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bell palsy?

I know of two people who have it and have heard of one who suddenly for no known reason had it go ~~. When I was a child there was a saying if you pulled a sour face it could be frozen in place this was related to bells palsy.  (+ info)

Has anybody heard of or sought alternative medicine for Bell's Palsy?

I have had Bell's PAlsy for 3 years now. It was severe at first but now is about 70% recovered. I still have ear pain and my mouth is visibly droopy (a bit) I believe the nerves did not heal properly as my eye waters and partially closes when I smile. I'm tired of doing nothing and was interested in accupuncture, cupping or herbal remedies. I heard that in China there are many 'ancient' treatments. Can anybody help? Thanks!

Try Edgar Cayce's wet cell appliance, medically known as iontophoresis. Alternate gold chloride(nerve regeneration) and colloidal silver(kills or weakens bacteria and viruses-most common cause of Bell's Palsy). Contact the A.R.E. Clinic(757-428-3588). A TENS unit or similiar muscle-nerve stimulator, massage with a vibrator, and a heating pad will also help.Supplements that help are vitamins(whole complex-antioxidants and nerve support) and Flaxseed oil and fish oil, both for external massage, and, as capsules for internal use to fight inflammation. Vinpocetine/Gingka Biloba tablets improve blood flow for nerve support.Aloe Vera Juice(allantoin in the juice, doubles to triples cell division, providing nerve support) as a massage and/or internal use, may be of benifit. Hydrocortisone cream melted in 99.99% liquid DMSO can be massaged into and around the ear to fight inflammation-use caution and do NOT use more than 2-3 days, then lay off for a week. All of the above are WELL DOCUMENTED, not hearsay.Clyde Nassif, CMA,Holistic Consultant, www.naturescorner.com  (+ info)

How long after the hpv shot can symptoms of Bell Palsy occure.?

My daughter is a month away from takeing her third shot for hpv. She within the last two days has developed Bell Palsy, almost over night. It seems.

I don't know what HPV is but there is a condition that can (rarely) be caused by the chickenpox virus that mimics Bell's Palsy.  (+ info)

What is the likelihood of acquiring Bell's Palsy?

So today, I visited my grandfather, and when I came home I found out he had Bell's Palsy and also learned that it is transmitted by a virus. What are the chances that I acquired it within my two hour stay?
I am 17 by the way.

They believe that Bells Palsy could be caused by the cold or flu virus. It developes as a secondary condition so there is no way that you can catch Bells Palsy from your grandfather. However you might could catch the cold or flu if that is how it started with your grandfather.

There are other factors that may cause Bells Palsy such as diabetes and even things like lyme disease. Pregnant women are in a high risk group to acquire this as well. There is even some belief now that a type of herpes virus can cause Bells Palsy.

Ive written a few articles on Bells Palsy. Why dont you check them over. Dont worry ... no chances of you catching it. :-)




Hope your grandfather is back to normal soon.

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Do previous history of Bell's Palsy is a risk factor for a stroke?

My aunt had Bell's palsy two years back and recovered fully. Recently, she was diagnosed with stroke.

I don't think her having Bells Palsy is a contributing factor to her stroke. Nothing that I have read about Bells Palsy suggests stroke as a complication.  (+ info)

What are the odds of recovery from Bell's Palsy?

I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on Tuesday. All the websites I read have different percentages for how many people recover and how quickly - does anyone know really what my chances are of this thing going away completely and quickly? I'm finding it really tough.
Thanks for all the supporting comments. Right now I'm scared and quite weepy about it but hopefully that will go away.

Without treatment, full recovery is still likely and occurs in about 8 in 10 cases. With treatment, the chance of full recovery is improved. In most people the function of the nerve gradually returns to normal. Symptoms usually start to improve after about 2-3 weeks, and have usually gone within two months. In some cases, it can take up to twelve months to fully recover.

The mainstay of treatment is oral steroids though physiotherapy is also helpful.  (+ info)

How can I accelerate the healing of Bell's Palsy?

I am currently having a third onset of Bell's Palsy. This time I am pregnant so I can't take medication. I am currently trying out accupuncture. Is there anything else I can do?

The best thing you can do for treating Bells Palsy is to simply let it run it's course, Facial exercise can actually cause the nerves to regrow in the wrong places, though that would be a rare case, it is possible. The best thing you can do is simply let your face rest, as it is regrowing/reattaching nerves in your face, and moving can hinder that when you don't need to move it.  (+ info)

Is there a quick home remedy for bad Bell's palsy face pain?

my friend is laying behind me moaning over the sourness and pain in her face from bell's palsy. The bell's palsy is going away but as feeling coming back into her face she's getting pain. I need something that I can do now at home.

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How does bell's palsy cause slurring of speech?

Since bell's palsy does not affect the motor supply of the tongue then how does it cause slurring of speech...sum1 help.. i need this answer!

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How common is bell's palsy in an eleven year old?

My son has been diganoised with Bell's Palsy. I am wanting to know is it brought on by something in particular?

The cause of Bell's palsy is not clear. Experts believe some cases may be linked to the herpes virus that causes cold sores. In most cases of Bell's palsy, the nerve that controls muscles on either side of the face is damaged by inflammation. Many health problems can cause weakness or paralysis of the face. If a specific reason cannot be found for the weakness, the condition is called Bell's palsy.
The prognosis for individuals with Bell's palsy is generally very good. The extent of nerve damage determines the extent of recovery. With or without treatment, most individuals begin to get better within 2 weeks after the initial onset of symptoms and recover completely within 3 to 6 months.  (+ info)

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