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what does the term "refractory" mean in refractory anemia?

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Refractory Anemia with 9.5 to highest 10.3 hemoglobin can have a chance to go back to normal?

67 years old woman have tried added with bone marrow last 4years has reach to 12.5 ,then go back to 10 after a few while ...can she have a chance to have a normal hemoglobin..

Normal hgb is about 13 or so. Has she been placed on erythropoietin? Is her iron levels satisfactory? Depending on what diseases she has, you may not want you to reach so called normal levels. For instance with end stage renal disease, you want to be between 11 and 13. Hope this helps  (+ info)

Why does a man's penis feel hypersensitive during the refractory period after I ejaculate?

I realise this is perfectly normal - I'm just interested to know, what is happening in my body that makes my penis feel this way? What creates the tingling and makes it uncomfortable to have an erection during the refractory period?

Your brain gives out a chemical that's called an endorphin. The endorphin forces a refractory period and that beneficial total rest by switching off sexual pleasure sensations in the brains processing and causes the sensation to be translated as pain and discomfort instead of pleasure until the recovery timing is satisfied.

Kind of funny Huh?

Around ages 19 through 22 in that range, most Dudes at their peak go through a time window where the brain for a while quits producing that endorphin and you can keep erect and move from one orgasm and ejaculation on to another without loosing your hard, coming down, or pulling out.

That stage is really Sweet and having your permanent Lady or being married during that time window is just awesome! Going camping is just so right! Ha ha!

Me! :- )  (+ info)

How do you decrease the male refractory period?

What can we do to increase recovery time between ejaculations that decrease the male refractory period and help us perform sexually and ejaculate again at a sooner period of time? What supplements, techniques, and exercises can we use to achieve this?

If you take Viagra, you'll be up for hours. You'll also be sore as sh1t. I suggest letting nature take its course and have your partner be more patient. You can always pleasure her with a dildo while your body is resting.  (+ info)

Is the refractory period different for sex and masturbation?

Is the refractory period(the period of time in between one ejaculation and the next erection) different for sex and masturbation or does it not make a difference? I would think the time would be longer for sex and shorter for masturbation, but I'm not sure.

It's different for each person.  (+ info)

How long does a refractory period last?

For a male how long does a sexual refractory period (time between ejaculation and when you can next ejaculate) last?

ten to twenty minutes usually depends on guys age, how long since he last had sex and health and circumcised men seem to have a longer recovery time not sure why but it's what i have found and several of my friend have notice the same  (+ info)

Does anyone know how to avoid a male refractory period?

Does anyone know a way to skip a mans refractory period after orgasm? My husband and I don't get to have sex often over very busy lives, but when we do we want it to last longer! A lot of times he will ejaculate and then he will not be able to have another erection for an hour!!! We want to keep having sex, but we have to wait for his refractory period to end!! Is their any way to keep a man erect after an orgasm so you can continue to have sex?

You can't; if you have sex and orgasm, that recovery period has to be there. Short of him using a strap-on and taking care of you until he gets back some interest, it cannot be avoided  (+ info)

Is it possible to eliminate the refractory period in male orgasms?

I have been getting really jealous over women who can achieve multiple orgasms, and recently read that the hormone responsible for the refractory period in men that prevents them from having multiple orgasms has been indentified and that they are thinking of ways to inhibit it so that men can have multiple orgasms.

Does anyone know anything about this? What is planned? When we could expect pills etc.?
Judging by most of the answers it seems we are all ignorant. Why are us men so clueless about our sexuality compared to women?

If a girl wants to learn about multiple orgasms, she can google it and find a million different instructions. If a guy does, nobody has a clue :( :( :(

very interesting question.. it is the holy grail of men's sexual power..

well it is said that after men ejaculate, there are perticular hormones, oxytocil and prolactin, which come into play and thus suppress mens ability to atain multiple orgasms and stay at seventh heaven for longer period of time. as well as that the penis becomes extremely sensitive thus we do not feel a thing as our penis becomes purple coloured and is cursing us for taking it through hell and back.

I personally think is that although hormones are affecting it one way or another.. the main thing that will help us in achieving multiple orgasms and ejaculation is the stamina and the physical strength. I also think that it has to do with food.. if a person has good protien intake (eggs,chicken), sgood fruits intake and above all good dairy products intake(specially milk) he can achieve good sexual power.

these things contain most of the essential elements which increase the semen and makes you sexually stronger. coupled with good physical strength and good stamina, then it will take less time to get back into the "groove".

remember that after we ejaculate most men get tired and feel lethargic due to the excessive loss of semen and energy. hence we do not have the strength to go through the process (sex or masturbation) again within a short period of time. after the episode we need some time to regain the strength stamina and good old horniness.

this is the period of regaining strength etc, i call it recovery time.

thus if a man has good food intake, good health, excercise and stamina, he will have less recovery time. the lesser the recovery time, the less time it will take to get our strength back and lesser time will be needed to get aroused and excited.

hence in the end we will get multiple orgasms and ejaculations with in short period of time.

this is my theory..  (+ info)

How serious is anemia for the pregnant woman and the child?

We just got back the 26-week blood-work for my wife and they said she has a mild case of anemia, and told her to start taking an over-the-counter drug 2 times a day.

How serious is this? What are the possible consequences of having anemia?

Also, what can we do, besides taking the medicine, to further prevent this?


It is very common in women when pregnant--and when menstruating... it can make your wife very tired and lethargic, and when anemia is severe, it can result in less oxygen being pumped through your body. I have had mild anemia throughout my pregnancy as well. It's not anything too shocking--pretty normal. She should be taking some kind of iron supplement--and there should also be iron in her prenatal vitamin. Some non-medicinal ways to prevent anemia are to eat a lot of veggies that are high in iron, and red meat. I take a natural iron tincture (I got it from herblore.com) as recommended by my midwife--it is a naturally derived iron supplement that is easier for your body to use than synthetic iron supplements. Good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine :)  (+ info)

What is the best way to treat anemia and polycystic ovarian syndrome?

I have pcos and anemia and have been on birth control for years. I took my doc.'s advice and have lost about 55lbs I totally cut out fast & junk food and my goal is to loose 50 more lbs. Is weight loss a cure for this disease? Are there different types of anemia?

I have PCOS too. For the anemia, my doc had me taking prenatal vitamins because there is iron in them. I don't think there is a cure for PCOS, we're just stuck with it!! :) Good job on losing the weight. I've only lost 15, but am looking to lose about 20 more.  (+ info)

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