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which physician should see me when diagnosed with Bell's Palsy?

I want to get a second opinion after being diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.. which specific doctor should I go see?

You'll need to see a neurologist. Bell's Palsy is a neurological disorder.

http://www.wikidoc.org/index.php/Bell%27s_Palsy  (+ info)

What's "reduced ability to close eyes" in Bell's palsy called?

In Bell's palsy, idiopathic lower motor neuron lesion to facial nerve results in reduced ability to close ipsilateral eye lid due to orbicularis oculi muscle weakness. What's the medical name for "reduced ability to close eyes"? I'm having the longest mental block or early Alzheimer's and just cannot recall the word for days. Thanks.

apple guava - A diagnosis of Bell's palsy is made based on clinical presentation -- including a distorted facial appearance and the inability to move muscles on the affected side of the face -- and by ruling out other possible causes of facial paralysis. There is no specific laboratory test to confirm diagnosis of the disorder. Generally, a physician will examine the individual for upper and lower facial weakness. In most cases this weakness is limited to one side of the face or occasionally isolated to the forehead, eyelid, or mouth. A test called electromyography (EMG) can confirm the presence of nerve damage and determine the severity and the extent of nerve involvement. Blood tests can sometimes be helpful in diagnosing other concurrent problems such as diabetes and certain infections. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scan can eliminate other structural causes of pressure on the facial nerve.
If you have Bell's palsy, the muscles in your face become temporarily paralyzed. It usually affects just one side of the face. Symptoms appear suddenly - you can't shut your eye and your mouth droops. Symptoms are usually worst about 48 hours after they start. Scientists think that a viral infection makes the facial nerve swell or become inflamed. You are most likely to get Bell's palsy if you are pregnant, diabetic or sick with a cold or flu. Three in four patients improve without treatment. With or without treatment, most people begin to get better within 2 weeks and most recover completely within 3 to 6 months.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Bell's and Facial Palsy?

I am suffering from Facial Palsy doctors are giving me stroids thru IM shots and i would also like to know do i need tharapy thanks

Bell's palsy is a form of facial palsy. It is thought that Bell's palsy is caused by the Herpes simplex virus. Prior to this theory, Bell's palsy was the generic term to use when there was no known cause. ...now you get the generic term of facial palsy. Do you need physical therapy? That is a good question. According to the research 64% of people will regain "normal function" within 3 months. Physical therapy has been shown to help with those having more moderate to severe paralysis, those with cases taking longer then 3 months to recover, or those that need to recover sooner. I would however avoid the use of electrical stimulation on the face unless you have complete paralysis. The research says that it does help, but the side effects can be nerve regrowth into more then one muscle causing overflow. So should you see a PT? If you fall into any of those categories then ask for a referral from your doctor. Good luck!  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me the difference between Bell's palsy and Facial palsy or they are the same?

Bell's palsy is a form of facial nerve palsy.

The cause of Bell's palsy has not been clearly identified though a number of viruses have been proposed. Treatment is with steroids. If its Bell's palsy recovery is usually good but can be incomplete. Recovery from other facial nerve palsies will depend on the specifics.

Edit: Facial palsy is not the "symptom" it is dysfunction of the facial nerve and Bell's palsy is one of many causes of facial palsy. Bell's palsy is not due to trauma in the vast majority if not all cases. The diagnosis is made by excluding all the other causes of facial palsy.  (+ info)

I have had Bell's Palsy for 2 weeks, and can feel a soreness in the damaged nerve. Am I recovering?

I feel a slight soreness on my cheek to jaw area (the area where the 7th cranial nerve is located), does this mean that I am recovering??

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What specifically can cause Bell's Palsy? is there anything that can be done to speed up the recovery process?

i read it can be permanent sometimes, is that only in certain specific situations (cutting of the facial nerve was included in the definition) or can it just come on randomly (due to inflammation) & be permanent?

could it be caused by pregnancy?
or a cold? or a combination?

can anything be done to speed up the recovery process, if you can't get a steroid & antiviral injection? (rest, Tylenol, anything??)


Most often Facial nerve paralysis is due to a reactivation of Herpes infection that causes swelling in the facial nerve as it exits the brain thru the bony Internal Auditory Canal (IAC). It gets pinched and therefore gets "short-circuited". Getting run down or "stressed" can increase the chances of getting it but no, there really is no big cause. I've had plenty of patients that were pregnant that have had it and we did give steroids and anti-virals (depending on the tri-mester). If it is not improving within 10-14 days you need to be following up. Any eye symptoms and you need to see an ophthalmologist especially if you can't close your eye all the way. Good luck and be assured to know that 90-95% get better.  (+ info)

Can Bell's Palsy last for only an hour or two?

A person I know had a scary thing happen. Her ears popped and got "stuck" kind of (like in an airplane) with severe ear pain. Then we noticed that her face was droopy and it got progressively worse. She went to the hospital and before she got in her ears popped and the droopiness stopped. She opted not to go in the hospital.

Is this characteristic of Bell's Palsy or could it be something else. She has had a sinus infection of sort in the last couple weeks.


My daughter has it & when it acts up it's usually 24-48 hrs b-4 it improves  (+ info)

This there anyone famous who has suffered from Bell's Palsy?

I need to know for a school project. I've looked onine but I couldn't find anything, so I guess Im just double checking on here.

George Clooney, Ralph Nader, and Pierce Brosnan all allegedly have it.  (+ info)

I was diagnosed bell's palsy - can I use accupressure to improve the results of the therapy?

I wonder if I can do any sort of massage of palm or ear (except the so-called "face retraining")? I know very lttle about accupressure but a friend of mine told me that it may help the medications and my face to get back to normal. If you have any experience in accupressure, or know some dedicated websites, please, let me know!

The web site below gives good info and supplies links to other sites. I hope it helps you.  (+ info)

Does Bell's Palsy include dizziness, light-headedness or loss of balance?

My friend was diagnosed with it last month. It seemed to last a few weeks with treatment. Nowadays, they tend to get a bit dizzy or light-headed once in a while. Is that normal?

I suffer with Bells Palsy and have never or didnt have those symptoms. If your interested in the symptoms I had to compare you can read my article about it. Heres the link.


My advice to your friend is to please see her Dr. This sounds like she may be experiencing mini strokes or a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). Best of luck to your friend.  (+ info)

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