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I have got bell's palsy. Could anyone give me any tips on how to make a quick and full recovery?

i was diagnosed last Monday so its nearly a week.
i am taking an antiviral drug and some kind of steroid but does anyone else no anything else i can do which i would hugely appreciate. i am feeling a lot of twitching on my affected side. is this a good thing or bad?
i would never wish bells palsy on anyone and even my worse enemy.
Please could you give me some advice on how to make a full recovery.
Thank you and god bless you all

It would appear that your condition is improving, if the twitching that you mention can be felt, and if it could not be felt previously. Unfortunately, there is no cure or standard course of treatment for Bell's palsy. The most important factor in treatment is to eliminate the source of the nerve damage. Some cases are mild and do not require treatment since the symptoms usually subside on their own within 2 weeks. You appear to be prescribed the 'normal' medications for this condition, the treatment of which may include medications such as acyclovir -- used to fight viral infections -- combined with an anti-inflammatory drug such as the steroid prednisone -- used to reduce inflammation and swelling. Analgesics such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen may relieve pain, but because of possible drug interactions, patients should always talk to their doctors before taking any over-the-counter medicines. In general, decompression surgery for Bell's palsy -- to relieve pressure on the nerve -- is controversial and is seldom recommended. The recovery rate from Bell's palsy is generally very good. The extent of nerve damage determines the extent of recovery. With or without treatment, most individuals begin to get better within 2 weeks after the initial onset of symptoms and recover completely within 3 to 6 months.


It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Hope this helps
matador 89  (+ info)

I have bell Palsy and its been two (2) years now I cant speak that much I'm having difficulty, what are the re?

having difficulty speaking what are the remedies or cure (self cure)

Vitamin B12 has shown remarkable results with Bell's Palsy. There are injections, however under the tongue sublingual B12 tablets or oral under the tongue spray works just as effectively. I find spray works better personally.

http://www.kitchentablemedicine.com/natural-herbal-and-complementary-alternative-medicine-treatments-for-bells-palsy/  (+ info)

Is my dads Bell's palsy & vision loss caused by herpes?

I had a theory. A couple months ago, my dad was diagnosed with Bell's palsy. He also needs a cornea transplant. I was thinking that since Bell's palsy is caused by herpes simplex, could the vision loss be herpes keratitis?

j_stro3 ,

I think your assuming that your dads Bells Palsy is caused by the herpes virus.

There are many things that cause Bells Palsy and a form of the herpes virus left over from chicken pox is one. However, many times there are other factors that figure into this as well. For example, Diabetics are more out to get Bells Palsy as well as pregnant women.

Sometimes it can be caused by a trauma or even a cold or flu virus. My Bells Palsy happened after a bout with the flu.

Many times, the manifestation of Bells Palsy is just never known without a shadow of a doubt. Its a guessing game.

Not knowing the exactle cause of your dads Bells Palsy would make it very difficult to even speculate about his eye problems. In any event something that important needs to be properly evaluated by trained professionals.

I hope your dads Bells Palsy is better and will cross my fingers about his eye issues as well. Have a Happy New Year j_stro3.

Blair  (+ info)

How long does Bell's Palsy usually last?

The doctor said I only had a mild case. I can blink both my eyes, but the side that has it is less as strong. I cant really move my eyebrow well either or my lip. I was just diagnosed with BP yesterday, and they have given me Steroids. Im going on this cruise in August and really wouldny like to look like this. Does anyone have a geuss of when it will go away? Also does it just go away or does it decline in severity over the days?

I have a friend who asked the same kind of questions. I found her this website that is loaded with info. You should be able to find all your answers there.  (+ info)

how long does bell's palsy take to get better?

this morning i woke up and the entire left side of my face was numb i couldnt move it or anything. nothing hurt but i went to the hospital and they siad i had bell's palsy. im so scared that my face will stay like this. how long will it take to get better. i have doctors note for the next 7 days of school will i get better?????????

I know its scary. I have had Bells Palsy as well. I want you to know it will get better. Mine started to improve in about 2 weeks or so. Some people see quicker improvement and some see longer.

If your interested heres an article about when I came down with my Bells Palsy. It might make you feel better to know your not alone.

There are some alternative meds that some people turn to for Bells Palsy. I used the vitamin B-12 therapy as discussed here. If I ever get Bells Palsy again I would start it right away.

If you have any questions give me a hollar. I know its a freaky thing and can scare the bejesus out of you. Just remember, every day brings you closer to your old self.

Blair  (+ info)

Can u eat pork when have Bell's palsy?

My mama was just diagonsed that she has Bell's palsy. My aunt had it a few years ago. When she had it she ate pork chops and her faced turned more. Is it true that u can't eat it pork. Please i need help can u please answer it.

Bell's palsy won't make you allergic to anything you could eat before.

But some foods may be harder to eat.

Depending how severe your mom's palsy is, she may have difficulty with chewing -- trouble keeping her whole mouth closed, or getting it all to work at the same time.

It's possible that struggling to eat could cause you to bite the inside of your cheek, or maybe even strain a muscle. But there should be no reactions to the foods themselves.  (+ info)

I am very worryed now because I have bell palsy decease, I want to go to acupunture practise?

will it be good? Do someboby know where i could go? I'm now in Aberdeen

Bell's Palsy is not something you should worry about. 85% of cases spontaneously resolve inside 3 weeks, with the remaining 15% doing so inside 6 months. Younger people have a better prognosis with the vast majority resolving in the first 3 weeks. There are no proven effective medical treatments but many proposed. Acupuncture has long been given as an alternative cure, but has shown no efficacy in systematic studies (citation below).  (+ info)

When the hell am I going to get over this damn Bell's Palsy?

I can at least close my eye on its own (almost all the way). I can chew fine, and I can taste the food. However, when I smile it definitely shows, I have no movement in my cheek or forehead....frozen....its been a week and a half. I took the steroids and the antiviral already.

  (+ info)

I was disgnosed with Bell's Palsy last week and I had a question.?

If I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy last week and the prednisone is starting to really improve the condition, there is no possibility that it could have been a stroke or tumor, right? Otherwise the prednisone wouldn't really be taking effect this fast?

Prednisone can lower swelling associated with brain tumor and improve symptoms too.  (+ info)

If someone has bell's palsy, why would a doctor suggest going to a neurologist?

What sort of tests will the neurogist do?

Bell's Palsy is temp. paralysis in the face. it can be due to a facial nerve in the 7th cranial view. your doctor suggests a neurologist to see if anything is damages. tests may be an MRI or a CT scan  (+ info)

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