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My friend has suffered from Bell Palsy for many years before diagnosis, is that normal?

It started with a salt taste in her mouth about 10 years ago. Then her mouth when numb and over time her face as well. It took 3 trips to the Mayo Clinic for them to finally diagnois her. Can she be helped? She is a wonderful person.

I have had bells palsy for about 7 to 8 months. Typically, it improves within weeks to months but can take years, or so the neurologist says.

The 7th cranial nerve is the culprit behind this frustrating condition and usually as it heals movement and expression returns. I have about 80 percent back so far. I do still suffer with the change of taste fairly badly. This is very frustrating at times.

I have heard of several instances where this has lasted for years. In two that I know of, it turned out that they were misdiagnosed. One individual had lyme disease and the other MS. There are many other diseases that mimic bells palsy symptoms.

I am by no means a doctor but do feel I am well informed. Something your friend might try if she hasnt already is B-12 therapy. It had been found B-12 helps in encouraging nerves to heal. I urge your friend to seek another opinion and if she hasnt tryed B-12 therapy maybe she can give it a shot. There are other therapys that many feel help with this disoder as well, such as acupuncture. Hope you friend improves soon and encourage her in all ways. It is devastating what this can do to the morale sometimes.  (+ info)

Is anyone familiar with 2 products called Balsorax and Palsitin for Bell's Palsy treatment?

I just want to know if Balsorax and Palsitin are effective medicine.
One of my friends has suffered for it for almost 20 years and it hasn't gone away. He has tried many medicine and still didn't work. So, I found this Balsorax and Palsitin and just wanted to know if they are effective.

I had bells palsy many years ago, the left side of me face went slack, none of the muscles worked.
Back then the doctor told me that they don't know what causes it or how you get it, and the only treatment was time.
It went away on its own after about 2 weeks and I have never had a problem since.  (+ info)

Bell's Palsy recovery I got diagnosed with it about a week ago swelling is down?

But my face is still numb and slanted when will my face be back to normal?

Bells Palsy is different for everyone, so there's not a precise answer about when it will go away. I had it 3 years ago and it lasted for about 2 months until the numbness and facial palsy completely went away. Good luck!  (+ info)

Can I work out with bell's palsy and taking prednisone?

It's been my second week and I have energy but I am no quite sure if it will slow my recovery but I am gaining weight and don't feel good about that. I am home all day and want to take advantage of the time and go to the gym. My face is still not moving but it's supposed to last 6 weeks.

I suffered from Bell's Palsy earlier this year, March to be exact. In my case, symptoms began suddenly after I woke up one day and the left side of my face remained motionless for about 3 weeks. I was also prescribed Prednisone but while taking it I didn't notice any lack of energy. I continued to go to work and didn't let it interrupt my daily activities. after 3 weeks, I began to notice minor improvements, like tingling sensations and twitching of my eye. after about 4 weeks I had recovered to about 80%. by the 6th week I was back to normal 100% recovered. Once you begin to regain movement, your nerves may hurt from the lack of exercise, but rubbing my face with my fingers helped relieve the pain.  (+ info)

What accupuncture points should I stimulate to fight bell's palsy?

I am of the opinion that acupressure can enhance the effects of traditional physioteraphy. My question is - what acu-points can I press or massage by myself to get better from this horrible condition?

See an accupuncturist. This is not the sort of question that can be answered via the internet.  (+ info)

I have had Bell's Palsy for 9 weeks now, does it gradually get better? How much longer do you think it will be?

I did take the steroids and anti viral meds. Have improved somewhat, but still cannot smile or speak fluently. I still feel some pain above my eyebrow where the nerve is and it does feel swollen.

My sister had Bell's Palsy, and the symptoms did diminish and finally go away, but it took like 9 to 10 months. Hang in there!  (+ info)

How can I speed up my recovery from Bell's Palsy?

It has been almost a year and a half since I came down with the condition, and although I have come a long way...I still am not completely healed. My last neurologist appointment was October of 2009, and she said I would get more healing with time. I have heard good things about Vitamin B-12, and Lysine supplements. Is it too late for me to consider physiotherapy?

Any help would be appreciated!

Sincerely, Steve B.

Bless you...I Have had Bells Palsy and it is so frustrating. I can not tell you though how much I think the vitamin B-12 helped me. I did not start to show improvement until I starting using it. I got the shots as discussed in this article.

Alternative and Holistic Treatments for Bells Palsy

Hope you feel better very soon and have your smile back.  (+ info)

What should I do if I have bell palsy?

Any suggestions other than a doctor? Should I go to school?

go to the doctor. They will give you medication like predisone. The effects usually diminish in time. Some times the doctor will give you exercizes for the face muscles. My dad had it and had to go to the doctor.  (+ info)

If someone has Bell's Palsy and their acoustic reflex is presnet but elevated, what would their prognosis be?

Does anyone know anything about Bell's Palsy...please let me know where I can find info about this. Thanks!

I have had Bells Palsy since May 2007.

I have gained 80 percent of my movement back but still suffer with lingering effects in my mouth and eye. I was told by the ER doc that in most cases a prognosis is very good and most get all or nearly all movement back. I wrote an article about my experience if your interested. Best of luck to you with your Bells Palsy.

One thing I thought I might mention. Its not in my article but some believe vitamin B-12 shots can really help speed the healing process along...

Confronting Bell's Palsy: An Informative Look at Symptoms, Treatment, and How I Cope
http://decenturl.com/associatedcontent/confronting-bells-palsy-an  (+ info)

What side effects do the steroids that are given for Bell's Palsy have?

Prednisone and Valacynclovir.

  (+ info)

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