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what causes anoxia?

listed on death certificate as cause of death, but also stated died of natural causes. Is this unusual?
I am not talking about anorexia which is starvation.

"Anoxia" is lack of oxygen, not "anorexia", as some have mentioned here. Lack of oxygen could be from someone stopping breathing after a head injury, or could be caused by something like a stroke or heart attack.  (+ info)

My baby died 7 month gestation of anoxia intrauterine, can u help us understan what could have went wrong help

anoxia intrauterine means not having enough oxygen but i cannot understand, everything was going fine all of a sudden the baby stopped moving inside the womb. This has us very stressed and frustrated, we were waiting for this baby for eight years and now everything has gone down hill. If there is someone that can help us please tell us something, because even the umbilical cord was no wrapped around the babies neck, the baby was in perfect shape already.
If there is a doctor out there or someone with some knowledge please help us.

I can't imagine how devastated you must feel. Please know that, most likely, there was nothing you did that caused this nor is there anything you could have done to prevent it. There could have been issues with the umbilical cord, the placenta or any number of things in the way the baby was developing. You may never have a full answer. The most important thing is that you take the time to grieve the loss of your baby and find the support that you need.  (+ info)

Wher can I get suggestions by reputed doctors on the net by giving the details of an illness in INDIA?

I want to take suggestions on a neural Disorder -- ANOXIA.
Where can I interact with leading doctors in this or any other field in general in INDIA?

Reputed doctors don;t answer questions on Yahoo Answers. You make an appointment with them, go see them, get an examination, and they they discuss your condition with you.  (+ info)

is there any treatment for Anoxia? Is brain damage reversible?

I am not familiar with the specific situation of this question. However, if your question asks if neurological damage is "cast in stone", the answer is "no". Neurons, axions and dendrites will replicate and form new pathways. The process for cell mitosis and regeneration of the nerve tissue is much, much, slower than that of, for example, skin tissue. The relative age of an individual will also play into the a major role in the outcome. Clearly, someone who has reached advanced old age will probably not improve.  (+ info)

Can heart conditions and/or diseases be passed on genetically?

I had congestive heart failure. The reason has never been determined. My cardiologist theorizes that I may have gotten it through genetics or a virus before birth. Now I have been diagnosed with anoxia cardiomyopathy and hypertension.

Will these conditions be passed on to my kids (if I have them)?

Serious responses only please. I am being serious.
There are no other cases of heart disease in my family. I'm the only person that has ever had these conditions.

Wow, that is something. I am sorry to report that I'm not a health professional and cannot offer information. But I would like to encourage you in what you already know - about exercising and diet. Whatever the doc suggests as far as exercising - make sure you do it because as you get older (I'm guessing your in your twenties or early thirties) our lovely bodies deteriorate and I learned the hard way that proper exercise will keep us from deteriorating as badly. Plus, I learned about diet and supplementation. You no doubt have to follow a special diet. I recommend you to also supplement. I personally use certain products that are AMAZING and would love to guide you to them if you're interested.

As for your potential kids, the best you can do is pray, make healthy choices, have mommy nurse (it gives babies antibodies & extra stuff no man made milk offers), start them early on eating healthy and LOW sugars. NO POP like I used to allow. It messes up the ph and puts strain on our systems. Fiber, Veges, and Fruits should always be number one and your kids should be quite fine!

Prayer is most important.
God bless!  (+ info)

what food items can lower high cholesterol level,and what are the foods allowed/not allowed?

my boss had hyperlipidemia,had heart attack,went comatose for 18 days.now he had memory loss and brain anoxia, and at times has to take .25 mg clonazepam for panic disorder.

Nuts, avocados, fish, and seeds. Salmon have an acid in their mega oil which cuts down on cholesterol. Olive oil is very good too. I also ate a lot of oatmeal as cereal and in cookies. Shell fish, red meats high in fat, organ meat, cakes, pies and pastries are not good for anyone trying to lower cholesterol. Also stay away from fried foods of any kind. Exercise is also important.  (+ info)

Why has humanity never studied the real time fetal response to uterine orgasm. Jeff Schofield?

Let the fetus have its say regarding sex during pregnancy and in particular the fetal response to uterine orgasm. The contractions of delivery during birth cut off the blood supply and would suffocate the fetus if not spaced out. Uterine orgasm during pregnancy can last up to 30 minutes. The same physiology must exist as during birth with the cappillaries at the uterine-placental junction being clamped shut by the contracting uterine muscles. It is obvious the fetus survives,but what if repeated breath holding contests inutero lead to asthma etc. What if the reduced flow of cord blood leads to toxemia and anoxia as in a drowning victim? 5000 fetuses are aborted daily in America. If we can justify intruding on the fetal space with abortion, I pray the time has come that some brave researchers will use the high-tech fetal monitoring tests to let the fetus have its say. What are we so terrified of learning? Sex during pregnancy is such a common human experience, fear not I AM

Im not sure about some of your info but they should research that.Im pregnant and it would put my mind at ease if I knew how orgasm affects my baby.  (+ info)

Heart attack and Ischemia!!! WHAT DOES THE FOLLOWING MEAN?

Can someone EXPLAIN plz???...>>>...A heart attack caused by "ISCHEMIA" producing "ANOXIA" that lead to "NECROSIS" of a large number of cardiac muscle fibers. I`ve never heard "ISCHEMIA" b4. Is ISCHEMIA >> STROKE...???

thanx guys!!!

Ischemia= lack of/or no oxygen to the heart/area of the heart
Necrosis= Dead tissue to the heart area
Someone had a heart attack because there wasnt enough oxygen to the area, which in the end cause an area of the heart to die, which is bad  (+ info)

Help Im sooo confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hi recently my daughter was born sleeping due to Anoxia-lack of oxygen through the cord. I need help Im wondering if this is likely with other pregnancies to come??? Im so worried of losing another precious angel!!!!!!!

the chances of it happening again are slim but you would need to speak to your doctor and they will put you in touch with someone who can give you support and facts i hope all goes well for you  (+ info)

Mothers that have given birth in the last 3 months! Question..?

I'm at Sophomore in college, and for my Child Development class i have to interview people who have delivered in the last 3 months.. i don't personally know anyone that has so i have resorted to this.. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill this out : )

>>how old is your baby? name of baby?

>>Is this your first baby? if not, how many previous pregnancies have you had?

Labor and Delivery
1.were you informed about what labor would be like?

2.did you know what would take place physiologically to you and the baby?

3.did you take any prenatal course or childbirth education course?

4.how did you know labor had begun?

5.what care and attention did you recieve as labor progressed? during deliver? after deliver?

6.were drugs administered during the birth? who made the decision about the neccessity for drugs?

7.where did the birth take place? home? hospital?
alternative center or birthing room? other?

8.was the delivery considered normal or were there complications? for mother? for infant?(for example:prematurely,excessive bleeding,anoxia,malpresentation,forceps delivery,cesarian section)

9.who was present during the labor? the delivery?

10.were you able to hold or touch the baby immediately after delivery?

Feelings about the total birth experience

1.could you describe how you felt during labor? during delivery? after the birth?

2.what did you think when you first saw your baby? held or touched the baby?

3.did you experience any unusal emotional "ups" and "downs" following the birth?

4.For fathers: did you feel a part of the birth
5. for mothers: how did you feel as a woman now?

6.are you satified with the way the birth experience was handled?

7. do you want more children? why or why not?

my son is 3 months old, his name is Sean Patrick

it is not my first, i have 2 others (3 total)

Labor and Delivery:
1.yes, i had 2 previous labor experiences, both completely different from eachother though

2. yes, i knew what would take place. again, this was my 3rd child

3. i didnt take a class with this pregnancy, but i did with my first

4. i noticed that my stomach was getting hard and tightening. it was painless, so i wasnt sure if it was really labor, so i timed how often it happened and sure enough, every 5 minutes it was getting hard

5. my nurse was amazing. i didnt want any artificial pain relief this time around, and she was great at offering alternative methods of pain relief. my water had to be broken and i was also given pitocin because i was not progressing..i dont like staying in hospitals, so i left the next day

6. yes drugs were administered, but not for pain relief. i had to be given pitocin because labor wasnt progressing

7. i gave birth at a hospital

8. im pretty sure it was normal-i was 37 weeks, so i just made the mark of not being premature.

9. my husband, nurses, and doctors were the only ones present during labor. my mom got there just as i was pushing. oh, i think my FIL stopped by while i was in labor.

10. they put sean on my belly for me to hold immediately after giving birth to him

Feelings about total birth experience

1.during labor i was pretty calm, it was painless up until the last 2 hours or so. during delivery i was just happy that he was finally coming out, the labor was long since i wasnt progressing. afterwards i was very tired.

2. my first reaction was "he has hair!!" (my first 2 were bald) i felt complete love for my baby the second i saw him

3. nothing unusual, just the normal feelings of being stressed and whatnot

4. my husband is not here right now, but he did his best to make me feel comfortable..he said he felt kinda helpless at the times i was in pain

5. well it was my 3rd child, so i didnt feel any differently

6. id say so..it went pretty well. i probably should have let them break my water that night like they proposed, but i wanted to wait and see if it would break on its own..

7. well i have 3 boys, and i do want a girl. i'll have as many children as God blesses me with  (+ info)

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