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What is the difference between asphyxia and hypoxia?

Both mean that there is not a sufficient supply of oxygen being given but what is the difference and if there is no difference, why use two different words for the same thing?

Asphyxia can be caused by injury to or obstruction of breathing passageways, as in strangulation or the aspiration of food (choking) or large quantities of fluid (near-drowning or drowning). The aspiration of food or fluid can result in a shrunken and airless state of the lungs that is known as atelectasis, a condition that aggravates hypoxemia. Asphyxia can also be caused by suffocation, the inability of sufficient oxygen to reach the brain, as in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hypoxia / hypoxemia is a condition in which there is an inadequate supply of oxygen in the blood. Hypoxia is caused by:

A reduction in partial pressure of oxygen
Inadequate oxygen transport
The inability of the tissues to use oxygen  (+ info)

Will you suffer from Asphyxia if you wear a mouthguard everytime you sleep?

or if you wear a double (one for the upper teeth and one for the lower)

You shouldn't. There are dental appliances for sleep apnea and bruxism.. both resemble mouthgards and are worn to help you sleep better.  (+ info)

What is it like to die by plastic bag asphyxia?

horrible people always do that in movies as a way of revenge to make them suffer its like one of the worst ways to die  (+ info)

discharge planning for sepsis neonatorum?

hi there.... i really need help on our case study...... please help me do a discharge planning for sepsis neonatorum.....thank you....

Start with anticipating what the needs of the infant will be once he's d/c'd to home from NICU. Will he need nutritional support, continued medical care from specialists, medications, home health, continued ventilation or supplemental oxygen supplies? Any other DME or other equipment? Who will be the primary caregiver? Will there be a backup to provide respite? What about the family? They may have knowledge deficits, fears and other concerns that need to be addressed. The parents may need to be educated/trained in the care of the infant and the infant's needs. The family needs a support network and resources to turn to when needed.

Click on this link: http://www.medem.com/MedLB/article_detailb.cfm?article_ID=ZZZCFD61KAC&sub_cat=26 and scroll down to DISCHARGE PLANNING. Read it.

Also click on http://www.stratishealth.org/index.php?submenu=HCP_PerformQualityImp&src=gendocs&link=DischargePlanningQualityResourceKit&category=Health+Care+Provider then scroll down to Successful Strategies and you will find much help in how to plan, what to ask about and what to include in your assessments.

Please do let me know if this is of help to you. If for any reason you can't get to these websites, run a search for "hospital discharge planning worksheet" and on the first list of websites you see, #1 should be StratisHealth: Discharge Planning Quality Resources ToolKit. Go here and scroll down to Successful Strategies. The other site is #10 on the list of websites. American Academy of Pediatrics National Center of Medical Home... Scroll down until you see something useful.  (+ info)

Does feeling eventually the windpipe closed and almost asphyxia a symptom of an allergy to something? Or it m

A Congenital problem in the throat or windpipe?
(I hope a made the question correctly)

a severe allergic reaction is anaphylactic shock, which includes the closing of the windpipe and swelling of the tongue. if you only feel this way after eating certain foods, it could be an allergy. people can be allergic to foods that are ingredients of other foods (like peanuts or MSG in things)  (+ info)

Can Epidural cause Asphyxia(suffocation) to the newborns?

My friend recently gave birth to a beautiful little boy. She didn't use any anesthesia, only took painkillers after the labor.
I respect her choice for a natural birth, but she told me it's because the nurses at the birthing class claimed that epidural can cause asphyxia to the newborn. I suspect it might be a public hospital scam to save money on anesthetists. (Not in America, anesthetists are all hired from foreign countries and thus very expensive.)

Can epidural cause asphyxia to the newborns?

It can if there is severe lowering of the blood pressure or a cardiac arrest from an unusually bad reaction to an epidural.

Ordinarily we take pretty deliberate measures to lessen the fall in blood pressure that almost always occurs with epidurals and spinals, and if the blood pressure does fall more than we like, we use fluids, medications, oxygen, and change in position of the laboring patient.

A cardiac arrest from an epidural would be extremely rare, and I have never seen this happen, but years ago high concentrations of Marcaine were used by unskilled practitioners to do epidurals, and if this was injected IV instead of epidural, a cardiac arrest occurred that was almost impossible to reverse.

On the other hand, an ordinary, well-functioning, garden variety of epidural for labor does not cause asphyxia. This has been studied many, many times over many years.  (+ info)

What is asphyxia? Is LPG created this? How or why?

its lack of oxygen in the blood presuming you mean lpg as car fuel could cause it as to the fumes in it ie like that high feeling effect when you smell it  (+ info)

What is Asphyxia Respiration problems?

i want to know the detail of this word can any one please tell me please i need it very quick

When you're strangled, you cannot breathe.  (+ info)

What is Autoerotic asphyxia?

well, hopefully you never have to learn what it is because it is a very dangerous thing to try for one because of the possiblily for accidental death. In fact there's about 500-1000 deaths in US alone because of this dangerous type of masturbation

Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation (AEA) is a form of masturbation practiced usually by young men seeking a new thrill, although that is just a generally thought more then proven. It involves cutting of the blood flow to the brain by pratically sufficating yourself while masturbating.
It's supposed to intensify the sensations, give stronger orgasms, making one giddy, lightheaded, etc. But this is because it creates cerebal anoxia, or deficiency of oxygen to the brain. There's also a pshycological thrill from being helpless too.
Really, it's a very dumb thing to do, resulting in so many unecessary deaths when there are other ways to get a quick thrill safely.
Hope I helped

  (+ info)

How do I get over this freeking depression?

With someone like Owen Wilson (wealthy and many connections) attempting to comit suicide. How would a regular Joe or Allen get help without going to those extremes? Many people in todays society self medicate with drug and alcohol, which is what the big drug company's don't want, they want to sell you the drugs. Does a person have to go off the deep-end and attempt suicide to get the kind of help they need? What sort of drugs can you get that aren't illegal and can make you feel fine about yourself again? I don't have health insurance or a job and have 3 other lives to care for and keep happy. I am afraid that if I seek help through social services, they will take my kids away or make me wish even further that I was dead.

Actually I think Owen was trying auto-erotic-asphyxia when he screwed up.
I am afraid to leave the house, (gas costs to much) I am afraid I will cry, I am afraid to do house work (cleaners cost money I may not have to buy the things my kids need) I am afraid to tell anyone anything. I am afraid to seek help. I am afraid to get the car fixed, I am afraid of being alone, I am afraid of the government, I am afraid of scammers, I am afraid to do the yard work, I am afraid I am not setting a good example for my kids. I am afraid of the neighbors seeing me. I am afraid to pay the bills. I am afraid that everything I do will become undone, and I will have to do it again. I can not maintain anything. I amfraid how much it will cost to do anything. I am still waiting for something good to happen, like my ship to come in.

Every third person in this world has been in depression at a certain point in his/her life. It's a normal thing, noone will take your kids away. The best way is to go to psychologist. Don't take any drugs for now.

My father killed himself less than 1 year ago. He was in deep depression and afraid of the same things like you ("make me wish even further that I was dead").
They put people in such places only when they tried to commit suicide 3-4 times and are danger for the society. Don't be fooled by the movies you are watching. Everyone is going through depression, you just visit the psychologist and he makes you feel better, after awhile the depression will be gone, then you will be able to see things from perspective.
Also talk to people all the time, about anything. Communicate.  (+ info)

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