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Beta Thalassemia?

I just found out I am a carrier for a blood disorder called beta thalassemia minor and I'm pregnant. If my partner is a carrier too, then theres a good chance my baby could have beta thalassemia major which is a serious incurable disease. I was hoping someone here could tell me what the chances are that my partner would have it...
He is having his blood drawn on Monday. I just wanted to know what his chances of having it are. He has italian and irish ancestry.

From my breif research, BT is a recessive genetic trait. You are a carrier. If your partner is also a carrier, there is a 1 in 4 chance your baby will inherit both recessive genes, in which case your baby will have it. There is a 50% chance that your baby will be a carrier, and again a 25% chance that he will not inherit the gene at all. If you did the Punnet square in school, that's pretty much how it works.

Since this is a known disease, there might be a genetic test that can be done. The father will have to have blood drawn.  (+ info)

beta thalassemia?

hi, i would like to ask some questions about beta thalassemia, is it related to lethargy, my haemoglobin count is almost normal

lethargy in a thalssemic is directly related to the Hb levels. If you are lethrgic with normal Hb (around 10 gms% shd be OK) then you need to check out other problems. Certain infections are commoner in thalassemics, especially Hep B . You may also be having problems with your chelation meds 9Desferox or Deferiprone) - get it checked out with yr hematologist  (+ info)

Should you get the H1N1 Vaccine if you have alpha beta thalassemia minor?

If your child has alpha beta thalassemia minor should you get them the H1N1 vaccine? Would actually getting swine flu be worse than the possible side effects of the vaccine? I have heard of children dying from the swine flu but I think most of them had other health problems, which is why I ask these questions. Because my kids have alpha beta thalassemia minor what is worse the flu or the vaccine. I would rather not vaccinate them but I need to be sure they are not at risk.

The CDC's own web site readily admits that since August 30, 2009 they are no longer testing for H1N1. They don't even recommend it any more. They are substituting a clinical definition for blood testing that will positively confirm that the "suspected" cases of H1N1 influenza are actually H1N1 influenza.

They've even coined what appears to be a whole new term: "ILI," which stands for "influenza-like illness."  (+ info)

Is there anyway to get rid of my beta thalassemia trait?

hi i just was told by the doctor i have beta thalassemia trait. because my red blood cells are small. is there anyway to increase there size or get rid of my beta thalassemmia trait

People with Thalassemia Minor, sometimes known as Trait, carry Thalassemia but they are not ill. Traits are not the disease. A Thalassemia trait gene may cause some slight anemia in the person who inherited the gene. It may cause slight fatigue but there would be no major health problems created by this gene.

Thalassemia trait is often mistaken for iron deficiency, thus anyone suspected of being a Thalassemia trait carrier who is on iron supplements should be re-tested for iron deficiency after one or two months. Thalassemia Minors red blood cell are also different from normal blood cells.


It's not necessary to treat it. Anyway, the most common treatment for all major forms of Thalassemia is red blood cell transfusions. You can read this page for more detail on Thalassemia treatment.

http://www.tam.org.my/guide/thalassemia/21/how-is-thalassemia-treated/  (+ info)

what is the prevention of beta thalassemia disease?

i have a beta thalassemia i'm already underwent operation spleenictomy and they got also my gilestone...and now i have also a mantainance injection to decrease my iron..


Does anybody else have Beta Thalassemia?

Recently I was diagnosed with this; it is a gentic blood disorder which apparently is very common. Beta is the mild form & causes Anemia. Anyway, my Dr. recommended taking iron suppliments, but this form of Anemia is not caused by an Iron deficency so I've done a bit of my own research & now I'm wondering what actually relieves the symptoms of Anemia if it is caused by Beta Thalassemia?

I have Alpha Thalassemia Minor, and I am on Folic Acid for it. My hemotologist explained to me that people with thalassemia have a tendency to absorb more iron than people without thalassemia, and therefore has recommended against giving me iron supplements for now. He wants to be able to closely monitor my iron levels if he does end up deciding that iron supplements are the way to go. But if your doctor wants you to take iron, that may be the way to go for you. But ask him about folic acid or the risks and benefits of taking iron. He may want you to take iron because you're actually anemic.  (+ info)

If the mom has Beta thalassemia minor and the dad low heart rate, wat R the probabilities in this situation?

Thank you for your input

The thalassemias are a group of genetic (inherited) blood disorders that share in common one feature, the defective production of hemoglobin, the protein that enables red blood cells to carry oxygen (and carbon dioxide). There are many different disorders with defective hemoglobin synthesis and, hence, many types of thalassemia.
Also low heart rate can be attributed to many factors such as heredity or medication use as well as various diseases. There are hundreds of probabilities to your question dependent upon the diagnosis you are seeking. This question is non-specific and cannot be answered with the information give. (aka the question is too general, be more specific)   (+ info)

Can my child recieve ssi disability if she has sickle-beta thalassemia a form of sickle-cell?

It probably depends on her beta globin count. Either she does not produce any beta globin and has symptoms resembling sickle-cell anemia, or produces some bg and has relatively mild if any symptoms at all.

She can recieve SSI if she is actually disabled and requires extraordinary care. If she is a normal, fully functioning child, then applying for SSI would be fraudulent.  (+ info)

what are the effects of beta thalassemia, pulmonary edema secondary to left heart failure, and?

emphysema on arterial blood gases.

  (+ info)

Beta Thalassemia anemia and Ice Cravings?

Several years ago my Dr discovered I have Beta Thallassemia trait after several of my blood tests showed i am anemic, even after taking several iron suppliments daily for over a month. Strangly, I still showed up as being anemic.
It's my understanding that my blood cells only appear to look anemic, but since they're irregular, I'm not anemic.

My question is How do I get over my anemic symptoms? Recently I've been eating trays of ice cubes, like they are breaths of air, I just cant stop! What causes this? Also, I've just been feeling so lazy lately, absolutily exhausted after doing the smallest tasks. I'm only 40 yrs old, and am in otherwise very good health. All my tests come back as normal, except for my blood anemia tests. What's wrong with me? What can I do to feel better?

Sometimes there is a real symptom you get that is associated with having tests done due to the stress and constant thinking about it.
Say you are going in for more blood tests because your previous test showed something abnormal going on with your kidneys, but not certain.
Well since you dont really know all the symptoms of what you would have if your kidneys were bad, your mind guesses and mixes that with the little you do know of the symptoms and they begin to appear.
Say all you know about kidneys is they are sort of in your lower back and somewhere you heard that people with bad kidneys were thirsty all of the time,You could easily start having lower back pains and start drinking gallons of water due to this symptom guessing syndrome that we all do.
Just think about how you know if a finger is broken. You have heard somewhere that if it doesnt move it is broken. Well, that is not true. We have all kinds of these false facts that pop out of our memory when we have a possible illness or change in our physical body.
Some people hurt when their spouse is sick. Men feel sick when their wife is pregnant. E.T.C.
What you can do is make a list of things that are true, that do make people feel better and energetic.
Eating well
physical activity
sleeping good
not stressing
not being angry
Try not to make obstacles into excuses. When I feel I have no energy, I go run. When I feel tired, I work on my sleep patterns. Then I feed myself according to my activity level not whatever I want.
Sometimes I am exhausted just because there is nothing to do. I can't even get up to clean the dishes, then the phone rings and It is a friend I havent heard from for awhile and I don't feel tired anymore. What is that?
I truly believe that anything we don't feel 100% of the time, isn't there. It is something we use to justify our behaviour to ourselves.  (+ info)

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