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what can I do about an allergic reaction to halloween makeup?

My wife woke up yesterday morning with severely puffy eyes and face. Instead of washing off the halloween makeup when she got home, she went to sleep with it on and it seems that she had an allergic reaction. She took benadryl and claritin yesterday and nothing has helped. Are there any home remedies out there that anyone can suggest to help subside an allergic reaction to something? Any help would be appreciated! Thx.
Please only send useful answers. "Don't put makeup on in the first place" is not exactly relevant at this point in time.

I think It would be a good idea to call her doctor and tell him/her, it would be nice to get their opion on the matter. Do you still have the box for the holloween makeup, you might want to check whats in the makeup. Holloween makeup is usually really cheap and bad. Good luck :)  (+ info)

What is the emergency treatment for an allergic reaction to shellfish?

Specifically an anaphylaxic reaction. All the websites seem to say the same thing that such a reaction requires a shot of adrenalin (eppipen) and a trip to the emergency room. I have gone to the emergency room twice for this but it has been a long time and I know they gave me a shot of something when I was there that knocked me out for a little while and I would awaken perfectly fine. I just don't know what was in the shot. Can you help?

The nine common priority food allergens are peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, milk, eggs, seafood (fish, crustaceans and shellfish), soy, wheat and sulphites (a food additive). When someone comes in contact with an allergen, the symptoms of a reaction may develop quickly and may rapidly progress from mild to severe. The most severe form of an allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis, which is a hypersensitivity reaction to the ingestion or injection of a substance (a protein or drug) resulting from prior contact with a substance. In other words, it is a severe allergic reaction that may involve the entire body. It can result in trouble breathing, loss of consciousness and even death. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical treatment. Currently there is no cure for food allergies. The only option is complete avoidance of the specific allergen. Appropriate emergency treatment for anaphylaxis includes an injection of adrenaline, which is available in an auto-injector device. Adrenaline must be administered as soon as symptoms of a severe allergic reaction appear. The injection must be followed by further treatment and observation in a hospital emergency room. If your doctor/allergist has diagnosed you with a food allergy and prescribed adrenaline, carry it with you all the time and know how to use it.


The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

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Hope this helps
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How to heal a bad reaction to skin caused my retinol?

I purchased an over the counter cleanser and moisturizer that contained retinol and I had an allergic reaction to it. It really dried out and irritated my face. It's kinda flaky right not it use to sting and was really red but that has gone down. I thought retinol was suppose to be good for your skin. (it was a very low dosage they were over the counter products). Anyways is there something I can do to heal up my skin or should I just let it heal on it's own?
At this point a moisturizer stings my skin so I CANNOT use that

The only thing that *may* work right now is petroleum jelly (unscented). I wouldn't try anything else at this point. Nothing is going to heal it other than time. It takes about 2-4 weeks for new skin cells to reach the surface. Until then, petroleum jelly may help to minimize any burning or pain you may feel.

Retinol is NOT good for your skin and should only be used under the advice of a dermatologist. Any skin care that burns or tingles is NOT good for your skin no matter what the sales person tells you. There is no "getting used to it" timeframe or anything of the sort.

So when trying something new, try it first in a small area to see how your skin reacts... especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you have skin issues, like acne, see a dermatologist. Sales people are not as well trained as they appear.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a bad reaction to the dye that cardiologists use for heart caths?

I have had four heart-caths, and had a violent reaction after each one, lasting sometimes for hours. I cannot find any other cause for this. If you have experienced anything like this, please advise me.Thanks
Yes, my cardiologist knows about my reactions, but he has no advice for me. I forgot to mention that during my first one, I actually died but was revived after several minutes.

Tell them you are allergic and they'll give you a steroid. I am allergic and I'm always prepped before angiograms. No reactions.  (+ info)

How common is it to have an allergic reaction to eye makeup?

I'm going to buy higher end makeup but i am afraid of having an allergic reaction. I have never had an allergic reaction and i have used maybelline, rimmel, covergirl, and other cheaper brands.

it is more common than you think. after years in cosmetics, i have met many women who have allergic reactions to shadows and other eye makeup. it is true that the cheaper brands tend to be more irritating, but it is a few particular ingredients that cause problems. bismuth and mica are two ingredients that cause reactions, and they are often found in mineral makeup. also, shadows and liners with a red base (pinks, browns, purples) can be very harsh. something about the red dyes causes extreme irritation. to avoid this problem, stick to colors with a blue base (grey, green, blue) or make sure you can return items that irritate you.  (+ info)

How long would an allergic reaction to hair dye last?

Exactly as stated above, I am curious on how long it would take for an allergic reaction to hair dye last?
Is it only during application or the whole time that the hair dye is on your hair?

the allergic reaction can start anywhere from 2 minutes to 24 hours from the time you start applying it, and if your actually allergic to it, you can suffer for weeks, some people have even died. thats why they tell you to test a spot first, and wait 24 hours.  (+ info)

What would be your first reaction if you saw a teenage girl holding a newborn baby?

I'm 14 but look a little older than my age people always guess that Im 16 or 17. Anyway twice a week I help my sister in law with her kids because she has studying and house work. She has 3 kids a girl who is 4, a boy who is 2, and a two month old baby boy. Well whenever we go shopping I normally take the baby and walk him around. So I was just wondering what would be your first reaction if you saw a teen with a baby.
Thanks for the answers everyone!

Oh, I know exactly how you feel. My little brother was born when I was 11 years old. I always held him (my mom felt like she never got to hold her own baby) and everyone thought he was mine! I got so many strange looks.

Now, I have a daughter, 3 months old. My step-daughter is 14 years old. We were at a restaurant and I went to the bathroom. A man looked down at my daughter's carseat and smiled at her. Then he looked up and saw my stepdaughter and the smile fell off his face, like she had done something wrong. She was so mad. I don't blame her. Even if it were her baby, people shouldn't be judging.

So, to answer the question. I always think that she's the baby's sibling until I know otherwise.   (+ info)

What happens after an allergic reaction to food?

After an allergic reaction to a food, what are some symptoms(besides death) if an epi pen is not used? Any long term effects?

throwing up mainly  (+ info)

What are signs of an allergic reaction to face wash?

I bought the Avalon Vitamin C face wash 2 days ago. First time I tried it, nothing weird happened(and I used a lot), second time I got redness on my cheeks and nose area(quite possibly from scrubbing to much), and third time I got the slightest bit of redness in the same place. It doesn't hurt or anything. Is this an allergic reaction? Will it really matter if I keep using it?

It probably isn't an allergic reaction, but may be an indication that the scrubbing combined with the ingredients is too much for your skin. An unwanted side effect can be that your skin produces more oil to replace the drying effect of the scrub and your skin may actually break out more! The best advice would be to use the scrub intermittently, once a week or every other day if you feel like it is helping. It isn't a good idea to scrub your facial skin too vigorously with anything as you can cause little breaks in the skin which will then become irritated and red.  (+ info)

What are ways to improve your reaction time and speed?

I want a fast and really good way that improves my reaction time and speed dramatically. Any help? Thank you for any answers that are reasonable.

Playing sports and video games enhance reaction time. There are so games online that can improve your reaction time like http://getyourwebsitehere.com/jswb/rttest01.html
Oh, martial arts also improve reaction time.
Eating healthy as well. Fruits, vegetables....  (+ info)

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