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Could this be dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, or related to another one of my "disorders"?

I never really noticed it that much, but I've noticed more frequently lately, that I have a really hard time processing information that I hear. Like, if someone gives me a direction or instruction, I don't understand what they mean and it literally takes me about 5 or so minutes for me to actually understand what they meant. I'm pretty good at memorizing things (that I read), I'm really good at reading too. But like, if someone is talking to me, or if there's too mcuh going on around me, I get really confused and I totally forget everything that I just heard. Or if I talk to someone and m friend or mom asks what they said, I just say "I don't know, I forget". Cause I do forget a large portion of what they JUST told me. I might remember like abit or two. And even those two bits might be kind of scattered, if that makes sense. I also tend to forget words when talking. Like they'll be on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't think of the word. So instead I'll replace it with another word because it just will not come to me. I learn really well with visual stuff and if I touch stuff. I do have ocd, borderline pd, schizotypal pd, depression, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and body dysmorphic disorder. I was also diagnosed with a learning disability when I was younger (dyscalculia - numbers). My therapist thinks I might be dyslexic cause I have a hard time telling time on a regular clock. Also, sometimes for no reason, I can't remember how to spell a word. It's just my mind will go blank sometimes. I feel really stupid and like a total ditz. I know I'm smart, just not in the traditional sense I guess you could say. Do you think this could do with my other issues? Or do you think it could be something else?


I believe new studies show that the general term or diagnosis of dyslexia does not only show in the way reading disability is defined. It is much more complex and depending on your 'native tongue' the effects are different. Most of the other disorders you're describing are very common with people who have dyslexia. You can inform yourself as much as possible about the newest studies etc. Dyslexia is a fairly new recognized condition and very little understood and in the broader public very falsely portrayed (in my opinion). You do not outgrow dyslexia (just as you don't outgrow a heart defect or juvenile onset diabetes), so the more you know about your condition, the better you can reach your full potential!! Good luck!  (+ info)

How to check whether i have an auditory processing disorder or not?

  (+ info)


Everytime i see some kind of disorder like personality disorder,bipolar disorder, and Schizotypal disorder...they sound so much like me and i took a disorder test and only had two moderate the the rest were high and very high......chance...you think i should actually go to a docter and find out?
Yes ever sicne tramatic changes happened ive been really upset, and emotional and everytime i read these its like its the solution to why i feel this way
And i felt thus way and thats why i took it..

You should go to a doctor if you feel that any of the signs or symptoms are having a negative impact on your life, like affecting school, work or relationships.  (+ info)

What is schizophrenia called when it doesn't include auditory or visual hallucinations?

What would be the term for the personality disorder having all of the characteristics of schizophrenia with the exception of hallucinations?

I didn't have any auditory or visual hallucinations, so depending on the other symptoms????..... it's probably still schizophrenia  (+ info)

How has a parent dealt with there child having Central Auditory Processing Disorder?

I have a feeling that my 8 year old son may have a type of CAPD. He exhibits alot of the symptoms and I wonder if I should go get him evaluated. The thing is, is that he is doing very well academically. But he tells me that the other teachers (art teacher, computer etc.) get frustrated with him because he may want to clarify some instructions. They always seem to sit him at the back of the class. My son would tell me that he would get nervous if he wants to ask another question. I don't want this to eventually hurt his self esteem. I find that at home I would repeat myself over again until he understands. I know that teachers do not have the patience. But again he is very smart and inquisitive so the teachers are not aware the the problem. How did you deal with this and what was the best type of school enviornment for your child?

My child does not have this problem. The problem she has is simpler. She has IBS. She has trouble going to the bathroom. She also has to eat small snacks through out the day instead of regular meals. Even though I had explained this when school started, I had to contact the nurse, have a written note excusing her to use the bathroom when she needed and for the meals. I then wrote and e-mail to the teacher she most had problems with explaining in detail what IBS was and the complications of it. I also was very polite and considerate and thanked her for her time and understanding on this issue. I even told her I felt my daughter had alot to learn from them all and thanked them for teaching her. I asked her to please show this to all of her teachers so that it would help them all to understand her better. I told her that I supported them, and that it wasn't an excuse for her to not complete her work and I would back them one hundred percent. I also called the principal and informed him of it all and he was very helpful. In the end, I won my battle. I tell you this because sometimes even teachers don't understand and aren't aware of the complications a child might have with a paticular illness. Find some info that they could better understand your childs condition and copy one for each teacher to have. Send a note to your childs classroom teacher explaining why and give the other teachers your number in case they should have anymore questions. Tell them you appreciate them and their time they take with your child. I hope this helps. If it doesn't, I would hold a meeting with all of them present and the principal. Good luck!  (+ info)

where can I get tested for Auditory Processing Disorder in the South of England?

I have a problem with the response I got from my doctor!

If you meant South of England and not "in" the South of England, I can do it for you!
Just come to my house, I'll blow in your ear and whisper sweet nothings and we'll see what happens...  (+ info)

Can anybody explain Auditory Processing disorder in children?

I think my son has an auditory processing disorder and I'm looking for some help. I want to find more information. Please help.

It is when the part of the brain that processes verbal information isn't getting it right. It also means that you can't give him long verbal directions. Keep them short and to the point. He will also find it hard to mult-task as that will mean trying to process even more information. You should have him tested by a nureo-psychologist, that person should be able to let you know if that's the only learning disability that he has. When my daughter was diagnosed we found out that there were several disability that she had in total there were four of them so have him tested by someone competent  (+ info)

How does Delayed Auditory Feedback help people with a stammer?

I am training to be a speech and language therapist and in my lecture on stammering today the lecturer talked about delayed auditory feedback mechanisms. I understand that they are a device which goes in the person's ear and plays back their voice by way of a tone or white noise, but how does it work?How does it pick up the voice signal? Does whispering into someone's ear cause problems? And how does it help a stutterer?

I did ask the lecturer but he didn't give a very helpful answer.

Thank you.

Your question is very interesting. I wish I could help you
answer it. My son has a stammer and I would like to be able to help him conquer it. Hopefully someone will have an answer. If you don't get an answer I hope you repost the question.  (+ info)

Is it true about mp3 players causing auditory problems?

I heard that excessive listening to mp3 player may cause some auditory problems which can lead to deafness. As if it were true now I've become sound sensitive after 3 years of non-stop listening although I'm not sure about a possible correlation between these two things. I'd like to know your opinions in the matter. Thanks!
then what about audiobooks?
what about audiobooks?

all music (string instruments),
are likely to cause auditorial problems if you listen to much or to loud.
any one who tell's you other wise doesn't know anything because my dad researched it and he and his friend are the ones who found this out.
listening to any kind of music to much causes auditorial problems.
stick to drum beats and so forth.
many people will not believe me or you if you tell them this but it is fact.  (+ info)

What would YOU do if you had an auditory hallucination?

Do you have auditory hallucinations?

How frequently do you have them?

What do you do when you do have them?

Have you ever had suicidal and homicidal hallucinations?

Not to worry you, could be symptom of schizophrenia. Talk to psychiatrist. Do not worry about the stigma associated with this disorder, it is treatable!  (+ info)

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