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I want to know if I might have the symptoms of Behcet's Syndrome?

All through my life I have dealt with the following:
- fatigue, and feeling as if i am going to pass out when moving a lot
- pain during and after urination
- multiple occasions of sores in mouth and around genital area
- eye and muscle twitches
- my bones crack a lot and such
- i get sick quite frequently
- breathing complications

Could this be behcet's syndrome? Or something else? I'm sixteen years old.

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I wasn't allowed to give blood (behcet's syndrome)?

I have given blood before with very few problems, but today I couldn't because I might have behcet syndrome/disease. The nurse had never even heard of it and I wasn't very good at describing it. I'm going to go to the doctor and ask him but it's past 6 now so I have to wait until the morning. Does anybody know anything about behcet's syndrome and giving blood. I live in Ireland if that helps.
Behcet's syndrome has different characteristics, there is nothing wrong with my blood vessels.

Behçet's disease is a rare autoimmune disorder that causes ulcers and skin lesions and is often wrongly assumed to be sexually transmitted. Behçet's disease, an autoimmune response where the immune system turns on the body, causes inflammation of parts of the body. In particular, small blood vessels around the body become inflamed, a condition known as vasculitis. The cause of Behçet's remains unknown, but it's often preceded by a viral infection, for example, which may trigger the autoimmune process, causing the body to attack its own blood vessels and making them inflamed. Experts in the field of Behçet's research agree the causes may be genetic. Life for people with Behçet's is made more difficult because of misunderstandings about the illness. With the appearance of ulcers on the mouth and genitals, it's often incorrectly assumed the condition is infectious and sexually transmitted - it's not either of these. Most people with this disorder suffer from frequent headaches. No specific test can diagnose Behcet's and its symptoms all have other possible causes. It needs a great deal of awareness to recognise the pattern of symptoms that, pieced together, may indicate Behçet's. Tests are used to rule out other conditions that cause similar symptoms. A special skin-prick test can be performed that, if positive, adds more weight to Behçet's being the correct diagnosis.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
I add a link with details of this subject, under the contact details for the society-
Behcet's Syndrome Society
Tel: (U.K) 01488 71116
(omit the zero when calling from outside UK)


Hope this helps
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I need some information on the Behcet’s syndrome?

can anyone plz give some information on the Behcet sydrome i heard and read online that it can be treated with chinese herbs PLZ HELP
and also i need to know were to find the chinese herbs in la


It is a type of immune system disorder where the immune system periodically produces uncontrolled inflammation.

There is some documentation around that chinese herbs can help with this condition (although I am not aware of any conrete studies regarding this), however chinese medicine is fairly complex and I would not try medicate myself. If you want to go down the chinese herbal medicine path, I would suggest visting an experienced practitioner. Experience is key when it comes to chinese medicine.  (+ info)

Is Behcet's Syndrome/Disease contagious? How do I get it?

Named after the Turkish dermatologist who described it, Behçet's syndrome is an idiopathic disorder classified as a vasculitis, consisting of recurrent oral and genital ulcers plus other features, which may include uveitis, erythema nodosum, folliculitis, meningitis or central nervous system vasculitis, arthritis, and a bowel disease that resembles inflammatory bowel disease.
Behçet’s disease is most common in Japan and China in the Far East to the Mediterranean Sea, including countries such as Turkey and Iran.
Behçet’s is one of the few forms of vasculitis in which there is a known genetic predisposition,
in short words, it is presumably genetical so there is a very very very small chance that you would have it.  (+ info)

Anyone out there with behcet's syndrome? I was just diagnosed.?

My doctor has just changed my previous diagnosed from intestinal bowel disease and RA to behcet's syndrome. For the last 5 years I have had several symptoms of all of the above illness. I was put on remicade (the wonder drug) which has done very little to help with any of my symptoms. Actually symptoms just became stronger. I live in the US and they say this syndrome is rare. I am Hispanic and have no one else in my family that has anything like me - that i know of - they all live in puerto rico and healthcare is different there. I have never heard of this syndrome until today - so i am just looking for anyone with it or anyone with any info on it. thanks

Hi. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too have behcets and it is not a fun time. You said you are hispanic, can you trace your family tree back to spain? the disease is primaraly asian and people who can trace thier family back to the original silk trade route generaly find an explination as to where\how they got behcets in the first place. There is a book out there that helped me alot called " The Essential Guide to Behcet's" By Joanne Zeis It is very technical but it has also been abig help to my docs. Which state are you in? I live in Alaska and finding a doc up here was very challenging so if you are in Alaska to I would be willing to tell you who the docs up here are that know how to treat BD. Hope I have helped.  (+ info)

anyone have info on Behcet's Syndrome?

I posted yesterday about a spot I have had appear in the exact same location a couple of times now. It started out as just a red bump in the area I shave my genitals (right at the peak where the outer labia/vaginal lips part). I did something I know is bad... I squeezed it and out came a clearish to yellow oily liquid. Now the bump is deflated but the area is red and appears to have a whitish to skin colored covering, on it, flat and somewhat raw looking but not like an oozing sore and there is no scabbing Whatever it is SEEMS to be responding to neosporin, is Behcet's a skin condition that would respond well to neosporin? I have had a culture done on a previous bump they were able to open and test the fluid and it came back negative for HSV. I want to reiterate that this is a single location, I have no other bumps or sores anywhere on my genitals. I had not shaved my genital region for 2-3 days when the small pea sized bump appeared so there was regrowth. It is now almost a full 48 hours and it seems to be gone. So I am looking for info on Behcet's Syndrome and pictures if possible and also curious if it was a cyst from an ingrown hair or folliculitis if my squeezing it would cause it to appear more raw then previous.
LOL, oh I came up with Behcet's Syndrome doing what you should never do and googling different things. Which seems to just cause moe anxiety. I am just trying to pinpoint a cause other than a possible herpes infection. I just think its odd that its always in the same spot, one spot only, and never has liquid or whatever you want to call it coming out unless I am down there being inspector gadject and stretching the skin. It does not seem to weep or have liquid coming out unless I apply pressure to it. I meant to say above as well that it has been almost a full 48 hours and it appears to be ALMOST gone. Although it does appear more red and raw since I squeezed it, and I am wondering too if an infected hair follicle or ingrown hair can cause a red raw sore after squeezing it.
Oh and its hard for me to tell if it is a hair and where it exactly is because the hair in that area for me is blonde or light in color compared to the outer genital area which is dark like my natural hair color. For some reason the hair on my inner labia is light

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Any Doctor's in Boston,MA that specialize in Behcet's Syndrome!

THE RHEUMATOLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY AND ALLERGY DIVISION is internationally renowned for excellence in clinical care, clinical investigation and basic research. A faculty of 36 board certified rheumatologists and allergists provide elective, urgent and emergency consultations as necessary. The Division of Rheumatology, Immunology and Allergy provides diagnosis, treatment and multidisciplinary management of arthritis and related rheumatic disorders for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, Sjogren's syndrome, scleroderma, infectious arthritis, Paget's disease, ankylosing, spondylitis, amyloidosis, Behcet's syndrome, vasculitis, urticaria, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's syndrome, polymyositis, nonarticular rheumatism, Raynaud's syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in adolescents, metabolic bone disease (osteoporosis, osteomalacia), Lyme disease, immunologic disorders, adult and pediatric allergic diseases, and asthma.

The division provides services in close collaboration with the Departments of Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation, Podiatry, Dermatology, and Bone Radiology. These services are provided through the The Center for Arthritis and Joint Diseases, Allergy Service, Center for Pediatric Rheumatology, Spine Center and Lupus Center.

Phone: 617-732-5325 (rheumatology) or 617-732-9850 (allergy)
Address: 75 Francis Street Boston, MA 02115  (+ info)

How serious is getting a swollen brain from Behcet's Disease? Will my brother be able to wake up?

How serious is getting a swollen brain from Behcet's Disease? My brother had a swollen brain after vomiting/fainting out of nowhere. He got surgery and after, doctors purposely put his brain to sleep (induced coma? I think). Doctors found out that what he has is Bechet's Disease. Is this disease serious? Will my brother be able to wake up? Will doctors wake him up?

Behçet's disease is an autoimmune disease that results from damage to blood vessels throughout the body, particularly veins. In an autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks and harms the bodies' own tissues. The exact cause of Behçet's disease is unknown. Most symptoms of the disease are caused by vasculitis (an inflammation of the blood vessels). Inflammation is a characteristic reaction of the body to injury or disease and is marked by four signs: swelling, redness, heat, and pain. Doctors think that an autoimmune reaction may cause the blood vessels to become inflamed, but they do not know what triggers this reaction. Under normal conditions, the immune system protects the body from diseases and infections by killing harmful "foreign" substances, such as germs, that enter the body. In an autoimmune reaction, the immune system mistakenly attacks and harms the body's own tissues. Behçet's disease is not contagious; it is not spread from one person to another. Behçet's disease affects each person differently. The four most common symptoms (as listed) are mouth sores, genital sores, inflammation inside of the eye, and skin problems. Inflammation inside of the eye (uveitis, retinitis, and iritis) occurs in more that half of those with Behçet's disease and can cause blurred vision, pain, and redness. Other symptoms may include arthritis, blood clots, and inflammation in the central nervous system and digestive organs.

Check out the website, its the offical site and should have some helpful info  (+ info)

What medication do you think works best for Behcet's Disease?

What medication is really working for you for Behcet's? Any? None? What is your worst symptoms?

If anyone really needs help with Behcet's go see Dr. Yazici he is a Behcet's Specialist at NYU! He is amazing!

I have had got diagnosed with BD in 2007. I love to share experiences with people.

I was told I had it, only a few weeks ago. I'm not on any medication for it so I have no idea about that, but the worst symptom is pains in my knees. Some nights I can't sleep with the pain. I also recently got the genital ulcers they are a nightmare, everybody thought I had herpes. I went to an emergency doc (it was the weekend, doctors close up here for weekends) she thought it was herpes, I went to my family doctor that has been my doctor since I was born and he casually told me I had behcet's syndrome. So far nothing has been done, he just let me look it up a bit myself (he's been my doctor for 24 years, he knows how awkward I am) I'm going to go back in and get the needle test done and I'm going to make sure it's not anything else but in fairness he probably is right.  (+ info)

What is the name of the syndrome that the person may appear to have facial characteristics of down's syndrome?

I previously watched a documentary about sufferers of a syndrome whose facial features appeared to be down's syndrome but it wasn't down's syndrome. The grow to be quite large adults and have special needs. Does anyone know the name of this condition?

Klinefelter syndrome  (+ info)

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