have already had numerous tests to try and find a cause, ask your Dr about the possibility of Wegeners.  (+ info)

Does nifedipine effect your bones by causing bone loss?

I am 52 and I am concerned about bone loss and preventing it.

it can -talk to your doctor about a calcium supplement with vitamin D. eat more calcium rich & enriched foods.  (+ info)

What are the Causes of Oral Bone Loss?

As my doctor sent me to a specialist to understand the cause of my gum recession, I was told (by the specialist) that the main problem is the bone loss. In my case, the gum just follows the bone. Essentially he wants to do a deep cleaning as a way of slowing the bone loss. I am having a problem accepting that plaques and caveties are the reason for my oral bone loss. I am not sure I feel convinced as I have been flossing since I ever remember. I never bleed when cleaning my teeth. My mother has lost all her teeth very early in life and I am thinking this is more genetic than any thing else.

I would really appreciate any answer (link to any article, books ...)
How effective is deep cleaning for preventing oral bone loss?
How much your genes and caveties contribute to bone loss?

I am a male, 40s from Middle Eas decent.


I'm a registered dental hygienist. your ? is kind of conflicting (which i completely understand as you do not have a degree in the dental field!!!) gum recession can be caused by agressive toothbrushing, a "high muscle" attachment (called a frenum), and yes bone loss. generally, patients who need a "deep cleaning" are overdue for their rountine cleaning, or don't have optimum oral hygiene (i.e. brushing, flossing, etc). and yes, genetics have A LOT to do w/ this. (cavities, however, are NOT related at all). if your chief concern is gum recession, a "deep cleaning" is not necessarily the answer. HOWEVER, it may have been your chief concern, but upon exam by the periodontist, you may need a deep cleaning to help w/ bone levels. did the periodontist "measure" your gums at all? or talk about any numbers? generally, a deep cleaning is needed when 4 teeth in each "quadrant" of your mouth (upper/lower, left/right) have at least one 4mm "pocket" or deeper. did the periodontist tell you that you have "tarter" or "calculus" buildup on your teeth? hope this makes sense.  (+ info)

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