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Very young, or vasectomy?
Or are you asking for the definition?  (+ info)

How can I be a father as I am an Azoospermia patient?

I am tested that I am an Azoospermia patient. I got married before two years ago. Now we take a baby soon. My wife is OK. But she want a baby very soon. I have scanty income. I am looking for good treatment in Bangladesh. But How can I solve this problem. Please help me giving good advice.

This can be tested for does not produce sperm or are you producing sperm and unable to deliver it? If the tests are making sperm ,but not in the ejaculate the sperm must be retrieved by other mechanism either by restoring the normal flow or by circumventing it.If not producing sperm this needs to be reversed if can, May need to do some sperm harvesting.Three major causes for lack of sperm production.
Hormonal Problem's:
The testicles need pituitary hormones to be stimulated to make sperm. If these are absent or severely decreased the tests will maximally produce sperm, men who take steroids either by mouth or injection for body building shut down the production of hormones for sperm production.
Testicular Failure:
This generally refers to the inability of the sperm producing part of the testicle to making adequate numbers of mature sperm this can occur at any stage in sperm production for several reasons. The testicle's may completely lack the cells that divide to become sperm to complete their development(termed maturation arrest). This may be genetic abnormalities.
This is dilated veins in the scrotum, this is like varicose veins the blood does not drain proper from them. These dilated veins allow extra blood to pool in the scrotum which has a negative effect on sperm production This can be taken care of as well.
Sperm delivery complications are generally caused either by a promblem with the ductal system that carries the sperm or with ejaculation, the sperm carrying ducts maybe missing or blocked. Sperm are stored in sacs the seminal vesicles then its deposited in the urethra tube through which men urinate and ejaculate, the sperm must pass threw the ejaculatory ducts. If blocked on both sides NO sperm will get threw.
Could have problem with ejaculation you need emission 1st also for the sperm to be pushed out of the tip of penis the entry to bladder must be closed down, If this is not closed the sperm will be pushed down into bladder and later wasted when you go to the bathroom.
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Azoospermia (no semen in men) - how do you have kids apart from using a sperm doner?

My partner has azoospermia (no fertility). The hospital can do a testicular biopsy but they will charge us 3 grand if they find any sperm as I have kids that aren't his. Any other options????

Not as far as I know, though there is some post code variation,your Trust is sticking to the rules. These suggest that if either partner has children then you are not eligible for infertility treatment on the NHS.  (+ info)

How do we know that our sperm is healthy manually. Not Azoospermia or Oligoospermia?

Please, give me some advice. But i try to avoid seeing doctor cause this is not so serious. But at least give me some option that i need to go to pharmacy.

You'll never know if your sperm is healthy or not just by looking at them unless you use microscope or some testing, but just keep on using protection for your own good, though.  (+ info)

Are there men out there willing to answer if they have azoospermia?

My husband was told 15 year`s ago that he has this problem, but have not found others in the same situation, so we feel alone with this problem.

The answer above is quite correct. Don't worry, there are ways to get pregnant now. The ICSI procedure is very helpful and successful. They can still find sperm through biopsy measures and place it in your egg. Even if the sperm is almost dead or not so healthy, they have success with this procedure!  (+ info)

Is it possible to get pregnant despite my husband suffering azoospermia?Are there any successful stories.?

I am wondering is there anyone out there that has been told that they can`t get pregnant because of sterility of their husband`s part, yet after years, succeeds in being parents?

Unfortuantely, unless the reason for your husband's zero sperm count is due to a blockage affecting the sperm transportion, its not likely you will conceive naturally. Maybe you should start to consider sperm donors?  (+ info)

Can Azoospermia be cured by natural medicine or food?

I and two of my brothers have azoospermia. Is it genetical decesase
biopsy says sertoli cells only

I'm a medical herbalist and no of no treatment. As to the genetics of it, I don't know of any environmental problem which causes azoospermia that also doesn't also cause many other problems - it is almost certainly genetic or congenital.  (+ info)

What is the cure for Azoospermia(nil sperm count)?

I am married for 3 years and don't have kids, suffering from Azoospermia(nil sperm count) due to some infection in my childhood. Pl. suggest remedy or advice at earliest.

I am sorry for you both:but make an appointment with a urologist and perhaps he can help you.
But I am afraid that your condition won't change.
Think about adoption or using donor sperm to start a family.
Lots of success:Colors  (+ info)

If healthy man donate his blood to azoospermia man is it possible that azoospermia man produce own sperm?

If healthy man donate his blood to azoospermia man is it possible that azoospermia man produce own sperm in his body & able to birth own child due to donation of blood of healthy man?

Blood has nothing to do with the production of sperm... so no.

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Were you told that you could never have children because of azoospermia, but have children despite?

I am really curious as I have heard that it is possible to be diognised with azoospermia, but years later go on to father children!

Are there any positive experiences. I would love to know.

Thanks in advance

Hi...I don't have any positive experience but can point you to this website http://www.malefertility.co.uk/azoospermia.html which says: "....modern techniques such as ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) mean that a man can still father his own biological child with expert medical help" but I would go check the website out for the full context.  (+ info)

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