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I've been given an assignment on anisakiasis, and I'm stuck on the pathogenesis of the disease.?

I think this is about how the worms cause symptoms of the disease but I don't know if this is right and even if this is what its about! Any help much appreciated

try wiki and see if you can get some more info there, doesn't look too promising on here  (+ info)

Could my friend have Anisakiasis because of these symptoms:?

nausea/vomiting, stomach pains, coughed up a round moving thing.
She recently went on a trip and mostly ate bread, cheese, and herring. She was tested negative for shellfish allergies and also negative for pregnancy. Could this be anisakiasis aka herring-worm disease?

I think coughing up anything moving is pretty suspicious for some sort of worm infection, especially if you're eating things like herring.

See a physician, these things are super treatable but just need to be recognized.  (+ info)

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