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Can people with bipolar disorder type 2 stay happily married or are the destined for doom?

I just found out today that I may have bipolar disorder type 2. Now instead of being depressed I am devestated. I am worried my marriage will be in jeopardy. My biggest fear.

I am another person with by-polar disorder. My answer to you is no your marriage is not doomed. But it will take a lot of committment from both of you, and especially from you to learn to control the disorder, through a psychiatrist with medication (which is alot of trial and error, and mental, intellectual, and emotion ajustment on your part which takes time) but the right medication can be found to work for you. Plus use talk-therapy with a professional reputable psychologist. And if you have access to a spiritual guidance counsellor, use that too for yourself, and for your marriage. Your spouse will also need help to know how to help and how to deal with it in a possitive way.
I can promise you, that if you both are willing to invest in your relationship and support each other through this, you will come out stronger, more compassionate, and more whole, than you were before. Life can be wonderful again. I promise.  (+ info)

Do people with Bipolar Disorder sometimes lie for no good reason?

I think my dad has Bipolar Disorder, because he says and does a lot of things that don''t make a whole lot of [logical] sense. At the rate he is going with his [stupidity] I don't know what I will do about him when he is old and decrepit. For example, sometimes he is a religions freak and every now and then he is a complete mysterious douche bag.

as someone w/BPD II, i wouldn't say LYING is the right word. i get confused a LOT! i mix up details from ONE story & think they belong to ANOTHER. i hate it!
then i feel like a dipsh!t and feel like no one believes me. i'm seriously not lying...just very mixed up. that could be what's happening to your dad.
even on the meds...it happens a lot!  (+ info)

What are some discussion questions regarding Bipolar Disorder?

I have to present a 20 minute seminar on bipolar disorder and I need to engage my class throughout the presentation. What are some questions I can ask them regarding bipolar disorder? Maybe an activity i can have them do in small groups?

Ask them why it's called bipolar. Depression is unipolar because you are always down. Bipolar means you are euphoric and then depressed.

People with bipolar disorder suffer from anxiety and depression.

People with bipolar disorder can make irrational decisions such as gambling for 2 days straight and binge drinking and then sleep for 2 days and have 20000 dollars in debt.

People are treated with mood stabilizers for the disease.

Anti-depressants can cause bipolar people to go into a manic episode where they will be wired for days.  (+ info)

What are some discussion questions on Bipolar Disorder?

I have to present a 20 minute seminar on bipolar disorder and I need to engage my class throughout the presentation. What are some questions I can ask them regarding bipolar disorder? Maybe an activity i can have them do in small groups?

You can look up some of the common misconceptions about bipolar - look through some answers on here and you'll find plenty - and then you can ask them before you start your presentation questions like " who here thinks that bipolar people...... blank... raise your hand " type questions. Then you address each one before you start your presentation. You could ask questions periodically, before you say parts of your presentation that are already in it, too and throw out a piece of candy to whomever gets it right. Even if your in college everyone likes getting candy. ie " how many different kinds of bipolar are there?" "Does everyone with bipolar have mania?" "Is mania always a euphoric or pleasurable feeling?

Also visuals are always nice. Try finding some clips of someone in a manic episode. They may appear to be on speed and their thoughts are scattered and not always true. Also try a video type montonge to try getting across what the sensation of - racing thoughts is like - etc  (+ info)

How can you tell if someone has bipolar disorder?

I was wondering, what are like the symptoms of bipolar disorder? I know its like manic and major depression, or there's another kind? called like bipolar ii or something? like, its hyper manic and just depression? Any details on these? Also, could someone be able to suspect that they are bipolar or have bipolar ii (if that's what its called)? Thanks in advance!

YOU don't. A mental health professional does. A person, friend or relative can observe signs and symptoms but should not attempt to diagnose because you WILL get it horribly wrong.   (+ info)

How long can depression last with bipolar disorder?

I've been depressed for nearly three years and I have bipolar disorder. I am seeking help but the medication doesn't seem to help.

depression can last a long time, if you're bi-polar you will have short periods of the manic side of it lk...anywhere from a couple days to a couple months, depression is usually the main part of bi-polar, the manic side doesnt show as often and sometimes its hardly noticable but its there, talk to your doctor that prescribed you the medication and tell them its not working, theres more than 1 kind and eventually you should find one that works for you  (+ info)

What are some online support groups for people with depression/bipolar disorder?

I've heard that there are onlne support groups for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. I think an online group might help me relieve some of my feelings of isolation when I am alone. I know that an in-person type of group might be beneficial as well, but I'd like to start slowly.

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=online+depression+support+groups  (+ info)

Can having anxiety disorder and bipolar cause irregular periods?

I have anxiety disorder and bipolar. I know there is some link between stress and irregulars periods but the drs won't admit this. I am not sure why. It seems when I am having different phases my periods are different. When I am manic my periods are light; when I am depressed they are heavy. Is it my period causing this change of moods or is it my moods causing the change in my flows?

Yep, does that to mine, too. My gyno told me it was probably that. Sometimes I even miss periods when I am really stressed. It is both your moods causing the change, and you period can cause you to be moody.  (+ info)

For bipolar sufferers. What is the craziest thing you've done caused by your disorder?

I don't know if you have bipolar disorder but I hope you're telling the truth. It is a real illness that can cause unfavorable results.

I purchased a used car for 500.00..drove 12 hours across states with gas money for one way. I didn't get the car serviced..
for God sakes I didn't know if oil was in the car or not!
Sadly..I had my little kids with me:-(
To get back home..I begged for gas money at gas stations
Now that I've been diagnosed with bipolar..(which I wasn't back then).
My kids are adults now..and they reminisce on those "glory" days.
They say "Mom!..what happened to you!!?
They call me "old fashioned"..they say "Mom..you've become a "wimp"
I told them I never was a REBEL...I was BIPOLAR!!!  (+ info)

What causes psychosis in bipolar disorder?

I have bipolar disorder, and I hallucinate when i'm depressed or manic sometimes. Is it stress or a chemical imbalance? Thanks for responding.

I know that psychoses is caused mostly when people do not take their medications which is supposed to keep them level. Lack of sleep is a very important factor as well as excessive stress. If your doctor finds the right combination of medication for you then you should not get a manic episode usually. Psychosis I believe must be a chemical imbalance. Just try to stick to your meds and make sure you get enough sleep. If you still have hallucinations maybe the doctor should also prescribe a low dose of anti psychotic. for you.  (+ info)

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