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Would someone with antisocial personality disorder care what other people thought of them?

...because they care what people think?

No. people with Antisocial personality disorder are more commonly referred to as sociopaths. They are manipulative, cruel and apathetic toward others.

As the other poster mentioned, if you are talking about Avoidant Personality disorder, then yes - they do care.  (+ info)

Is there any hope for someone with antisocial personality disorder?

my now ex girl who i care for deeply is very ill and abuse.
i needed to get away from her . but i worry about her

I don't want to say there is no hope. But don't hold your breath. These things are unlikely to change. The person has to really want it more than anything, and that's unlikely. Your suffering from abuse from her will not help her in any way. It will just cause you to be hurt and suffering. It's better to worry about someone from a distance. You need to care more about yourself than her.  (+ info)

Would ADD mimic any symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder?

Such as lack of remorse, distant, cold, un-empathetic? Strange question I know but I'm just studying up? For instance, could someone with severe ADD or ADHD be so distracted that they would seem like they don't care as much & get over things easier? Plus, how about the impulsive nature? Doing harmful or self-destructive things? WOuld someone with knowledge on the subject please show me similarites & contrasts?

While ADHD could be associated with behaviors that are similar to those found in people with ASPD, the important difference is the thought process behind the person's actions.

A person with ADHD may seem to disregard others' feelings or put themselves or others in danger, but their behaviors stem from impulsivity and they show empathy and remorse that one does not often find in a person with ASPD.

A person with ADHD is also not likely to show the superficial charm and frequent aggression commmon in ASPD.

Finally, a person with ASPD would have had to have been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder as a child, which is not necessarily present in people with ADHD.

Here's an article about social skills issues that are common in people with ADHD:
http://www.additudemag.com/adhd/article/1011.html  (+ info)

Under what conditions can someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder be confined to a Psych Ward?

It's for a story I'm writing.

If they stole things b/c they didn't have a conscience and were caught and tried in court, the sentence might be living @ a psychiatric facility for inpatient treatment. Or if they attempted suicide, were know to be planning suicide (even just thinking of suicide) or of hurting or planning to hurt other people or destroying someone else's property or commiting domestic abuse on family members and were turned in (or got picked up by an ambulance when somebody called 911 during a fight) they could quite easily end up in that nice little padded room many hospitals have for such individuals.
Also, if their 'shrink' thought it was necessarry (even without it being an emergency or even 'urgent' if they were under eighteen, especially, their parent or doctor could recommend and have them either voluntarily or involuntarily committed.)
And someone who is legally deemed unable to make their own decisions, like say, medical treatment, (including adults with severe mental illnesses) will be assigned a healthcare 'proxie' or a legal guardian who is responsible for their well-being. it might be a friend, family member, spouse or 'significant other' or a doctor who are trusted to make such decisions.
Good luck on the story! Psych wards, I imagine, are quite boring. I don't think there is much in the way of entertainment...maybe at best a newspaper or something. You'll have to use the characters or conflict as interest in the setting.  (+ info)

Question about Antisocial Personality Disorder?

I looked at multiple site about a diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder and some say that you had to have only some symptoms of a conduct disorder when you were young and some say that you had to qualify"Which means having the official diagnosis"to be able to have a diagnosis of ASPD when your older then 18.Which one is right?

Not all people who are diagnosed with conduct disorder grow to be APD, but 1/3 of them do. Still, if you have been a child and not been diagnosed, it doesn't mean you that you can't have APD. It just means that either people didn't catch on, or you just simply never got diagnosed.
You DO have to have had symptoms though, especially things such as manipulative behavior...
People are often diagnosed with APD after having a childhood of neglect and abuse. Not always, though, I don't think. But like all personality disorders, they are definitely mostly environmental - though environmental factors DO affect the brain. The chemical problem with APD is - like with depression - the saratonin and dopamine levels are down, and the amygdalia - which controls the fight or flight chemicals - is also affected; also, the frontal lobes are affected, too, methinks. Not quite sure, can't remember much from studying, but it's one you can't really self-diagnosis. I know a lot of people with APD tendencies who aren't APD...Definitely see someone about it, if you think you have it. Also, other symptoms involve law-breaking behaviors, total disregard for rules, hatred for authority, et cetera.
Make sure to really, really study it before self-diagnosing.
(My apologies if you're not talking about yourself. I'm just assuming, since that's usually the case with these questions.)   (+ info)

Did Ronnie and Reggie Kray have Antisocial Personality Disorder?

I know Ronnie was a psychopath but I don't know if he had it or not.

And I have a suspicion that Reggie may have been a psychopath too.

Well they killed people and tortured people.

I think both may have had a screw loose.  (+ info)

Where, who, and how can I get help in Alabama for my antisocial personality disorder. I really need help?!?

I have not been truely diagnosised but I strongly beleiv, that is what I suffer from. I show alot of the class signs(Symptoms). I am sick the life style I live, and unable to hold down a job. Thanks for any help

Alabama offers free mental health. And you have a computer so look it up. And when you get done get off the computer and talk to some real people.  (+ info)

I need to find movies depicting antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder?

Im doing a psych report and need to find movie clips that show and example of the disorders. the one catch is that the movie can not be rated R. if so i can't even you a small clip of the movie

http://www.amazon.com/Borderline-Personality-Disorder-Mostly-Films/lm/16CDF27VGJ018  (+ info)

what is society's view on antisocial personality disorder?

i know what the characteristics of a person with APD is, but how is it viewed from a normal person?

  (+ info)

Does anyone have or know someone who has a personality disorder? Specifically antisocial?

Anyone with this disorder can you explain it to me? Does anyone know any children with the form of this called conduct disorder? Can you help me better understand it? Thanks!!
Antisocial personality disorder was formally called "psychopath" and conduct disorder is the childrens version of this. MAny serial killers have/ had this

  (+ info)

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