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i am 18 years old and have ankylosis in my hands is there a cure/treatment for this?

My middle ring and pinky fingers on each hand close automatically when my hands bend to a certain angle is there an effective treatment for this?
My middle ring and pinky fingers on each hand close automatically when my hands bend to a certain angle is there an effective treatment or cure for this?

you must see a doc  (+ info)

what is ankylosis? how do they affect your health? symptoms of ankylosis...?

If a person have a spina bifida and ankylosis they can be survive? Effects of this two in a person?

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please tell asana to treat ankylosis spondylitis?

please tell asana to treat ankylosis spondylitis

Who is Asana?  (+ info)

why can't i get treatment for ankylosis spondylitis?


There are some treatments for it, I have put in a UK an US based link so you can contact the appropriate foundation for support.  (+ info)

ankylosis of the tmj?

the risk of ankylosis was a major determining factor in the choice of treatment of condylar fracture in the past,why?

Immobilising the condylar head in the joint socket can cause bony fixation of the joint over time .  (+ info)

Ankylosis - Theory for the cause!?

Hi, I've just received a letter from the Gastroenterologist department saying that some abdominal x-rays I had taken while I was in hospital being treated for a Colitis flare up shows Ankylosis of the SI joints and lumbar spine. I've done a little research on Google and Youtube to get an idea of what it means and I've discovered that the cause of the condition is unknown. I would like to hear from people with this condition and know of any thoughts or ideas you have on how you might have come across the condition. I also have Scoliosis which I was diagnosed with several years ago. My theory as to how many people get Ankylosis is that a bacterium called Microbacterium-anium-Paratubercolosis (MAP) is passed on to humans through cattle milk causing an inflammation of the Colon which can lead to a calcium deficiency eventually infecting the SI joints and lumbar spine. In my letter it also mentions that Ankylosis can occur in inflammatory bowel desease.... I know that MAP can cause Colitis and IBD and that taking Buscopan can also lead to IBD. Ankylosis, Colitis and IBD are all inflammatory conditions so they must be connected somehow, perhaps by the MAP. Does this sound like a plausible theory? Do you have a better theory? Thanks! I'm hoping that if we put our minds together we can learn alot more about Ankylosis.

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i am suffering ankylosis spondylitis,the pain has reduced,stiffness of neck and spine is there,any suggestions?

Get a kid to walk on your neck that helps.
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ankylosis spondylitis type pain. but its not .. what i am suffering with?

for the past 2.5 years i had been experiencing intermitted severe pain in the joints of my left hip(below) which transfers to the right hip(below) in due time and same pain occurs periodically and last from 2 to 3 months and again starts after 2-3 months.

i checked with a doctor he suspected ankylosis spondylitis but ruled out with the negative test results. all the other test like Xray, blood reports etc were normal.

the pain is severe when its time to rest or when i wake up in the morning. kindly suggest what will be the next step that i should do for healing this pain.
@ Doogle: thankyou Sister for your answer. :)

@ Richard C : my Heartliest thanks Sir, i will be doing that exercise that you specified.
May God Bless you...Amin.. i hope that Allah gives you health, respect and anything which is good you need..Amin.

[email protected]: Thankyou very much.. your information was really great..

GOD Bless you all for your help..

Go to the chiropractor he may be able to help more than the doctors. Good Luck!  (+ info)

what is hip ankylosis?

It's stiffness or even fusion of the hip joint. Maybe it's time for a replacement or resurfacing?  (+ info)

I am suffering from ankylosis spondylitis. Anyone has homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathy has no recipe!
We Homeopaths treat the person and not the disease. The right remedy can only be chosen after careful questionning.
There can be many remedies treating the problem you suffer from but only one will be right for you. It all depends on YOUR personal reaction to the disease.
Please consult a Homeopath. Only he or she can establish the remedy and the dilution in which it is needed to help you.
Be careful of over-the-internet quick solutions, a first homeopathic consultation takes everywhere from 45 minutes to 1h30 on average... The wrong remedy or wrong dilution can harm instead of helping.  (+ info)

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