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Can a ruptured brain aneurysm cause violent or aggressive behavior?

If a person suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm, can this trigger a change in their behavior? There was no violent behavior before the bleeding. After the healing process was basically over, the person became very violent and aggressive and abusive, can this be a side effect of the ruptured aneurysm?

Depends on what part of the brain the bleed is in, but the answer is definitely yes, especially if its in the frontal lobe which controls personality, but it could be anywhere. Hormones are also controlled by the brain and if the bleed is putting pressure on any area that causes an excessive excretion of adrenaline or other hormones that might make him aggressive, that would do it, too.  (+ info)

Should an unruptured aneurysm be treated if another one has already ruptured?

If a person had a brain aneurysm rupture and they are currently in surgery to have it repaired, should the surgeons surgically repair other unruptured aneurysms at the same time?

That is a complex question. Aneurysms are complicated and require very careful planning for optimal treatment. While another unruptured aneurysm should probably in most cases get treatment, it might not be in the patient's best interest to treat it at the same time. One reason is the location. An aneurysm in another location may require a completely different approach. Another reason may be that the aneurysm is better treated by endovascular techniques rather than surgery. You should trust your doctor on this.  (+ info)

Is it possible to save a person who is having ruptured aortic aneurysm?

I know that this is fatal and is quick to cause death,but is it possible to save him?

It all depends:
1) How big is the rupture (think leak)?
2) How far are you from the closest vascular surgeon?
(note I didn't say the nearest hospital)
3) If the aneurysm is suitable for repair using a stent-graft, the odds of survival go up.
4) What is the overall health of the patient? (a 50 year old would
have a better chance than an 85 year old)  (+ info)

what is the standard after care for a ruptured aortic aneurysm survivor?

what care can i expect for my husband after hospital - should the gp call? nurses pop in?

With AAA repair, it can take 6-8 weeks for a patient to make a full recovery. It is major surgery. In some cases it can take people up to 6 months before they are fully recovered. It depends on your husbands age and general physical condition.

When he first comes home, it's normal for patients to have loss of appetite and insomnia, this is quite common and should return to normal fairly quickly. The Nurses on the ward will go through wound care with you. The wound site will likely be swollen, it needs to be kept an eye on. If your husband develops any pain, medical attention must be sought.

Basically, once the incision wound has healed, washing with mild soap and warm water when he has a bath is fine. He just needs to ensure the wound is protected from sun exposure for the first year after surgery.

Try and ensure he maintains adequate fluid levels and eats healthily. As you are going to be with your husband, it's unlikely that the District Nurse or GP will pop in unless there is a problem.

His GP will let him know when he is well enough to drive and go back to work, if he still work. If you need any advice, you will be given a leaflet when you leave hospital, you can always ring the ward for advice or contact his GP. A lot depends on your husbands physical ability, if he is unable to do things, then ask for help.  (+ info)

Do you know anyone who has survived a ruptured aneurysm?

A long time family friend is in the hospital for this. They gave her a 50/50 chance for survival. I would really like to hear survival stories. I feel so lost. I just need to hear that people have survived.
It is in her brain. I dont know what part of the brain. We live in Georgia. She was lifeflighted to Emory, which they say is a really good hospital, from a smaller hospital. They have drilled a hole in her head to relieve pressure and they have her prepped for surgery.

Sorry about your friend...I am a survior of a brain anuerysm. It happened in Oct. 2007, still recovering and it is not a pleaseant thing to go through. I am having some problems with fatigue and extremely high B/P. I have severe head aches from the surgery. I'm not allowed to take B/P medicine because my Neurologist wants my B/P to run a little high to keep the blood vesels opened up good in my brain. See there is repercussions for everthing...I'm retaining fluid in feet and legs and had to be put on furosemide and potassium for that. They say it will take any where from 1.5 - 2 years to fully recover. I can't stand it not being able to work. I am in the medical field and was at work when it happened. My anuerysm was on the whole left side of my brain. Doctor said I had it for 3 - 10 years. I was very blessed to survive, the Lord was looking out for me. The Doctor said he had been doing this for 17 yrs. and I was the first patient he had seen that not only did the anuerysm clot it had a scab on it. They told my family I may not make it and could be in a vegetated state and would have strokes during surgery and possibly after. I had a very small mini stroke when it first happened and did not have any during surgery or after surgery.The Dr. told my family that I would be on life support 3 - 4 hours after surgery I was on it for 45 mins. He also said I would be in the hospital for 3 - 4 weeks or maybe longer. I was there for 2 weeks. The staff and Dr.'s were amazed at my recovery. I have short term memory loss and forget words sometimes and I struggle a little but they say it will get better. I'm thankful for what God has done for me and for sparing my life and that I'm not a vegetable. Do you know where your friends anuerysm is? If you want to e-mail me that is fine and I'll answer any questions you have based on my experience. I hope your friend is ok and that god keeps him/her in the palm of his big merciful hand.
Good Luck and God Bless!!!!  (+ info)

How do you know if a brain aneurysm just ruptured?

Will you feel pain?
Are there symptoms?


Symptoms of Brain Aneurysms
Ruptured Cerebral Aneurysm Symptoms
Sometimes patients describing "the worst headache in my life" are actually experiencing one of the symptoms of brain aneurysms related to having a rupture. Other ruptured cerebral aneurysm symptoms include:

Nausea and vomiting
Stiff neck or neck pain
Blurred vision or double vision
Pain above and behind the eye
Dilated pupils
Sensitivity to light
Loss of sensation
Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysm Symptoms
Before an aneurysm ruptures, patients often experience no symptoms of brain aneurysms. In about 40 percent of cases, people with unruptured aneurysms will experience some or all of the following cerebral aneurysm symptoms:

Peripheral vision deficits
Thinking or processing problems

Speech complications
Perceptual problems
Sudden changes in behavior
Loss of balance and coordination
Decreased concentration
Short-term memory difficulty
Because the symptoms of brain aneurysms can also be associated with other medical conditions, diagnostic neuroradiology is regularly used to identify both ruptured and unruptured brain aneurysms.

Diagnosis of Brain Aneurysms

Diagnosis of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm is commonly made by finding signs of subarachnoid hemorrhage on a CT scan (Computerized Tomography, sometimes called a CAT scan). The CT scan is a computerized test that rapidly X-rays the body in cross-sections, or slices, as the body is moved through a large, circular machine. If the CT scan is negative but a ruptured aneurysm is still suspected, a lumbar puncture is performed to detect blood in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

To determine the exact location, size and shape of an aneurysm (ruptured or unruptured), neuroradiologists will use either cerebral angiography or tomographic angiography.

Cerebral angiography, the traditional method, involves introducing a catheter (small plastic tube) into an artery (usually in the leg) and steering it through the blood vessels of the body to the artery involved by the aneurysm. A special dye, called a contract agent, is injected into the patient's artery and its distribution is shown on X-ray projections. This method may not detect some aneurysms due to overlapping structures or spasm.

Computed Tomographic Angiography (CTA) is an alternative to the traditional method and can be performed without the need for arterial catheterization. This test combines a regular CT scan with a contrast dye injected into a vein. Once the dye is injected into a vein, it travels to the brain arteries, and images are created using a CT scan. These images show exactly how blood flows into the brain arteries.

Email your questions and comments to [email protected]  (+ info)

What are the consequences of an elderly man with a ruptured popliteal aneurysm to not choose amputation?

Blood clots, gangrene, infections, death.  (+ info)

I am a 40 yr old mom and 6 weeks ago suffered and survived a ruptured brain aneurysm?

I underwent emergency surgery to repair the ruptured blood vessel and am still having cronic headaches, fatiuge, blured and double vision. How long could I suffer from these effects? Despite all of the above symptoms the surgon told me I could resume normal activity as I felt up to it and to see him in 6 months. is this normal or should I seek on opion from another Doctor?

yes, you should get as many opinions as you want. Have they put you on alot of medications? when my husband had his stroke- (clot kind) he was put on 8 in total, and at first, the low blood pressure ones made him lethargic, and really over all feeling lousy...but no double vision. I would get checked out by another neurologist. perhaps some of it will be as a result of your surgery...depending on where the aneurysm was...but that should have been explained fully to you. ask for a copy of all your medical records and review them, then go over any questions with your origional doctor, and if that does not help, then get to another doc. Of course, if you feel super sick, get to the er and tell them your history. I wish you well.  (+ info)

How should I answer why I haven't worked in so long? I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2000.?

Phyllis dear............Thank God you are doing so good♥
If you don't want to answer the question.........then when someone asks you why you haven't worked for so long...........
Just look at them and say........."Why do you ask"

Put the ball in their court...........If they don't know you well enough to know your medical history...........then its really none of their business♥  (+ info)

Is a ruptured brain aneurysm considered a stroke?

Yes, we call it a hemorrhagic stroke. It is the most common cause of a hemorrhagic stroke. According to the University of Miami, it accounts for 12% of all strokes.  (+ info)

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