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How do you know if you have a vitamin deficiency?

I'm always tired, confused, anxious and depressed. I've taken prescription meds for this, but they only help a little. Because of this, I have very little motivation to exercise even though I know it might help. A friend of mine experienced similar symptoms, and found out that she had a serious vitamin deficiency. How do you get tested for this?

blood tests  (+ info)

How to ask to be tested for a Vitamin D deficiency?

I have a lot of symptoms that match up to those of a Vitamin D deficiency. I am going in to my doctor today, and I want to ask to have this blood test done (numerous other blood tests have been done with no conclusion as to why I feel the way I do). How do I best bring it up? My doctor is...how do I say this, sort of an idiot-but my insurance is military so I cant change at the moment.


Vitamin D testing is pretty much standard here in Seattle area where I live but no matter where you live you can be deficient.

Tell him that due to a lack of outdoor activities (or use of high SPF sun screen when outside) you feel like you might be deficient. Tell him that you made a little bit of a research and your symptoms do match those of Vitamin D deficiency; however you are not a doctor and though you came to ask his advise.

If your doctor seems reluctant, just request for the test to be done and if he still refuses, remember you can safely take 2000 - 3000 units a day on your own to see if there is any improvement.  (+ info)

Exactly what kind of irritablility do you get from an Iron Deficiency?

Lately it seems like I've been very irritable. I get mad and upset quit easily and I've been crying at the drop of a hat. My husband is getting worried that I'm about to have a metal breakdown. I've been trying to figure out why I'm like this because I don't think I'm depressed. I don't seem to have lost interest in activities or anything like that; I just get upset easily. Anyway, I've been doing some online research (dangerous, I know) and I've discovered that I seem to have a lot of symptoms of Iron Deficiency. I wouldn't normally consider this possible because we have very hard well water that is loaded with iron, but a few months ago we switched to bottled water for drinking. It was also a couple months ago that I started feeling like this. I guess my big question, hopefully to someone who has experienced the deficiency, is whether my mental symptoms sound like the same irritability that comes with Iron Deficiency or not?

I had iron deficiency anaemia a little while back and I remember being quite weepy for a little while. It wasn't too bad I must admit but everyone's different! You can't lose by getting it checked out, good luck xx By the way - Ferrous Sulphate to treat iron deficiency anaemia makes your faeces black!  (+ info)

Do you have a progesterone deficiency or a estrogen dominance?

I have been wondering for a little time now if I have estrogen dominance or a progesterone deficiency. I'm going to the doctor next month when i actually receive my insurance cards, but in the meantime can anyone tell me first hand the symptoms they have had with either of these two or both of these problems? Thank you so much. Any info is appreciated.
Thank you. I appreciate your input. I do hope to get whatever it is I have taken care of.

I have really irregular periods and sometimes don't ovulate. I think they told me I have a progesterone deficiency and testerone dominance as I come from a family and extended family with lots of boys (I don't look like a boy...if anything they said that's why I am slimmer and grow less hair). This was like 7 years ago (i was 18 at the time and didn't care). Now, I want children and my body temps are in the 95s, I miss periods all the time but I have tried so many things, I am resigning myself to loving my dogs. My bf uses the pull out method less and less because he wasn't sure if he wants a child yet but now he realizes his gf might not be able to give him one. :(  (+ info)

How should Carnitine Deficiency be treated in infants?

My cousin's daughter has been diagnosed with Acid Reflux disease, some muscle diseases that the doctors don't know what they are yet and Carnitine Deficiency. She's on some meds for these problems. She has a Mic button in her stomach to eat with because she doesn't eat right. She throws up a lot and it comes out of her mic button as well. Can anyone tell me what the normal treatment for carnitine deficiency is??

I copy this abstract for you, from the UCSF, Children's Hospital Central California, 9300 Valley Children's Place, Madera, CA 93638, USA
Abstract Summary: Carnitine deficiency is a secondary complication of many inborn errors of metabolism. Pharmacological treatment with carnitine not only corrects the deficiency, it facilitates removal of accumulating toxic acyl intermediates and the generation of mitochondrial free coenzyme A (CoA). The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) approved the use of carnitine for the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism in 1992. This approval was based on retrospective chart analysis of 90 patients, with 18 in the untreated cohort and 72 in the treated cohort. Efficacy was evaluated on the basis of clinical and biochemical findings. Compelling data included increased excretion of disease-specific acylcarnitine derivatives in a dose–response relationship, decreased levels of metabolites in the blood, and improved clinical status with decreased hospitalization frequency, improved growth and significantly lower mortality rates as compared to historical controls. Complications of carnitine treatment were few, with gastrointestinal disturbances and odour being the most frequent. No laboratory or clinical safety issues were identified. Intravenous carnitine preparations were also approved for treatment of secondary carnitine deficiency. Since only 25% of enteral carnitine is absorbed and gastrointestinal tolerance of high doses is poor, parenteral carnitine treatment is an appealing alternative therapeutic approach. In 7 patients treated long term with high-dose weekly to daily venous boluses of parenteral carnitine through a subcutaneous venous port, benefits included decreased frequency of decompensations, improved growth, improved muscle strength and decreased reliance on medical foods with liberalization of protein intake. Port infections were the most troubling complication. Theoretical concerns continue to be voiced that carnitine might result in fatal arrhythmias in patients with long-chain fat metabolism defects. No published clinical studies substantiate these concerns. Carnitine treatment of inborn errors of metabolism is a safe and integral part of the treatment regime for these disorders.
(This revised version was published online in August 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.)

Hope this helps
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Is it possible to get ascites from protein deficiency alone?

I'm familiar with ascites because I knew someone who had it. I've read that it can occur in people with protein deficiencies, in varying levels of severity in appearance. Is it possible for someone to develop ascites from a severe protein deficiency?

I realize this doesn't directly answer your question but may provide some insight. Ascites is commonly seen in chronic alcoholism.  (+ info)

If I have a Vitamin D deficiency, will sitting in the sun more often help me?

I am well aware that I can take a supplement to get my Vitamin D, but I've read that sun helps with Vitamin D deficiency. Is this true?

You need to have your skin exposed (arms,legs) because your skin will synthesize vitamin D. Don't use sunscreen beforehand, and don't wash your skin for an hour after exposure to the sun. First your skin will make the D, then it has to assimilate, through your skin.
Good for you.  (+ info)

Can people under the age of 16 get free Chromagen lenses for colour deficiency?

In the United Kingdom I do believe that people under the age of 16 get free lenses if it is their first time getting glasses. But they still have to pay for the frames. Is this the same with Chromagen lenses. Also can you get Chromagen lenses for colour deficiency and short-sightedness in one?

P.S: I would love to have these lenses because I am badly colour deficient. Any information people can give me will be very much appreciated.

I'm not from the UK, so I don't know anything about the cost for any of this. I've never heard of any country paying for glasses, lenses, or anything along those lines (except, like, welfare or social security or whatever), so you might want to look into that more closely.
Chromagen lenses (at least here in Canada) are a brand-name product of tints used for learning disabilities and that sort of thing; for colour deficiency, we use X-Chrom lenses. Presumably they're the same or similar to what you're asking about. I've only ever seen the contact lens version, but I know spectacle lenses exist with the same sort of tint. And yes, they can come with a prescription for short-sightedness (or anything else) built in.
But let me describe the way I've seen it used. (Contact lenses, remember.) One eye gets an X-Chrom, the other eye just gets a normal clear lens. If you were to look through two X-Chrom lenses, you're still going to have difficulty discerning colours... it's just that everything will now look more red/pink. But when you have one 'normal' eye and one X-Chrom, you can compare how an object looks with each eye to determine its colour. (For instance, if a green and red object look equally bright to you normally, using an X-Chrom lens the red one would look brighter.) So comparing between the two eyes is the way that you can increase your ability to discriminate between colours. It's not perfect, but it's an extra step in the right direction, I suppose.
Anyway, I guess what I was getting at is that putting it in a pair of glasses would look kinda funny with one clear lens and one tinted. The easiest way to find out what your options are -- and what the cost (if any) will be -- is probably to talk to whoever told you you're short-sighted, be that an optometrist or ophthalmologist or whoever.  (+ info)

How can Vitamin D deficiency lead to iron deficiency?

Wikipedia says that "iron [is] often found to be poorly regulated or even deficient in Vitamin D deficiency." Does any one know why that is, how it happens?

Vitamin D absorbs the Iron, so with little vitamin D most iron would just pass though your system.

It's the same with Calcium, Vitamin D is needed to absorb it.

Although you get Vitamin D from foods (the usual suspects those fruits and vegtables) you also get it from the suns rays.

It is also mandatory in Britain for Vitamin A & D to be added in margarine

Hopefully I got that right. It's almost 2 in the morning.  (+ info)

how long does it take for vitamin b deficiency to be cured?


My doc has told me i have a vitamin b deficiency and given me vitamin supplements. I have been taking them for over 2 months now but dont feel much better.

How long should i be taking them before i notice an improvement?
i ended up with it becaise i got pyhumonia wich is still taking its toll on me i also take vitamin c and vinc to i also have major stressors in my life atm which i am trying too get sorted i eat quite well and dont know how i managed to get the deficiency i have the cracks at the side of my of mouth also other signs tooi am on vitamin b complex which is 100 % rda

I have been taking vitamin B supplements for 15 years. In order to feel better you must also eat foods that have vitamin B's in them. Also find out which B vitamin you are lacking and double up on it.
B12 will give you energy and boost your immune system Improvement may take several months depend on how severe the deficiency was  (+ info)

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