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i have lazy eye, other wise know as Amblyopia. can any kind of surgery help this or not, what i mean is get some kind of surgery, then use glasses/contact. is this curable even though im 15?

I use to have a lazy eye. What can fix this problem is Visual Training. But it is quiet expensive. But it helps A LOT. There is no surgery involved and you can wear glasses and contacts. I currently am using contacts. Here is a website that might help you, http://www.lazyeye.org/#causes.  (+ info)


Hi. I have amblyopia from when I was very young. I got it corrected at age 4 from eye surgery....I'm 14 now and want contacts...Do you think I can wear them?
And yes I plan to ask a doctor but my appointment isn't until september because he was booked...
well sometimes my eyes still drift when I don't focus but I do eye exercises to correct it.
oops forgot to mention I also have

I had amblyopia, when I was young, as well. I think your doctor will probably o.k. the lenses. I, actually, got to have lasic surgery to have my eyes see in mono vision. The lasic vision dr. was worried that my brain wouldn't do well with mono vision, as so many people's lasic vision does not do well with that. But, my idea was that since I'd had ambliopia as a child, had one eye patched (the good eye) so that the lazy eye WOULD have to work, I figured my brain had already figured out how to do monovision. So, it worked out just great. With one eye, I am actually seeing up close, and with the other I am seeing farther away. My eyes just work for both, without glasses, since the lasic surgery.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever been an airline transport pilot with Amblyopia?

Amblyopia is lazy eye. I want to be able to work for an airline company when I am older. I am 15 at the minute. Would be a shame to be restricted to a JAR Class 2 medical certificate.

no.. i am not  (+ info)

What are good visual near activities for amblyopia patients?

My 8 year old little sister has amblyopia in her left eye.

she could draw pictures,or play pc games or better games on gameboy ,nintendo ds,PSP...  (+ info)

How long do kids need to wear a patch if they have amblyopia?

My two year old son has amblyopia of his left eye. He has had to wear a patch for half of his waking time for the last six months. The Dr. told me that he may need to continue doing this for the next 6 months to year. I was curious how long kids usually have to keep doing this until their problem is "fixed"?

My son wore his for 2 years. The length of time each day did go down. 8 hours, 6 hours etc. He now has 20/20 vision in that eye.  (+ info)

Amblyopia and strabismus. Is there any hope for adults with this problem?

I recently came out of surgery for this issue at age 26. The 3rd surgery actually through my lifetime. The weaker eye is still not completely corrected. What can I do?

Strabismus -- yes there is hope. Strabismus means that one of your eyes deviates up, down, right, or left in comparison to the other. Strabismus can be corrected by surgery.


Amblyopia -- not much hope here. Amblyopia is a brain adaptive response that occurs very early in life in response to the strabismus. In amblyopia, the brain actively suppresses (turns off) the deviating eye. This suppression causes the brain to no longer accept central visual acuity information from the deviating eye (therefore your vision is blurred) while both eyes are open. Once the brain has adapted and suppressed the deviating eye it is very unlikely in adult life to be able to cause the brain to again "listen" to the deviated eye while both eyes are open even if surgery has cosmetically straightened the eye. Hope this helped.  (+ info)

Would a psycho stimulant like amphetamine improve vision in a person with amblyopia?

No joke. I have a slight astigmatism in my left eye, and was patched ineffectively as a child. When I have taken psycho stimulants in the past, I have noticed less eye strain and a decrease of blurriness and double vision.

nope  (+ info)

Does your child have Accommodative Esotropia with Amblyopia? If so did your child have surgery?

My son is scheduled for esotropia surgery next month. I am very nervous about it. He has been wearing a patch over his strong eye to strengthen his weak eye. But still his eye slightly drifts while wearing his glasses so he is recommended for surgery.

MOST accommodative esotropes dont need surgery.

BUT: if your child is STILL crossed even when wearing the MAX Rx...then your child is the exception.

patching doesnt stop the crossing. it never was designed to. it doesnt "strengthen" anything, either (musculature, etc). it just improves the acuity of the weaker eye.  (+ info)

Is there a way to correct lazy eye (Amblyopia) in adults ?

I tried looking it up online but all I read is stories of people who have it and there isn't much information about treatments and what not. To be specific, is there treatment to someone at the age of 21 ?

  (+ info)

Can lazy eye exercises correct amblyopia ?

I've read somewhere that special eye exercises can correct lazy eye. Is that true ?. What kind of exercises are they ?

Amblyopia can be dramatically improved by performing lazy eye exercises. A study shows that with a continuous treatment, some people can recover from lazy eye, or amblyopia in just about two weeks. No matter what form of treatment the doctor recommends, eye exercises will help to strengthen your eye muscles as part of your therapy program. Below are three basic methods to improve your vision.

1. Eye Patch
Eye patch is probably the most recommended form of treatment because it is safe, effective and inexpensive. The very act of wearing an eye patch itself can be considered as part of the exercise. By covering the dominant eye with an eye patch, the weaker eye is forced to work harder and can communicate with the brain.

2. Training the eyes
After the good eye is covered with an eye patch, you can begin treating the amblyopic eye with lazy eye exercises. Three exercises specially developed to train lazy eyes are : focusing, rolling and tracking.

Focusing Skills
This exercise should be performed by quick shifting focus from near to far distance. For example, read printouts numbers on a sheet of paper then quickly shift your eye to look to a wall calendar.

Cover the stronger eye with a patch, then roll the eyes with circular motion.

Another lazy eye exercise is tracking. Tracking can help people to integrate the central and peripheral vision. The central vision inform us about the object we are looking at and the peripheral vision tells us to locate the objects. Good vision should have good integration of both these visions.
Here is how to do : use your eye to track the outline of a circle or any other shape. Track the image continuously without any interruption.

3. Focusing on small objects
Train the weaker eye to look small objects or read letters in a book or newspaper. Remember to cover the stronger eye with eye patch and do this exercise at least one hour each day. If you like you can also do crossword puzzles or any other print games on magazines.

Some researchers have developed therapy computer game to help improving the neurons in the brain controlling eye function. It is said that this special therapeutic game can boost the result of lazy eye treatments.

Many people have experienced significant result by following lazy eye exercises without the help of eye surgery and artificial lenses. The exercises can effectively help you treat amblyopia at any age, even if your parents have poor eyesight condition.  (+ info)

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