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What is the survival rate for an astrocytoma?

My best friend was diagnosed with an astrocytoma and the doctor gave him 6 months. I want to know if the doctor may have made a mistake in the time he gave him to live, and if he didn't, what my friend's chances of surviving are.

A dr is not going to tell a brain tumor patient he has 6 months to live. My tumor was mixed oligoastrocytoma, grade 3 and even I didn't get a life span. It's just not gonna happen. They can tell a median survival time from stats, that's all...and 6 months ain't it. The doc will do surgery then radiation/chemo, then chemo alone in the form of temodar for a minimum of 6 months at 5 days a month. Mri's every 2 months to check for growth. I was diagnosed aug 28 and surgery sept 1 of 2008 and I'm still here!!  (+ info)

Is there a best way to treat astrocytoma in intramedullary in t6-t12 level?

it is a spinal cord thoracic tumor in the t6-t12 level astrocytoma.I would like to know if there is an excellent neurosurgeon that can give me an insight about the best possible treatment?

Contemporary treatment of intramedullary spinal cord tumours (IMSCTs) involves radical or subtotal tumour resection with adjuvant radiation and/or chemotherapy, depending on the tumour's histological type and grade as well as the extent of resection - pilocytic astrocytoma and / or diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma etc. Despite advances in surgical therapy, this approach continues to have significant morbidity. Spinal cord astrocytomas are rare neoplasms, and optimal treatment guidelines are undefined. According to reports, conservative surgery followed by radiotherapy appears to have a role in achieving tumour control and neurologic recovery in patients with low grade astrocytomas of the spinal cord. Treatment results of high grade tumours remain poor and new therapeutic strategies need to be studied.


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I add two links with some details of this subject.



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What are the chances of recovery of the patient affected by astrocytoma grade III..?

Brain tumor is detected to my mausi at the age of 45 now & the same was operated by one of the reknowened doctor in pune. Doctors has suggested radiotherapy and chemotherapy to her. Kindly advise on this.

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I have been diagnosed with a low grade astrocytoma in T4. I cant have a biopsy because its to risky.?

Has anyone else ever been in this situation? How do you handle it? Im 23 and pregnant, were you warned about hormones changing the tumor?

My daughter was diagnosed grade 2 astrocytoma in cerebellum, she was 26 single mom of a 1 year old,that was 2 years ago she is doing great responding well to treatments(radiation,oral chemo) I will keep you in my prayers  (+ info)

i would like to know what is pilocytic astrocytoma and what grade is it and the survival chance?

i was detected of brain tumor. which caused clumsiness in my left hand and foot. i have been operated and the tumor has been completely removed. The findings had suggested it to be a glioma probably astrocytoma. one of the biopsy reports suggests its pilocytic low grade.the sections of the tumor mass comprised of neoplastic astrocytes.ii would like to know if i would lead a full normal life and if there would be chances of recurrence

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Does anyone besides myself deal with a brain tumor called an anaplastic astrocytoma?

Maybe you yourself have experienced first hand or know someone who has this type of brain tumor. Please let me know so I can have a better understanding of what my husband is dealing with. Thank you!!

Sorry about your husbands tumor diagnosis. I had a meningioma tumor and had brain surgery to remove it 3 years ago. I just read a great book called "Living with a brain tumor" by Dr. Peter Black. He is the chief of neurosurgical oncology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I checked it out at my local library (free), you can buy it at amazon.com ($11.56).
I was very impressed with this book. It covers the different types of brain tumors, current treatment options, and what you can expect during and after treatment. For me, I wish it had been available 3 years ago. It is written in very clear english for patients, not for the medical community. I highly recommend it for you and your husband.
Also, many hospitals offer brain tumor support groups that meet regularly. Check at your local hospitals to see what is available.
For the best treatment check out US News and World Report list of best hospitals for neurology and neurosurgery in the US. Most of these are teaching hospitals and that is where you find the best surgeons. Many of these hospitals will give you a second opinion if you can send them your husbands medical information (MRI scans, etc.) Here is a link:
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Help: I have an aunt, 30 yrs old, who is suffering from astrocytoma cancer. What should she do?

she is paralyzed below the neck, has already had two major surgeries, and has gone through radiation. she is too depressed to go into yoga or natural healing methods- she has a younger son, but that's no motivation for her- she needs help NOW, something to give her a push into wanting to be better
she is in a too weakened state to go through chemotherapy, too
i need help- i want her to survive

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Does anybody know anything about astrocytoma?

Do you know of any good websites about cancers that non-medical people can understand? I'd like to know more about chemotherapy and neutropoenia.

There are some excellent websites with this information:

Brain Tumor Foundation: Astrocytomas

ACS: Brain and Spinal Cord tumors

NCCN: Clinical Guidelines for Central Nervous System Cancers

Medline Plus: Cancer Chemotherapy

CancerBackup: Astrocytic tumours

Medline Plus: Childhood Brain Tumor

Medline Plus: Adult Brain tumor

Hope that helps. Good luck.  (+ info)

My father is diagnosed with low grade astrocytoma in right frontal lobe. He is 57 years old. The doctors advis?

My father is diagnosed with low grade astrocytoma in right frontal lobe. He is 57 years old. The doctors advised there will be no difference observed with or without surgery, the also made me understand the complications after the surgery, they left the decision on me. My father is not suffering from any symptoms, he is normal right now completely except some physical weakness.
Is it safe enough to go without operation? And if it is, how long it is safe?

If the tumor is removed it is likely he will survive several years. There is no way to know how long before it may undergo transformation. What kind of doctor leaves this up to you? This is your father’s decision.  (+ info)

Is there any effective way to treat brain tumor-Junior Pilocytic Astrocytoma?

According to experts, current treatments are limited to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. All three options may offer conflicting and potentially incomplete solutions. All three also often result in added critical complications and permanent adverse side effects due to the punishing nature of the therapies. Furthermore, a subset of JPA/PLGA kids, estimated 30-40% overall, will develop progressive disease, according to experts and treatments are far from optimal. These experts say that although radiation and chemo is being made safer it is unlikely to cure many more children with JPA/PLGA. In a similar way many experts predict that new chemotherapy regimes will not make "quantum leaps" in the statistics of survival.  (+ info)

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