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I'm 18, not sexually active and I haven't had my period since october (5-6months ago).

Mum's setting up an appointment with a gynecologist for me...does anyone know what exactly will happen etc... I Was reading up on amenorrhea, and it mentioned hormonal tests and all that.

could this lead to infertility? or do the treatments work 100%

i'm trying hard not to stress myself out. can anyone give me any success stories of their own?

sorry, got many questions

Your doctor will probably take a blood test to be absolutely certain that you are not pregnant, and to do some hormone level checking. He may also suggest that you get an ultrasound of your pelvic area to check for cysts or endometriosis, which could be the cause of your amenorrhea. He will probably also ask you about your lifestyle, things like your eating habits, exercise habits and whether you've been under a lot of stress or had a significant weight loss or gain recently.

It's really hard for me to say if your condition could lead to infertility; it really depends on what is the cause of your lack of menstruation. Things like cysts or endometriosis could cause infertility if they are severe enough, but it's unlikely. Most likely he will put you on a low-dose birth control and it will take care of everything, and you'll be just fine.  (+ info)


Amenorrhoea (BE), amenorrhea (AmE), or amenorrhÅ“a, is the absence of a menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age. Physiologic states of amenorrhoea are seen during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding), the latter also forming the basis of a form of contraception known as the lactational amenorrhea method. Outside of the reproductive years there is absence of menses during childhood and after menopause.  (+ info)

What are the benefits of achieving amenorrhea?

Hey girls, there's this new birth control that allows us women to achieve amenorrhea. My doctor has asssured me that it's perfectly safe. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any benefits (both medical and in your general lifestyle) of not having a period. Aside from not having the annoying mood swings and all that hormonal jazz - and being able to hook up whenever :) - are there any other things to look forward to?

P.S. If you don't know, amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation. In other words, it is when a woman doesn't get her period.

I've been on Depo-Provera for about five years now, and I absolutely love it. I have to take a shot once every three months, and I don't have a period whatsoever.

The benefits to my general lifestyle:
- No massive mood swings
- Ease when travelling (less to pack, less to worry about)
- Ease when swimming/working out
- Never having to think about it
- Sexually - yep, hooking up whenever, plus, never having to worry about condoms breaking, pregnancy, etc.
- Never worrying about wearing expensive clothing, silks, etc
- I used to have a very heavy, very painful period every month, lasting eight days. There were days when I was in so much pain that I used to have to stay in bed all day.

Outside of general lifestyle benefits, I don't believe there are any medical benefits. One of the downsides of amenorrhea is the possibility of developing osteoporosis. To counter that, I run every day plus take calcium supplements. Once a year, I get my bone density tested.  (+ info)

Does anyone know any home remedies for secondary amenorrhea ?

Having no periods for a particular number of months is amenorrhea. Anyone knows the home remedies for this?
If do, please let know.

have sex with a girl or boy doesent really matter it helps trust me i am a doctor,  (+ info)

Can doctors prescribe the birth control pill for women with primary amenorrhea?

I'm 17 and I've never had a period, so I'm in the primary amenorrhea category. Thing is, I'm getting worried about it and I've been to the doctors (they've already run blood tests and now they're going to send me to a gyno) but what I was wondering was could they prescribe the pill for me to 'kick start' my periods? Are there any instances in where the pill is used to stop amenorrhea?
Please help!

Those are questions you need to ask your gynecologist when you go. Make a list and make sure all your questions are answered.  (+ info)

How to know when you have amenorrhea?

I had my first period in Januray (I turned 15 in February). It's April and I still haven't had another one. I keep getting consistent cramps and they're a bit annoying, though not severe. I heard that there is a disease that is characterized by an absent menstrual cycle, called amenorrhea. Can someone tell me if I might have it or not?

you don't have amenorrhea. amenorrhea is when you never sart your period. since you just started it isn't unusual to be irregular. you will be for a wile. check out this website that talks about amenorrhea.
hope this helped  (+ info)

Is amenorrhea a common sign of ovarian cancer?

Is amenorrhea a common sign of ovarian cancer? from what i've read, it sounds like ovarian cancer usually doesnt cause any kind of menstrual irregularity, but all the info i have found on the subject is more focused on like heavy bleeding and abnormal periods. so what about not having a period at all?

No, this is not a common indication of ovarian cancer.

It is a sign that hormone levels are out of whack.

Given your other questions indicate you are 17 and have already been told by Dr's that your hormone levels are abnormal causing your other symptoms, it would seem likely that this is what is wrong with you.

Perhaps you should persue a cause of this with them.  (+ info)

Is amenorrhea from taking a progesterone only pill unsafe?

I am taking a progesterone only pill and haven't had my menstrual cycle in over a year. Is this at all harmful?

Of course not. Otherwise doctors wouldn't prescribe the drug to be used this way. Many women experience this condition while using progesterone-only contraceptives including the Mirena IUD, the shot and the implant.  (+ info)

Can HGH therapy work for treatment of secondary amenorrhea?

have had amenorrhea(lack of period) for about a year and a half. I have read that HGH (human growth hormone) treatments can help with a wide variety of health issues ie. high blood pressure, bone density, menstrual cycles, hair skin and nails. I was wondering if anyone new a little more first hand about the possibility of using HGH as a treatment.

Instead of HGH, I would recommend Amino Acid Balance, B-Vitamin Complex, and a good multi-vitamin to improve over-all health. I like Anabol Naturals Amino Balance, Jarrow B-Right, Twinlab Dr. Greene Prenatal Complex (for those who are malnourished) or Rainbow Light Women's Nutritional System or Liquid Health Products Complete Multiple (tasty liquid multi-vitamin) .To help encourage menstrual cycle I would take an herbal supplement like Chasteberry (Vitex), Red Clover, False Unicorn, or Black Cohosh which are used to balance hormones. Good herbal supplement brands are Nature's Answer and Nature's Way. I like to order my supplements online to save money.

Do not take if pregnant or lactating. May interfere with hormone medication.
Chasteberry can cause rash with prolonged use in some people.  (+ info)

Does having Secondary amenorrhea with unprotected sex mean pregnancy?

I had unprotected sex two nights ago, but the guy I had sex with did not ejaculate to my knowledge, and it was hard for his penis to stay in me for some reason. I have secondary amenorrhea because in the past I have suffered from anoreixa and bulimia, but now am at a healthy weight. Even though I havent had a period in 2-3 years, can I still get pregnant? Even though I am not getting my period do I still release eggs? Im really scared, please help.

Amenorrhea is absence of menstruation for the period more than 6 months. In general during amenorrhea doctors can discover pretty serious hormonal disturbances. In general amenorrhea and anovulation are equal (means pregnancy is not possible). In my 34 years practice only once I had a case of pregnancy in amenorrheic woman. So your chances to be pregnant are almost none.
Read more in http://www.menstrual-cycle.info
Be Healthy and Happy!  (+ info)

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