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I had an anaphylactic reaction a few years ago and was wondering what others who had a severe allergic reaction experienced? What did you react to? How long did it take after consuming/coming in contact with your reactor for reaction? and most importantly, have you had a second anaphylactic reaction to a different source after your first?

I've been interested anaphylaxis ever since my reaction a few years ago. Coming that close to death really changed my life. I'm just curious about other's experiences.
I don't need to know what anaphylaxis is...as I experienced it first hand. I was wondering about personal experiences.

I had it a few years ago. The itching began in my palms, then in the soles of my feet, then the roof of my mouth. Then my lips swelled and eyeballs itch. After that I passed out. It all happened in a few minutes. It was after eating nuts.  (+ info)

How does anaphylaxis shock work? Is there a warning the first time you are stung?

Reading about wasps I was just wondering. I have a toddler, and it makes me think about anaphylaxis. If you are deathly allergic to something is it deadly the first time, or does it start off with a warning and get progressively worse?

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Is there a difference between anaphylaxis and an allergic reaction?

Just curious - are all reactions actually anaphylaxis of varying degrees or is there a substantial difference between the two?

Can you just get anaphylaxis even if you've never had it before and you have no known allergies?

or it something that comes on slowly over time so you are aware little by little - sorry two questions in one here x

Anaphylaxis is a type of allergic reaction, but all allergic reactions are not anaphylactic. Hives are an allergic reaction, or redness, or swelling, or just itching. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction where you lips, tounge, and airway swell... which can make it impossible to breathe.  (+ info)

How common is idiopathic Anaphylaxis?

I've suffered from unknown allergies for over 13 years now. I suffer to varying degrees of anaphylaxis everyday and keep it in check with antihistimines, (not the non-drowsy kind).
Carry an epipen as well.
I find it difficult to find other people such as myself, that suffer like this, except my grandmother.
Thanks for any feedback....maybe we can learn from each other.

just a question can you get different stages of anaphlyaxis? as in mild to really bad?

As i think i suffer from something along the lines as i have lots of allergies to metals, and other unknown substances...i also have asthma...my doctor hasnt did much as i have lots of problems with my doctor as he doent listen.

Just wondering you you could help. my email [email protected]

Thank you ...xx  (+ info)

What is the mode of action of adrenaline in treating anaphylaxis?

I know adrenaline is used in treating anaphyalxis attacks. It relaxes the muscles and improves the blood pressures somehow. It also acts on the sympathetic pathway. But what is the exact mode of action in a biochemical level, which eventually leads to the recovery?

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Can you get a second anaphylaxis attack in your sleep?

Sorry it's quite a morbid question. I've had one attack and took an adrenaline but nothing else because it doesn't seem to bad. However, I'm shattered! But are too afraid to go to sleep incase I have another one.

if you had to use your epipen, then you should have immediately called 911. you never know if one epipen is going to be enough to cover you. and an ambulance is loaded with all sorts of medicines to provide you with immediate treatment.

in the same light, you should never be with just one epipen. you need to have one on you at all times, one in your car, one in the home, at work, at school, etc. you never want to be without at least two epipens as they can misfire or not be enough of a dose to cover you...not to mention, when you need one youre terrified and subject to screw the first one up!

also, you wont be afraid for your life once your medically cleared! you really should call your MD or a RN or your insurance company to find out where you need to go from here.

best wishes to you and live smart.  (+ info)

Allergy test said moderate, but I went into anaphylaxis? How can I get rid of this allergy?

My allergy test came back as moderate, but upon eating 1 shrimp I went into anaphylactic shock where i couldnt breathe, was dizzy, vomited, diarrhea, swollen lips, swollen cheeks, swollen tongue. Additionally, i went into a restaurant to pick up food for my husband and broke out in hives. I am wondering if this isnt hypersensitive, then what is? Also, is there anything I can do to get rid of this allergy?

Allergy is a chronic condition. That means that like diabetes or asthma it can be treated but not cured. The problem is caused by a defect in your immune system whereby your body misidentifies certain proteins as evil enemy invaders....instead of the harmless proteins that they are. You can't get rid of the allergy, but you can get rid of the allergic reaction. This is done by eliminating your exposure to the allergen. In this case it is shellfish. So, you avoid contact with shellfish. So stay out of seafood restaurants and don't eat shellfish. Also, read labels carefully to make sure that shellfish is not an ingredient in any prepackaged food you purchase.  (+ info)

Does anaphylaxis only happen in sensitive people?

Does the risk of having anaphylaxis only happen in people who are highly sensitive? and people who have asthma?
My friend has numerous allergies and asthma and carries an epipen. and so does her mother. So is the likelihood of having allergies hereditery?
Also how rare is anaphylaxis? is it something that happens to everyone who is allergic?

Anaphylactic reactions that cause fatalities are rare, but anaphylactic reactions are very common especially among those who have asthma as well, however it can be unpredictable. There is more of a chance of having allergies of any kind though if there is a history.

Your friend is smart to carry around an Epi-pen and you are a good friend for learning about anaphylaxis. You can learn a lot more at www.foodallergy.org which is the website for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. This includes information about how to "Be a P.A.L." or "Protect a Life".  (+ info)

Why Can't You Be In The Army If You Suffer From Anaphylaxis?

Or the Navy or RAF for that matter. I heard about this a while ago but wondered what the actual reason was. Why should anaphylaxis hold you back. I was considering joining the RAF but that went out of the window because I'm allergic to peanuts.I know what it is and that it's life threatening but I mean why does it matter if it's fatal? People die doing those jobs anyway. So why?

To be honest I am not sure why... I can only make some suggestions as to why. Even though I am not in the military my husband was and talking it over with him we think it maybe because the mess halls may not want to have to be so careful as to how their food is made or what they are distributing. Plus lord only knows where MRE's are made at or where they are from.  (+ info)

I suffer from anaphylaxis due to latex, I now have muscle spasms in my back. Is there any treatment for this?

I currently go to physical therapy 2 times a wk. My pain is severe and the therapy seem to not be helping. Is there any other form of pain management of medication for muscle spasms? Pls help!

If your "muscle spasms" are being caused by your reaction to latex, then PT will be ineffective because it does not address the real problem...your sensitivity to a substance. This would need to be addressed by an allergist.

Remember than a muscle spasm is only a symptom, not a diagnosis...you cannot "cure" a muscle spasm. You can help it temporarily with muscle relaxers and massage (if it is a true spasm), but if the true cause is never found, they will continue to return.

In all honesty, I've never truely seen anyone who's had a reaction like you describe. I'd go for further medical work-up to a: address your latex sensitivity and b: to make sure there is not a mechanical cause to your back pain.  (+ info)

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