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What are some cosmetic approaches to masking benign anisocoria?

I have has clinical tests on me; all proved that this condition is strictly benign! I want to know what are the cosmetic approaches to masking this defect, preferrablely from an experienced opthamologist or optometerist.

Talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

Could anisocoria be concealed with opaque colored lenses?

Both of my son's pupils do respond to light, but one still remains larger than the other. Would getting opaque colored lenses make the appearance that he has two same-sized pupils or not?

Colored contact lenses will provide a pupil area. Keep in mind that the contact lens pupils won't change outdoors, and if the pupil that responds more is seen under the contact pupil it might not solve your problem.

Ask your eye doctor for a pair of trial lenses for him. This way you can both take a look at how the pupils appear in different lighting in his everyday life at no charge for the lenses.  (+ info)

What causes Anisocoria? Are there ways to get it?

I assume you know what "anisocoria" is. (I don't, I only know it's a difference between the pupils' sizes)


It's a pretty common disorder, here is some info, hope it helps answer your questions!
This site (towards the bottom) lists causes

http://www.emedicine.com/oph/topic160.htm  (+ info)

Anisocoria in a 2 month old?

My daughter had her 2 month check up with her Ped today and he said she has Anisocoria. Her right pupil is bigger than the left. He set her up with an eye dr. but ive been looking it up on the net and everything ive read says she should see a nuro-surgen. I dont know if I should call her Ped back and request a nuro or if i should just wait and see what the eye dr says. Has anyones new born had this. Her Ped told us he doesnt think its anything, but anyone thats a parent knows how it is when a dr says theres someting wrong.

Anisocoria is a condition that causes both doctors and parents a lot of grief. Often it is an isolated condition with no discernable cause, but occasionally there can be a more serious underlying condition.

I assume your pediatrician assessed your infant's neurologic condition. If all appeared normal, than a referral to an ophthalmologist is quite appropriate. I probably would have made the same decision for an infant this age.

If anisocoria appeared suddenly at a later age, your baby's doctor would probably have made a referral to a neurologist or a neurosurgeon first.  (+ info)

Are there any special contact lenses for "masking" anisocoria or ones that do a good job concealing?

Regular opaque lenses like Fresh Look may do the job, depending upon natural eye colour and how large the aniscoria is.

Custom opaque lenses are available but quite expensive if the regular ones don't work.

Ask your eye doctor for a trial with the regular ones.  (+ info)

Physiological Anisocoria Question (Eye specialists please read!)?

Is it normal for people with physiological anisocornia to have the larger pupil switch between eyes and go on/off being equally sized?

Why is this? Thank you.

It is fairly normal to have it switch eyes and for it not to happen all the time. This is also much more common in teenagers than older people.

The reason has to do with the sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation of the contrictor and dilator of the pupil, but I don't remember exactly why. You would have to look deep into my old textbooks.  (+ info)

Anisocoria beautiful or ugly? (pupils that are different sizes)?

symmetry of the face is said to be atractive, but people are also attracted to the unusual.
should i take my anisocoria as a blessing or a curse?

if you want to know more about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anisocoria

I think the difference is hardly noticeable. It actually looks kind of unique and definitely not a curse!
Embrace your uniqueness.  (+ info)

How well do custom colored contacts work?

I have a condition called anisocoria my doctor told me. This condition, although benign, causes an inequality in the sizing of the two pupils, thus one is smaller than the other. Would getting custom colored contacts "mask" this abnormality? If so, about how much are a pair of custom colored contacts?

It doesn't seem that it could be possible.

The center of any contact would have to be clear, so the pupils will always show anyway.

If a smaller clear center is made for your larger pupil, you will always feel like you are looking through a tunnel.  (+ info)

Help With Anisocoria?

I know that anisocoria means uneven pupil size. Does this mean that one pupil is always bigger or smaller than the other? As well, do both pupils dilate and constrict, and does one remain still bigger if they do? Please help me, I'm dealing with major anxiety and am scared! thanks!


The appearance of anisocoria,
may be several reasons ...

+ For head injuries.
+ For ophthalmic atropine drops among others.
+ For an infection like meningitis, among others.
+ For Brain Tumors

Czech This may be the cause of your anisocoria,
if it was for eye drops, do not worry soon removed the effect.

If you think there can be one of the other options, better see your Dr.

LUCK  (+ info)

Anisocoria and Albuterol Inhalers?

Yesterday I had some troubles with my asthma, and ended up taking two hits, five minutes apart, off of my albuterol inhaler at approximately eleven in the morning.

When I got home at about 4pm, I was feeling very dizzy and nauseated, was more light-sensitive than usual, and my neck was quite stiff. When I washed my face, I noticed that my left pupil was extremely dilated, dispite the relatively bright lights around the mirror. When my husband got home, he commented on it and also noted that the pupil was fixed and did not change regardless of the light. I chalked it up to my feeling lousy and went to bed.

This morning the pupil is still slightly enlarged, but is responding appropriately to differing light conditions. I still feel lousy, but am no longer dizzy.

I've read that albuterol nebulizers have been known to cause anisocoria - does this hold true with inhalers, as well?

Yes - they contain much of the same medications. Rather odd, though, so check with your pharmacist or doctor if you are concerned about it happening again.  (+ info)

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