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Ive been allergic to eggs and peanuts all my life. I used to be allergic to dariy products and every other nut under the sun. Ive grow out of them but im wondering if i can grow out of my other allergys as i do eat "mini chedders" which clearly state "contains egg" on the ingerdients. I was also wondering how i could get a test to see what allergys i have. Any thoughts?

It is possible to grow out of these allergies-I live in England and my daughter is severely allergic to nuts and legumes-to confirm these allergies,she had a blood test done after she had a reaction to them-this was when she was 1year old-she is now 4 and sees a dietician every 4-6months-she is due to start infant school in September so hopefully she will be retested to see if shes still allergic to them-also,where I live,theres a herbal shop called Holland & Barrett-you can have an allergy test there-hope this helps  (+ info)

allergic .

what make people a person be allergic to something ??
how do i tell if I'm allergic to nickel and i don't really what to go out buy things to tell unless i have to

http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=allergy+causes&fr=ush-ans  (+ info)

What separates what people are allergic to and not allergic to?

If someone is allergic to something what else should they be allergic to thats similar. Is some is allergic to shrimp, should they to allergic to all seafood. or if someone is allergic to drinking beer should it be all alcohol including rubbing alcohol. What about apples and other fruit. Pumpkin and squash. Is it genetic. Could they get over the allergy. Could it get better. How could you tell if someone is mildly allergic to something or if its suposed to happen.

Every substance has a different protein structure. Allergies come from these protein structures. Yes, sometimes people will have allergies in the same categories, but other times they don't. My friend is allergic to pears but nothing else, where as I am allergic to milk products, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, and shellfish among other things. It varies by person.

Sometimes people can "outgrow" allergies, but if there severe allergies its exceptionally rare to do so. Talk to your doctor if you think you have an allergy.  (+ info)

What happens if you are allergic to dairy and keep on eating it?

If you have a dairy allergy that is not severe and simply ignore the symptoms and continue eating dairy like anyone else, does this damage your body in anyway? Is dairy harmful to a person who is allergic to it besides the immediate and uncomfortable reactions? Are there any long term effects caused by eating milk products consistently when one is allergic to milk? I have read many articles and heard people say that if you are allergic to milk you need to stop eating things made with milk or milk proteins. But what happens in the long run if you don't?

Noone can tell you exactly how, or where, your body will respond, but, if you consider what cancer really is, you might think twice about continuing with milk.
Cancer is basically good cells that have turned to "bad" cells, and from there, they multiply and damage other good cells. Irritation is thought to make a good cell stop working correctly, and turn into a bad or damaged cell.
There are wonderful substitutes for milk. I LOVE the taste of milk, and I am allergic to it too.
I use soy milk, rice milk, almond dream, they taste great.  (+ info)

Allergic to peanuts, coconut, curry sause and all forms of beans?

I am inviting a friend for dinner and she is allergic to peanuts, coconuts, curry sause and all beans. What do I cook for her?

considering I don't normally use ANY of those ingredients .... why not grill some salmon? with a green salad, fruit salad, and rice pilaf......  (+ info)

How long should an allergic reaction symptom to an antibiotic last?

I was put on Ciprofolxacin for an infection and had an allergic reaction. I started taking it on dec 19th and stopped 3 days later when I realized that the spots on my arms weren't a flare-up of psoriasis, but an allergic reaction. The rash has gotten steadily worse since then instead of better. It's been about 11 days since I stopped taking it, Shouldn't the symptoms be lessening by now?

I'd like to ask some additional questions, but you don't allow email.

I'm going to assume that this is a self-medication and that you are aware of what cipro is good at treating and what it is not. After all, the spots on your skin could actually be a low-level infection caused by an opportunistic fungus, a frequent cause of psoriasis. The sudden death of millions of staph epidermidis, etc on your skin is great food for fungus. It could also be a product of your original infection. So, I'm questioning your understanding of what you think the problem is.

Cipro also increases sensitivity to sunlight, so your "rash" could be a type of sunburn.... I could go through many issues without detail, but I won't.

If you are under the care of a physician, have a real evaluation. If you are in a third world country self-medicating with cipro, you're part of the problem of drug resistance and the reason why cipro can no longer be held as a drug of last resort. Shame.

You need to see a physician and have them evaluate the visual and textural quality of the rash. Otherwise, what you would do to help an allergy will make anything else much worse. Since cipro half-life is 4 hours, 8 days is plenty of time for it to be gone from your system and the rash to start getting better.  (+ info)

What are you actually allergic to when your allergic to cats and dogs?

There hair,dander,and saliva. combination of all that? i was allergic to cats as a child but its not as bad anymore so what happen? and recently just saved a cat, if i just put up with the allergy attack will i eventually get immune to it?

The actual stuff that is the allergen is proteins in the skin, fur, and saliva of the animals. You're body decides the proteins are a foreign invader and reacts like it would to an infection.

You can out grow allergies, which typically happens after not being exposed for many years and the reactive recognition cells die off. There is also becoming desensitized, through continual exposure or through allergy shots. While this works for lots of people there are others that will continue to react regardless of exposure.

I'm allergic to cats and dogs, and even with constant exposure the reactions didn't let up. However, using allergy shots has help for some reason. You might get over the reactions, but you also may not, so you want to try using allergy meds to cope while you have reactions to kitty.  (+ info)

What are alternative products if you are allergic to contacts?

i wore contacts for roughly 6 months prior to developing an allergic reaction to them. my symptoms included bloodshot eyes, itchy eyes (after taking them off), also they became extremely uncomfortable after wearing them for more then 30 min. My optomitrist also said i developed bumps underneath my eyelids, due to the allergic reactions. i have tried daily, weekly, and monthly disposables. NONE work. are there other products that will not cause such an allergic reaction?

I have really sensitive eyes, too. There are many different kinds of contacts that are made out of different materials (not just different period between throwing them away). If you are able to try a bunch out, you may find a kind that works for you. It just really depends on your eyes. Also, the cleaning solution can be irritating as well. I was given this little thing that you put your contacts in, squirt the solution in, and let it sit overnight. It's basically peroxide, so it cleans the lenses without leaving anything else on them, as it turns to water overnight. (This type of solution should obviously never, ever be put into the eyes.) When using this type, you can just use saline if you need to re-wet the lenses.

As for me, I gave up on finding a comfortable pair after trying three or four different kinds. I'll stick with my glasses!  (+ info)

I am allergic to sulfa drugs. How likely is it that I'm also allergic to the sulfites in wine?

I am allergic to sulfa drugs. I had a horrible reaction to Bactrim and was hospitalized. I want to know how likely it is that I'm also allergic to the sulfites in wine and dried fruit etc. I've never had more than one glass of wine at a time, but have noticed that when drinking it I get imediately red in the face, and often get a bad headache. Should I avoid it?

yes. if you like headaches, drink wine with sulfates. most wines have them.  (+ info)

If in allergic to medicines related to Cephasporin, what other medicines might i be allergic to?

I am allergic to the antibiotic Cephalosporin where it cause skin irritation were ever body fluids make contact (after taking the medication of course). What other medicines might I be allergic to?

idk but take the test that tells you what your allergic to at the doctors...  (+ info)

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